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  1. I will pray for your wife Mike, you and the doctors too. God bless and keep her from all infirmities.
  2. Yeah, I agree. Ya know I grew up in a tough neighborhood and ya had to be tough and ya had to be able to handle yourself. To this day i never feel intimidated, by anyone. I always stood my ground. I used to see the yokels come into the city and get hassled by the wise guys. I would feel sorry for them because they were super naive. Today the cities are full of these young naive people, who are scared of the big cities. Sad stuff right there and these naive folks fall prey to the wiles of city life and daddy deep pockets isn't there to dole out and save them. The city isn't like Westport!
  3. One of the greatest. May he rest in peace.
  4. There has to be more to this or the employees were just plain intimidated
  5. Me too. I don't buy it.
  6. This sounds like more patronage. I believe Starbucks should be training their people on how to assess situations and not panic.
  7. I believe the Serenity Prayer is apropos when dealing with situations we are powerless over. I also believe we need to do a self inventory and check ourselves. Let's all take a look at the big picture and assess what can be done, if anything.
  8. Lol, I'll leave that for you my friend.
  9. Lol, you mean badger
  10. God be with the family at this time of sorrow. May she rest in peace
  11. That's sad indeed. I have heard, "we are as sick as our secrets", and that statement is real and true. We never really know what is going on in the mind of another. We just never know. Reach out to the ones who are distraught, and never let a cry for help go unanswered. May God be with the family of this poor soul. May he rest in peace.
  12. Folks need to leave the President alone. Let him be to do his job. So many have become judge, jury and executioners!
  13. Only Jesus was morally good. Everyone else falls short. Think about it
  14. He who is without sin cast the first stone.