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  1. Frogg Toggs Hellbender Waders have been my stand by breathables for over the last 10 years. Then manufacturing went China, they changed the way they seal and put together their boot foots and attach them, which also changed the way the stocking fit your foot. I went from a Medium to Medium stout for this reason. For these reasons I no longer buy Frogg Toggs waders. My latest pair that I just got are Bass Pro Shops WhiteRiver Brand, won't be able to have an opinion on them until I wear them for a whole season to see how they hold up.
  2. Bale of Green or White? I think Otshawytsha is just looking for a night job while fishing and needs a source, somebody hook this guy up. When you ask if he has any SuperStrikes and he asks if you want the Show Special, your not going to get a plug when you pay him.
  3. If Striperbasskings deal goes south, I will take this for asking Marc.
  4. Think I will make Squid Sausages, I know sounds gross, but they are delicious. Also Brown sugar bacon wrapped Lil'Smokies appetizer and probably some more meat of some kind, maybe tri-tips?
  5. Work hard at it, do it as often as possible even on the strain of relationships & careers, learn from others, watch, scout, keep your lure or bait in the water at all times, expect the unexpected bite (sounds weird but true), fish the water all the way to the sand with a lure, make a sound investment-buy a hook sharpener, pick up a paper back tide book for your local waters, keep a simple & easy fish log (actually keep it up every trip is the trick, I fail this new season resolution each year), pick three lures that you like that will fish the top middle & bottom of water column and fish them until you have extreme confidence in them and if you are not confident with any of them after trying them, change it out for another lure in the same water column category and use it until you have that confidence in it, then eventually try the one that gave you trouble again. Most of all have fun and enjoy the experience, fish, no-fish, first cast, to last cast...well maybe one more...
  6. Original for me, the XD just doesn't work the surface for me the same, although it does cast further, I am more impartial to action over distance.
  7. Apple sauce is another good substitute in baking for moistness. That said, mayo would not be my first choice, but then again have been surprised. Once had a college roommate make a grilled cheese with mayo to grill the bread instead of butter or oil, I thought it would be gross, was pleasantly surprised.
  8. Top water Hali, do my ears deceive me? or was the needle hit under the surface? Either way great catch. I have seen them taken on swimming plugs and plastics, but never ever have I seen one taken n a topwater plug.
  9. Baby seabass please very generous of you t0phtrt. If you ever like something I have up LMK? Thanks.
  10. Pink Please Damn bested by mili seconds
  11. I waaaahhhhaaannnnt a halibut, too! May try for them this up coming weekend, got to target them to catch them, right? Went out this Saturday with my 5 year old son to soak some baits. Did manage one barely keeper, 18.5" Striper on Sandcrab our only bite, my son's fish, so let him decide keep or let go, he decided he and daddy should have beer battered Fish sandwiches on Father's Day, so in the bag it went. Sandwiches were delicious, ate a left over sandwich at work today. Note: if you ever want to make a crispy fish sandwich at work and at the same time p-off coworkers, just pop those already greasy fried fillets from yesterday in the Toaster at work and carefully lower them down. Boy it crisps them fillets right back up, happy, happy. Unfortunately the next guy putting a bagel into those same toaster slots is not going to be so happy...
  12. I will take this lot once I understand exactly what the lot is. Sounds like below; 6 Platinums 3 Reaction Strikes 2 Silver Shads 4 packs of 4 EA Sebiles 1 pack Havoc Misc Metal Fish Jigs 3 EA Misc Plugs Painted 10 EA & 10 EA Smilin Bills and/or Minnow Heads or 20 of EA your choice Is this correct? If so I will take the lot for $75 PP shipped and will take 20 EA Smiling Bills Zero Minnow Heads.
  13. I will take the top plug please "frog" pattern.
  14. Yeah the Gadsden flag I see all over, but usually it is a Marine or family that has ties to the military. When I was camping at Merced River last month a family had one displayed in their campsite across from us, when I asked them about it the whole family had been or was still active in the Marine Core or Army. I also think it is just a cool flag & motto, another reason you see it a lot.
  15. Thanks Rossi for Bringing bowls, plastic wear & cups, see you there. BirdDog I will be fishing in MB this weekend, let me know if you want to meet up and where? PM me. Any donations are greatly appreciated.