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  1. Sure is. Beautiful snake.
  2. A favorite of mine.. We’ve gotten so far out as a society... There’s never been anything malicious or mean spirited about his character’s portrayal. What’s there to be offended about for God’s sake?
  3. I’m sure TowBoatUS didn’t give him an engine. TowBoatUS isn’t a franchise, so each owner/subcontractor buys and maintains their own equipment. Maybe he bought it used from a TowBoatUS owner? This guy’s tough to figure out sometimes.
  4. Anyone watch this show on viceland? The dude is hilarious and cooks some delicious stuff.
  5. Hey man, everyone deserves a trophy. Get with the times!
  6. thanks bud.
  7. Oh, gee now I have to give up fly fishing. Cumsip John is calling me names.
  8. No, they’re just mandals. Can’t believe your husband lets you wear those.
  9. Before you worry too much about others’ fashion, maybe you should throw those gay mandals in the trash.
  10. Didn’t even read the post. We still don’t hate cops. Stop wasting your time.
  11. Surgeons loop has been good for me in those light applications. Four or five turns usually does it. I also use this knot when joining very light braid to mono leader under 15 lb test. Alberto knots fail often in this application.
  12. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of fly guys who do all they can to look the part, but fly fishing isn’t nearly as douchey as those dudes make it look. Catching fish on the fly is often about focus, presentation, and angling skill. Watch a video of someone catching a tarpon on a fly rod. There’s nothing sissy about it.
  13. Temp is up over 3 degrees since Saturday. Getting there.