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  1. what's the avet look like?
  2. sorry offer retracted going another route
  3. il take it if you will accept check or money order
  4. looks like it holds 450 of 65 lb braid so I imagine it would be close to 600
  5. not sure but it would be alot. I put 40lb mono on it and it held plenty of that
  6. sorry I can't use a left handed reel but thanks for the offer
  7. torium20. has some boat rash had reel completely serviced at fisherman's headquarters has new bearings and spool works 100 percent. looking for smaller conventional reel abu or something similar. open to other offers as well
  8. like my beach said the stuff is expensive and it doesn't work good over asphalt shingles. Buy a good heavy tarp and lath strips.
  9. 179
  10. no offense but if i have to use glue im looking for a better knot.
  11. that's the most iv ever laughed at a post on here in my entire time on sol !! gotta be an all time classic!!
  12. I got an echo base for 96 bucks and it seems fairly nice. I think it's a good begginer rod .
  13. I agree its no longer the right thing to post nearly live fishing reports. I have been guilty of doing so in the past mostly because of the excitement of showing a good catch. I can say that i have never chased fishing reports , just weather reports. I respect the folks on here and have learned a great many things from you all so I will wait to post from now on, thanks!
  14. Good thing I mostly fish on assateague, what should I call them if i decide to head to NC??