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  1. Thank you my friend. And I agree, the Country was a much better place, I just think of God watching over us and I feel better. It's sad that so many are caught up in their rhetoric and God takes the back burner or is void in some lives. Folks forget where they came from and that history will repeat itself if folks continue on their self centered paths. Sad stuff. And ya know what is even sadder? The children are the victims of self centered parents
  2. I hope she gets help for her drinking problem. She's too old to be a boozer and drinking doesn;t solve the problems and remove them. Poor old gal
  3. That's good to hear, my friend. The good Lord did not create us to hate one another, but to love and serve one another. Too many have conformed to the ways of the world, and have forgotten about putting the Lord first. See, God's way for us is not the Liberal way, the anything goes way.
  4. My friend, you mentioned blacks, not me. But I can see you're upset, you're in the right place here at SOL. We are like one big happy family. Smile, God loves you
  5. I caught more bass on a tin squid with a bucktail, so far this season. And ya can fish 'em anytime
  6. Seems like those clams and worms are pretty detrimental to us humans. They must be Liberals. Gosh, they even got to the clams and worms
  7. I have two Pinnacle casting rods, one is 11' and the other 11'6"s. Both are rated to 9 ozs, but here's the thing I like about them. While one rod is a heavier stiffer rod and the shorter rod has a softer tip section and is good for larger plugs and tins both rods can use the same butt section.
  8. One rod comes to mind. An Okuma Solaris rod. I had one and used it with my Penn 155
  9. This is definitely part of the problem and not part of the solution. I believe love conquers all and that hate, the hate that abounds us is directly from the evil one. Once folks realize this, than and only then can change be effected.
  10. Maybe the media is using good sense in not giving this story wide coverage.
  11. This is correct, my friend. We all have a free will to choose our path in life. But all should be done for the glory of God, and if we sin, the Father gave us Jesus as a way, for forgiveness and Salvation.
  12. The Liberal Dems are the reason for all the racial issues. They provoke chaos and promote negativity.
  13. being left has always been considered being sinister. The left side is the sinister side. You poor lefties, ya just have it bad Change ya ways, have faith and obey the Father
  14. lol, see what the liberal minds do? And the liberals don't see the wrong in their "different" ways
  15. God's love is free to all. You wanna free Will? That's your choice