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  1. I don't see a comparison. Apples and oranges my friend.
  2. What comparison?
  3. Not that i'm aware of.
  4. I used to drink too much. That day when I was looking up, because i was down, all I could see was the Lord.
  5. Thanks, but I haven't had a beer since Aug. 23rd, 1997. But I like Cheetos
  6. zinc reduces electrolysis as well
  7. Check out the sellers feedback.
  8. Isn't this thread about the players kneeling? Mr. Trump has nothing to do with football, right? How about some cheese to go along with your whine?
  9. Utica
  10. It matters when it affects the pockets. And what an example these anti-patriots are to our young folks.
  11. Yeah, let's get the NWO back on track.
  12. I'll take it. PM me with your PP info
  13. Are you set up for Paypal?
  14. And you state it's in "good working order". Is there anything faulty, or anything that would need to be fixed? The drags ok too? Handle slop?
  15. It's not the chrome spool, but the Aluminum spool, correct? It looks to be aluminum from the pics