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  1. I used a BG 3000 for a few trips this year and it worked nicely in the shallow water I was fishing (8-12ft), biggest one I landed with it went 9.5lbs, and a bunch over 4. Personally I wouldn't go any smaller, I hooked one I had no chance of stopping. I wasn't fishing very snaggy stuff, so it didn't break me off, but it was peeling line fast and then all of a sudden spit the hook. After that I went back to a stradic 5000 fk, and of course didn't hook one near as big for the rest of the season.
  2. Thanks riddler, that's what I wanted to know, I'll need to save for the superior I think, arm drip annoys me.
  3. Are you willing to split? I'm interested in the jacket, I'm 6-1 250 do you think it would be tight?
  4. Alrighty then
  5. Cool, thanks. I know that one has a hood that is why I asked about it, but so many of the others don't have one it makes the options slim. How are the seals? Ever take a big wave or go underwater?
  6. Anyone have the chilko touring top? I wish more of these kind of tops had hoods.
  7. ok thanks
  8. Haha thanks, it's a funny picture with my phone on a rock, it was 42 inches and fat so around 30lbs at least I think.
  9. Would you split the peanut?
  10. It's worth the 10 bucks, I find it to be really accurate, makes no difference if you are on land or water. It was nice this summer for find deeper edges where the fluke hang out next to the beaches and points. I fish from a kayak without an FF and it helps a lot.
  11. I'm in eastern CT, and it's like the blues didn't get past the Race this year.
  12. You guys didn't see blues last year? I'm in the eastern sound and last year we had big schools of fish 10+ lbs mid August, they thinned out after that but I was still catching them until late October. This year, nothing bigger than 3 lbs from the surf, and very few of them, it sucked.
  13. I wish they made some smaller sizes too, a 30 would be nice for back bay type stuff and fluking.
  14. I'll take it for a 100 shipped. My first purchase on here, I've used paypal for a long time on ebay but never like this so just send a pm with what you need from me if you don't mind, thanks.
  15. I've also had really good luck with this reel, on its 3rd season and it has taken a beating, including a couple accidental dunkings with the only problem so far being that the drag clicker doesn't really click anymore. For sure give us an update if you don't mind, I'm curious how quick they are with the servicing process.