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  1. I sure hope they find what they are searching for
  2. hero
  3. All Alberto's aren't Mexican. Go see our Crazy Alberto
  4. Don, you see Scotty around? I haven't seen him in years, or the rest of the RI crew. And, Scotty always made nice plugs
  5. Standing for the Nat. Anthem is what real American's do.
  6. Dracula : What we need is young blood’¦ and brains’¦
  7. lol, next there will be Lucky Charms raisin bran or some concoction. Too sweet for my liking or the WIC recipients
  8. It's an English thing, Royalty ya know, that's their life over there. May they live happily ever after. And for the record, marriage is a big thing for a couple, any couple. It's sacred and divine, but many don't see it that way anymore.
  9. "I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue"
  10. Congratulations!
  11. I will pray for your wife, and the doctors. Be strong, be positive my friend. God bless you all
  12. Especially on the south side of the island. There's a rock pile with a light that always held bass
  13. gigantic
  14. I think the real issue here is to teach young people how to behave themselves. And that when wrong things are done, there are consequences. Good begets good, always!
  15. "Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness"