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  1. And look at all the attention the MSM is getting.
  2. When ya cast these reels, the position of the handle can be tripping the lever. I've had that happen and learned to have the knob on the bottom when I give a hard cast.
  3. I've never done it, but maybe it can.
  4. I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction, but that arm is the key, I believe. And, by eliminating any one piece might not keep the lever locked open.
  5. so now the guy has to load up with batteries to throw at the googans?
  6. This is true my friend. I've seen tons of schoolies that size as well in local waters. This is a good sign for years to come
  7. Who knows, maybe those fish have always taken that route out in deeper waters. I've heard this before and bass in deeper waters. But maybe this large mass of bass is all that is left. These are very small numbers inshore, everywhere.
  8. I've never done that Roddy. But the principle is the same as on the 7000 reels, the "i" reels just encompass a lever instead of a push button. There is that arm that locks into the gear at the bottom of the gear stem. The handle turns moving this gear and releasing that arm. This in turn releases the line out lever. I'm assuming you want the lever to operate like a Penn conventional? Can it be done ? I don't know for sure. See, the handle needs to be turned anyways to release the pinion gear holder and set that into place too. That lever basically has a multi function purpose.
  9. Lol, not now, but when man learned he could forecast the weather, I'll bet it was
  10. That's interesting, but it's just not your inlet. It's RI, Ct, and even Block Island
  11. That's interesting news Joey. And I find it very interesting that all the areas that once held bass along the shores from RI through Ct and even Montauk have had poor Fall runs, yet there are acres of bass further out.
  12. It's really an honor system, there are those that will abide by the regs. Then there are the others, the ones that rape and take because they feel they can, because they make money off the bass, and these are the problem people. So, if ya can't keep any, it just keeps everyone honest. Restaurants won't suffer because many get farm raised bass.
  13. lol, my friend, you don't think if we stop taking bass the stock will get bigger? It's happened before ya know
  14. Well, the mass killings of Bison were for a different reason. If they were to have been brought back, they could have been by now, don't you think?
  15. Bring two rods, that way you'll always have a line in the water. I'm assuming you're chunking? Either way, plugs bait, tins whatever, have two rods.