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  1. Looks nice, what blank are you using?
  2. Have you cast eight with it? Im wondering how it handles that?
  3. I am pretty sure all the folks from the "greatest generation" got there butts spanked. I am not talking ass whopping, although that was common place im sure.
  4. People who say they never spanked there kids certainly don't have 4 of them
  5. All I see is a page and view on Instagram on the bottom of page
  6. You need a tape measure or a wheel if you want to know your distances
  7. Do you even watch football?
  8. Wiff either way
  9. I just watched it like 10 times in slow motion thats a missed tackle anyway you shake it
  10. Your right from one angle I saw it from the end zone view, looks differnt from the side
  11. I don't know about that man, the ball was already there , he put his head down and completely wiffed, i guess it can't be considered a missed tackle if you dont touch the guy
  12. The vikings should give the guy that missed that tackle on the saints the game ball, that was horrendous! How does that even happen?
  13. What kind of fishing are you going to use the rod for?
  14. I can't disagree more, if your fishing with bait and you wanna get it out to the bar to catch big reds or stripers you should be trying to improve your casting technique. Plus if you are casting conventional proper technique will make life alot easier by limiting backslashes
  15. good video, thanks for putting that up