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  1. Time on the water is best, but still narrowing that time so that it is productive should always be a consideration. But have to agree, boss says go home early today, first thing that comes to mind, go fishing...then think about what time is it and what the tide might be doing might sway where I end up going rather than should I go.
  2. We target Trigger's in Mexico for just such...they grill well too. Been getting Skunked lately, might have to take the kid to the Dam this weekend, just to boost my pride a little, will report back.
  3. So did he land the shark? looked like a cut off. Teach him not to leave the 40 gauge cable at home when striper fishing! Cool vid. In my waters we have GWs on the regular. Bumping kayaks and paddle boarders. Chomping the occasional surfer here and there (had a friend in college, survived 280 stitches & 50 staples, looked like frankenstein). The Farallon Islands are not very far off and they hit seals there like a striper on a pencil, as a surfer I would shy away from surface commotion and walk the dog like board movements. With seal populations growing, so will the sharks and why more and more juvenile sharks. I stay on land for the most part and don't wade too deep at night, hats off to those that paddle out and good luck.
  4. Open up another PO BOX, a second Paypal Account, and separate Checking account. Set-up direct deposit from your pay check into the second checking account and then break the bad news to the Wife on that gross pay cut and force reduction they are having at work and how it effects your pay check, this way you only tell one lie...
  5. I will throw in that we also will make fish cakes out of them. We quickly steam the boneless fillets in 1/2-1 cup water, 1/4 cup white white (Sauv Blanc comes to mind) and 4-5 lemons halved & squeezed and then dropped into the pot with the water & wine. Bring the water to a boil first, then place a steamer basket with raw fish fillets into the steaming pot. Steam 1-3 minutes until meat flakes through thickest fillets. remove steamer basket and let cool to room temp, then into fridge for 1-2 hours until cold. Then take whatever crab cake recipe you like (usually involves Eggs, Breadcrumbs & Mayo as base) add whatever spices and herbs you like (I like green onions, diced carrots & celery, lemon pepper, garlic salt & some tabasco dashes for heat. make up your fish cake mixture, form patties with the mix, one last coat of egg & bread crumbs and into a Sautee pan with Oil or Butter heated (you could also Bake or Broil them). Cook until golden brown and enjoy.
  6. I will take this Marc.
  7. Sexing Perch, thanks for the tip/lesson Fishjerk! Now back to the eating... Hard to beat a perch fryed! or anything for that matter. Used some Louisianan Fish Fry breading with some Tajin mex spice, garlic salt, & fresh ground pepper mixed in for more flavor. My son caught these perch (see catch anything thread pg 252.) and I filleted them up, removed the pin bones, soaked in salt water brine for 1 hr, rinse pat dry then dipped in beaten egg with couple of douses of Worcestershire sauce added and lemon juice, then powder coated in the fry mix and into the vegetable oil a bubbling.
  8. Amazon
  9. Ditto. Lively live bait just can't be ignored, but if you are an artificial purist, then Drop Shot or try a large sluggo rigged weedless and throw it out on those deep ledges and do nothing for 5 minutes while it sinks and watch your slowly sinking line for any slight movement or stops in decent and set the hook. Slow presentations way down, think slow, then painfully go slower and just when you think you are bringing new meaning to the term "deadstickin" go even slower. Try adding scent to lures, when you feel like you are getting those short strikes without hook-ups, I find this can turn those into solid hooksets at times. Hope these help and good luck!
  10. Been fishing hard this weekend & took off Mon & Tues for my B-day. In Monterey Bay striper have been consistent with fish ranging from undersized to about 6-8 lbs average and they are happily eating topwater plugs, small swimbaits, & SP minnow 13 & other smaller sized lipped baits. I caught a few on each outing, releasing most, but did keep a couple 5-6lbers for the fridge and dinner table. Yesterday for my birthday and my son's last day of freedom before starting public school, we got up early and fished together. My son out fished me for the first time, of what I hope are many times ahead, landing 13 perch, the biggest of which gave him a run for his money on his ultra light trout ugly stick. My son was test fishing the Mann Z Crusteaz (finally got a hold of a pack) and they got the thumbs up from my son & the perch. I however was able to raise a nice striper right at dawn, exploded on the plug the second it hit the water, but shook off before landing and was the last fish for me all morning. Even though I came up empty yesterday, watching my son cast, reel, hook and land fish all by himself was more fun and exciting than any fish I could have hooked.
  11. That will fish! Nice DIY Bag. Still a way to secure the bag on the cast is a consideration, as I have made the same mistake making plug bags, belt loops or second waist strap on top of the shoulder strap to secure it helps. Take it out and fish with it, if it stays put after a day of casting, then got a winner, if seems to slide to front and needs to be constantly swung to your side or back after a few casts, then consider a way to secure it to your waist. Like the grommet work, nice touch.
  12. My neighbor picked this up at garage sale. It appears custom made. Has two cutting edges that have about 1/16 inch gap and don’t appear to be designed to meet up. So what tool is it and for what purpose?
  13. Plug burn! Not ever day you get a good butt swat.
  14. 1 Mackerel & 1 Black over silver please.