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  1. Any tips/experience/techniques to share casting mojo jigs, especially from boats for stripers? Thanks. Mike
  2. What makes it a Sebile, and not an FG? Thanks.
  3. I currently have a Castaway, and it is a little small, which is why I am asking. Building something is an option.
  4. I hope it's okay to revive this old thread. I guess this project never went anywhere, but does anybody have a recommendation for something like the Castaway except with more room for reels? Requirements: 1. Can be mounted on standard roof racks. 2. Holds no less than four saltwater-sized rods with reels mounted. (Say 6000 class spinners, no disassembly required.) 3. Reels are enclosed. 4. Lockable. 5... Anything I forgot. Ski racks, inside-vehicle storage, and PVC tube don't fit the bill. Thanks. Mike
  5. Assuming the reel is not some ancient model (and maybe even then), you should be able to get a new main gear from Scott's or Penn, or a local Penn service center. You might also ask yourself what happened to strip the gear. Excessive drag is a common culprit. Just because the drag stack can produce X pounds of drag doesn't mean that the other reel components can stand up to the load.
  6. Yes, amazing stuff, but there's another product I came across called "Lexel." It seems very similar, except it stores better after opening. My experience with aqua seal is that, once used, the shelf life of what remains in the tube is short. I bought a standard caulking tube size Lexel that I've been using for a couple of years. It has sealed torn boots, etc., and also glued a broken Belgian block curb stone back together (still holding after two years - no joke).
  7. No interest here; going to Plan B. Thanks, anyway, SOL.
  8. Worn once. Would be like new except for easily patched scuff on left toe, pictured. $40 money order or PayPal, shipped to CONUS.
  9. It's kind of tough to find the link on Scott's. Search "Penn Real Conventional Side Plate Rebuild" on youtube.
  10. I will take this.Sending PM.
  11. The Fathom star drag reels are a little more complicated than the classic JigMasters, Squidders, Senators, etc. But without knowing what is tripping you up, who knows if you would run into the same issue on a newer model reel? You could just send all those nasty reels to me and end your pain :->. There a good Penn service tutorial video on Scott's web site, and a sh*t-ton on Alan Tani's site.
  12. I do entirely too much reading from screens. Good point about buying directly from Skinner. Thanks.
  13. I'll limit this to a single bump.
  14. Ande Premium is good stuff, tough as nails, but it is also one of the more difficult monos to cast, because it is so stiff. At some point you might want to try something else. I like BBG. My $0.02.