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  1. PM Coming. Thanks everybody for helping me care. Thread closed.
  2. Price Drop on Salty's $10.
  3. Both Sold PMs coming Salty's last one left
  4. So where I work came up with a un-mandatory, but in reality mandatory, day to reach out into the community and serve some community service for a local charity or business. I don't mind contributing, especially if it means taking a day off work, even if it is scooping up fecal matter, it sure beats a day at the office, right! So I signed up along with a few other co-workers to do some work today. I wake up to a phone call from HR and the event had to be cancelled and I got two options, go to work for 1/2 day and serve another day or find some sort of charity or assist some one in your "community" and it will count as your day of caring. No problem, what better community to care for then my SOL community. So here is a lot of plugs at fair to well discounted prices to show I care about your empty plug bag or plug collection: Prices include shipping PP only. Salty's Bottle Popper 6inch 1.75ozish $10 Price Drop- Brand new RM Smith Sinking Needle 8inch 2ozish $16 Brand new-SOLD Fixter Small Spook 5.5 inch 1.5ozish $25 (Note: small pointer over right eye from storage pictured, otherwise mint)-SOLD Or because I care take All Three for $40 even shipped to your door step.
  5. Best part was the three dudes slept overnight in the back of their Burb with spinners (good eye wolfdog) waiting for the authorities to show up the next morning and the windows were well fogged up, who needs a man fort to find man love in when you can pull your Burb-buggy right up to the waters edge for a moonlit night. To this day I wonder why his two buddies stayed with him, if it was me even if I was the drunken passenger that egged my driver friend to do it, I would have left him and his ride there alone, their is real friendship or maybe manlove for ya.
  6. Think the guy toting the shotgun was keeping the fight to a one-on-one. If it was my friend and he picked the fight and it stays mano y mano then I would watch too, but if it started to look more like a jumping then I would step in there.
  7. The truck driver could have save a lot of time and effort by just opening his truck door real quick while they were still moving, but I guess somethings are best said or I should say thrown after you pull over. Great vid just made my day.
  8. I didn't know you could eat Sumac, always thought it was poison, guess there is a red sumac (Rhus glabra) you can eat and a white sumac (Toxicodendron vernix) that is more potently poisonous than Poison Oak & Ivy. Interesting. Be sure to pick the right one...
  9. I think it is spelled Bucketeers (like musketeers) one for all and all the fish for one!
  10. I really appreciated that fact you had the kids field dress and learn to process their kills, a great learning experience. If you pull the trigger, you do the dirty work, puts your kill in perspective and in a world of more virtual distractions and living, there is nothing more real than gutting and field dressing your game. Thanks for sharing and looked like a fun trip.
  11. Yeah I didn't see that you planned on taking such a young child on the boat, I would leave him with a sitter or grandparents. Not a great idea to take a child that can't swim out on the open water. My son is 5 years old, can stay a float for 10 minutes swimming by himself and I wouldn't take him out on more than a small lake with good weather and a PFD. He has to be able to tread water for at least an hour and be at least 8-10 years old before I would take him on a Charter or on the open ocean for safety sake.
  12. I have a 2003 coming up on 180k. Been very happy with it and although I do not care for the opposing opening backdoor, the newer models incorporated the stand alone back door which opens normally. Solid truck and would buy another one if I had the money.
  13. I will take the parrot Marc. Thanks.
  14. Cool video and would be fun C&R fishing for sure.
  15. ratss427 share the wealth? Nice hand carve collection.