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  1. Cool grain pattern on the plug. May want to consider stain instead of paint. As far as what wood, I don't have a clue, looks oaky though
  2. Would love to see the finished product?
  3. In San Francisco CA, I parked at open spot, fed the meter the coin it hungers for, gave myself plenty of overage in case my business meeting went over. Came out an hour later and my car is gone? Stolen? Maybe. Then I notice on the Pole of the Meter, there is a sticker, Trucks Only. Called the 1-800 and yep car impounded. The worst part, I said good morning to the meter cop that was issuing someone else a ticket just a few cars down and he smiled and nodded, F-ing a hole could have taken pity on this country mouse and said something, guess he was quota driven that month! 400 bucks later I was heading home. B.S.
  4. I agree, how did you in-lay/shape the mother of pearl? Or is it a sticker or fake MOP? Understand if you don't want to disclose. Amazing looking plug.
  5. CCW & Jigman please
  6. American River CA
  7. Check out you tube. There is a place in Canada where genetic mutant trout escaped into the river!!! They do exist!
  8. My advice. Take the job, get the experience 1-2 years and then get out if you don't like it. This way you can put that you managed in case another opportunity arises, you never know, and collect the bigger check in the meantime. Even if you crash and burn, quit before you get fired and again you can put the experience on your resume. Also last piece of advice from someone that has gone from grunt to manager back to grunt (currently), fire someone in the first 6 months as a manager, find the weak link and can em. Best advice I ever followed from another manager. The others may resent you in the short term, but will snap in line when you give direction.
  9. Yeah wasn't this played with guns in the good Ol'days ...Dance turkey, Dance!!! Bam! Bam! Bam! Although a shot to the shin in this game usually spelled an end. (Note how I tied thanksgiving turkey back in to stay on semi-topic...own horn tooted)
  10. Not my largest out of freshwater, but for sure the best eating 23 lbers off the river I have ever had the pleasure to smoke. Caught on a Mepps Flying C in Chart tube blue/silver blade. Hope to hook just one more before they stop running...
  11. Also before brining, read the packaging on the bird. Most store bought birds are already pre-brined. My cousin failed to read this then brined the bird for a few days, like eating a salt lick turkey. He couldn't figure out where he went wrong until we pulled the birds packaging back out of the trash to find the bird was pre-brined.
  12. Second this, but only difference is do this with the bird still in it's plastic packaging, then you won't have to dry it off at all.
  13. Watched a video of Larry Dahlberg make a homemade custom lure and then fish it in the Florida surf for small tarpon. It was a rough day, the waves were closing out, but he did manage to hook one up. It was jumping all over the place, pretty cool to watch. Something to maybe search for. All I got on the subject.
  14. Crush up an Asprin or two until powdered, 1 tablet of Vitamin C also powdered, squeeze of half a lemon, table spoon of honey, 2 fingers of whiskey of your choice, add hot water. It won't kill your cold, but will sure make you feel better and you will pass out and sleep better!