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  1. I had tickets for Skynyrd, scheduled to play at MSG that year. But then the fatal plane crash happened. Ronny Van Zandt always said he would never see 30. Wow, that was a long time ago
  2. backlash
  3. They're all a bunch of liars and deceivers. Just more media hogwash!
  4. I like pasta, but not enough to worship it
  5. why? Do you have spaghetti for the masses? lol
  6. Very nice pieces, thanks for sharing them gentlemen
  7. And for the record, I find the statue humorous too.
  8. The only good that comes from evil is when evil is overcome. It's all about good vs evil There is no political affiliation when it comes to good vs evil. Folks just follow different avenues and many fall prey to the wiles of the evil one by the choice of roads to follow.
  9. In life there is good and evil. If we all know this, why do some think it's good to worship a god of evil. The world is full of deception, all that glitters is not gold, and yet there are those that follow old goat head. Are some so gullible? Are some so way out there? There will always be chaos and confusion as long as there are those that worship the likes of the evil one.
  10. Apparently there is a goat headed statue outside the Capitol in Arkansas. Seems like the Conservatives officials have a new Ten Commandment monument and the Satan worshipers brought in their own statue to rebel against the Conservatives. IMO, this a true example of good vs evil. While I say let one observe what one believes, or does not believe, is a goat headed statue of Satanists a good thing to have in public viewing? Satan has always been evil and do the folks want to see a statue depicting evil? I find it humorous, when I see what lengths folks will go to when they want to get heard. The poor Satanists want their goat head idol seen too, lol Me, I can't see worshiping what depicts evil, this just seems wrong. Even if i didn't believe in the Lord and what is good, I could not see myself worshiping the likes of a goat head.
  11. BTW, can you mix Religion and a Political belief? I don't believe one can be a today's Dem. and a Christian. Years ago, yes, but the Dem party is way too liberal to work in unison with the Christian faith
  12. It is what it is my friend. It's about defending the poor and persecuted! Patronizing, with a rascist foundation is not helping to better what's wrong. I believe what was once good has transformed into a degenerate and devious ideal. It's about helping, not hurting
  13. Congratulations and very well done!
  14. and do you think today's racism isn't a part of how the Dems operate? The silver spooned, patronizing elite don't use undercover racism to relate to the masses? The Dem politicians don't look down on the lower class masses? That's your people, your party who does this type of evil