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  1. Could go for an S2.... sounds like that’s a suitable rod. I believe they are a bit lighter and would fit my needs just as well.
  2. Love that S1.. can fish all day with it. Actually thinking of pairing it with the lightened ultegra which would make it a super easy combo to fish for hours! Happy your enjoying the 1321M. I’ve thought about getting the 1321mos maybe next year. People are loving it.
  3. Weight prob wouldn’t be an issue for me either. I’ve fished a lot of lami rods which always seem to be on the heavy side. I like everything I’ve heard about the S2 and would love to see a nor’easter at a local shop. It will be replacing the XSRA I used to fish.. loved that rod. Was 10’ mod/fast 1-5oz. Goal is to find a century to replace it. Century would be lighter and more durable. The XSRA was amazing but a bit heavy and prone to breakage.
  4. Not going to sell at this time but thanks for the interest.
  5. No real budget bc this will most likely be a winter purchase. Plenty time to stow away extra $. The Kevlar sounds nice with that fiberglass in the tip. Tell me more about the graphene. Action similar to the S2? Is there just an 11’ right now? 2-5oz?
  6. I have a TFO GIS 11’ 3-8oz. Bought for the canal, used twice on local beaches just to see how it threw. Going to stick to the beaches and need something a bit lighter.
  7. Yours is new? I have an 11’ 3-8 that I may consider trading. Used twice on a local beach just to see how it threw. Rinsed each time. How’s the 2-6 throw light stuff? I’ve been thinking about sticking to beaches for now and the 3-8 is a little overkill for scituate.
  8. The Kevlar more of a mod/fast? That’s kind of my jam. Fav rod to date has been the XSRA 1205 but looking for something thinner, lighter, more durable.
  9. Wondering how different the actions are in these two rods. Is one faster than another? Or is it just a matter of one being more durable. Thanks all tight lines
  10. What’s for sale? Looking for xsra, gsb, ss. specifically looking for 1205, 1322, 1321m, 1321OS, 1201l, 1201m. Looking to see what’s out there right now.
  11. Sounds like the 11 would be ideal for my rocky beaches and even the canal. Most of my gear is 2oz plus anyway with my fav being the 3oz jobo jr.
  12. Sounds good but how would this handle something as light as an SP? Does that little extra length soften the tip?
  13. The legend I owned was the previous model 9’er. It was faster for sure but still within my wheelhouse.