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  1. Or use the "insert other media" link
  2. You take a pic with your phone. When you reply on this thread, there is a paper clip and "click to choose files" link below. That's how you add a photo. Like I said, I will take the reel, but just want to see it
  3. Can't you just post the pics? I don't want photos texted. If it's nice I will take it. But I need to see the pics first
  4. What kind of condition is the Abu in? Pics help too
  5. A nice long life doing the will of God. It doesn't get any better than that
  6. A good man who left a good legacy. May God rest his soul.
  7. Manhattan was like what was described before it was cleaned up
  8. I believe the position of leadership is an honorable position, and anyone filling that position deserves honor. And anyone who chooses to mock, degrade and/or disrespect that position of leadership is doing the work of the evil one.
  9. I pray for Mr. Trump everyday. Prayer works and it's good for the soul
  10. Disrespecting ones leaders, treating an honorable person with disrespect is fundamentally evil. This breeds discourse and dissension. The liberal mindset is a self centered, selfish and self absorbed
  11. Too many folks are filled with hate. Hate is evil, period! Think about this, God is love or more so, love is God. With all this hate, and killing, and anger towards another human being, this is good? Think about the young lives we as adults need to cherish. All the hate is feeding the negative dissension that now abounds many folks living in our country. Hatred is a selfish desire, it steals ones soul!
  12. I believe this was a horrible tragedy, and the blame game isn't going to bring these children back to life. I believe it's the wrong time to be pointing fingers.
  13. I guess all the parents are ok with the new principal. I just hope the children will be ok.
  14. The UN should make a Utopia for all the world's illegal immigrants. The NWO and the UN can feed their needs.
  15. Of course they are. God's way is God's way, but man throws his spin to customize the Word for man's own sake. Man can't obey all of God's laws, man just fails big time.