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  1. Going to have to give these a try, thanks for sharing Stu.
  2. I am not defending the fishery, but it was my understanding that the Sardines run in 50 year cycles. I am not saying that the commercial fishery is not contributing to the decline, but my understanding was that this was thought to be a natural cycle. The simplified published graph below shows the peak hitting in the 1990s and we are now on a down cycle that will predictively peak again in another 50 years. Now this is assuming that we have sustained the fishery enough to keep the cycle going, but if depleted below the reproduce able level, then to your point, this fishery maybe in big trouble. So Stu maybe in 2050 we will be thick in them again? This highly simplified graph shows how the Pacific Ocean has alternated between “sardine regime” and “anchovy regime” over the past 70 years. These two regimes involve not just fish, but changes to ocean currents and the atmosphere across the entire Pacific Ocean.
  3. Stu u normally tear the claws off your rigged Crusteaz or did the fish do you the favor?
  4. I'm in. Thanks.
  5. Without eyes, how would my plug see where it is going?
  6. They have worms in them and just because you can't see the parasites, doesn't mean they are not there. All fish planned to be consumed raw should be frozen below -4 F for about 3-5 days. Not a lot of people realize this, but all sushi grade fish served in sushi restaurants are flash frozen fresh down to this temp. as required by law, if the fish is to be considered "sushi" grade and acceptable to be consumed raw and sold as such. Most parasites will only give you a tummy ache, but some can cause you to get sick, very rarely are the parasites able to survive long in a human host.
  7. gantz88 that looks bomb...sashimi in my book, but with the onion, capers, lemon understand the carpaccio reference (bet drizzled with white truffle oil would add an interesting taste?), spring fish head soup, & simple fried headless gutted. Very inspiring dishes thanks for sharing.
  8. Offer $28 PP shipped
  9. Maybe he is determined to get an IGFA Line Class record.
  10. Marc been a while. I will take this please.
  11. Happy V-Day Kevin!
  12. For me it was cut significantly for the first three years to near nothing. At 4-5 years old they are then able to join you, but realize it will not be hardcore or long sessions, 1-2 hrs max if your lucky. The coolest part is I am re-learning the simple styles of fishing (aka bobber watching & worm slanging) and enjoying every minute of it. Here is my son with his first landlocked striper he hooked and landed all by himself when he just turned 4 years old. I figure in another four years or so I will have a full on fishing and hunting partner that is always willing to go with, especially if it means ditching school and work...good luck man!
  13. I currently have it too! It sucks. I got it when I over exerted it in Oct last year and still plaguing me. Has been slowly getting better with use of band, stretching and now starting exercises for physical therapy, but for the first three months I had 10% strength in my right arm, I could barely lift it and opening door knobs was like torture. Feel your pain, almost literally.
  14. I will add they are excellent BBQd gutted whole and squeeze of lemon, even better if they are BBQd right there in a Fire ring on the beach. I also recommend putting the perch on ice right away after catching if possible, also helps keep the meat firm. I can remember last fall when the bite was hot, bringing a bucket of ice to the beach and filling it with seawater. As we caught larger keepers into the slurry they would go and can remember my hands being numb while filleting them, that meat was firm and sweet when we cooked them. Plan on taking my son out this upcoming Friday for perch in Monterey Bay, will report back soon...
  15. PKDavis the meat can be a little mushy on the Surf Perch, but to me has the flavor and consistency similar but not quite like crab meat (after all they say you are what you eat and perch devour a lot of sand crabs). I love to steam my perch whole with water, white wine & lemon, after gutting and then meticulously peel back the skin and strip all the meat with a fork, being sure to pull out any small bones. I then take the meat and let it sit in the fridge for a day in a little lemon juice. the next day take the meat and mix with Mayo, diced carrots, celery & green onions, salt, pepper & some Italian and panko bread crumbs and an egg or two. Then shape fish cakes with the meat mixture, egg wash & bread crumb the outside and then fry them. The fish cakes are great with a little chipotle lemon aioli or as a fish cake sandwich. I also like them tempura battered and fried. Soaking the fillets in salt water brine and then in buttermilk can help firm up the meat & remove some of the fishy taste, although perch are not that fishy to begin with, prior to frying. Hope this helps and glad to see your catching. Anyone else care to share their preferred Surf Perch recipes?...