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  1. It is what it is. No interest in going there anymore. Even if there were 60 pounders blowing up in the whole canal I wouldn’t go. Where’s the sense of accomplishment? Every moron and their uncle can cash in on these bites. Good for them.
  2. Years back some friends and I weighed in a few 40+ pounders we caught from shore over the course of a couple weeks. When asked, we told the tackle shop they were caught at West Island in Fairhaven, which was, of course, a bald faced lie. It wound up in the damn paper. Needless to say, I wasn’t worried about people being on my rock for a while. I lie like a rug to anyone but trustworthy friends. Either that or I’m vague as all hell.
  3. Packing the car now...
  4. He’s full of it. That pic was posted last year.
  5. What a ****in circus. You can have it.
  6. Just listened. I’m in.
  7. This is my first tremolo-equipped guitar, a 2001 Japanese Jackson. Heard a lot about the great build quality of their guitars from this time period, and after some searching I found one. I’m left handed, which makes finding unique, quality guitars a bit difficult, so I jumped on this when I saw it. There are some used USA models, but I wasn’t into spending $1,500 on an unfamiliar design. I’ve been playing Gibsons religiously for many years now and have a decent collection, but this is a whole new animal. The action and feel is super comfortable. A fast guitar for sure. It’s got a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position. Hot. Let’s see some more.
  8. I’d be willing to bet there’s a host of dirtbags that lurk around there just waiting for people to leave their gear unattended. Probably just stroll up and snatch it, knowing full and well you’re not watching. It’s awful.
  9. So it’s similar to a fly rod. You can land a 200lb tarpon on a rod as wide as a pencil if you know what you’re doing.
  10. Thumbs up on the boat show tip. BoatUS has offered a $50 discount on boat show signups and renewals the past 2 years. West Marine also periodically offers that same $50 discount for new and renewed memberships, so make sure you’re on their email list. You must have the unlimited, not the unlimited gold. To clarify, the unlimited gold covers a tow 100% from your home marina to a haulout or ramp within 25 miles of the marina and costs $175. The regular unlimited for $149 only covers that specific event 50%. The unlimited gold is a no-brainer if you keep a boat in a slip, whereas if you trailer you don’t need it. I also encourage anyone fishing beyond 40 miles to get the unlimited gold, since it covers you a greater distance offshore.
  11. Exactly. I’ve been involved in this business for 14 years. In my opinion there isn’t a single recreational vessel in existence that’s incapable of needing a tow at some time. In their minds, most people attribute needing a tow just to mechanical failure, but there are many more things that potentially contribute to breakdowns. Spun props, bad fuel, fouled prop/props, steering failure, electrical failure, running aground, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.
  12. Got a kick out of this.
  13. I only ever found double yolks in the jumbos. One per carton was a surprise. Don’t know how I’d feel about 10.
  14. Absolutely. Also, don’t worry about who’s stationed closest to your marina or boat ramp. The boats are almost always underway, plus you don’t usually break down in your marina. Find out who’s got more boats in the area and get the most for your money.