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  1. Isn’t anyone in the National saltwater registry able to fish Maine saltwater?
  2. I would want to throw whatever they are likely feeding on at the time
  3. The video shark lobster posted is how i learned it. Took a bunch of times befor i got it right. You gotta throw the net open if that makes any sense at all but thats how i got it. Kinda like a overhand frisbee toss
  4. Hey guys fished southern maine befor and i loved it. My aunt rented a place on long point cove on the pemaquid peninsula in late july. Question is do you think stripers will be up that way or should i plan on heading south for a couple trips around pompham? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nice job !! I can tell how much you love fishing by reading your posts. We couldnt have had a better representative than you thanks man!!
  6. I appreciate the offer, reel is great by the way and thanks for the line as well that stuff seems pretty decent. Im going to stick with a longer rod and its a hike for me to get to you anyways but thanks again!!
  7. The rod tremar southeast?
  8. Is it the southeast?
  9. Sounds good. Let me know when and where and il come get it
  10. How much are you looking for?
  11. Yes i am . I live down 625 in bowmansville.
  12. Thanks for the offer but i need the rod shipped. I am coming up that way in late july but that is a long shot trying to meet like that
  13. Thanks that shimano would be great but its a spinner
  14. 7-8 ft 3/8 - 1 1/2 or 2 something for working smaller bucktails and plastics. Id consider something longer too like a salmon steelhead rod.
  15. Looking for a casting rod to pair w/ shimano calcutta 250 for fluke and smaller stripers /reds . Needs shipped to Pa. or picked up in southeast pa. Thanks