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  1. Were you in the surf and found clean water?
  2. Ya I'm still looking for both, got a 8.2 lb fluke this year and a tog just over 9 last year, not too bad for my first couple seasons fishing saltwater a lot more. I think this is the 9 lber on my lap
  3. I find fish that i leave hanging on a stringer for hours die, and then it is impossible to bleed them out. I got one of the canyon cooler bags which works nicely for fluke, if I want to keep a big striper it definitely wouldn't fit in the size bag I have, so I'd probably bleed it and leave it on the stringer as long as I could muster dragging it around.
  4. I'd keep that for a back up. How does a bail close on the cast? I have never once had it happen. One time I was fishing with my brother who wanted to try my setup, (quantum boca 50), and the bail closed on him first try, sent a 20 dollar plug flying. I've made thousands of casts with that reel and never had it happen, there must be some kind of user error.
  5. Lights usually attract baitfish, which attract the predators, not sure if it being green makes any difference.
  6. Awesome, thanks. Also love the YouTube channel btw, a preventative maintenance tutorial would make a great video for us uninformed people.
  7. Wow that is nuts I can imagine the drag took a beating on that beast, did you get a measurement? I've owned the reel since since March and have done a ton of LMB fishing with it I love it already, using it in the salt will be nice for fluke, but I don't think I'll attempt to pull on any 10 lb tog with it lol.
  8. Alright so maybe I was trying to do too much, now I'm confused lol. Me being in a kayak half the time probably doesn't help.
  9. I feel like I've read you say it somewhere, pretty sure you've said don't spray it with fresh water, but how do you clean a reel after a trip? A little spray with the x and wipe it down? My Stradic recently got rough after a season and a half so I'm doing something wrong. I'm pretty bad with maintenance overall coming from a freshwater background, trying to get better.
  10. This might be my biggest, from 2014, before that we had only seen baby ones. My cousin went to net it and thought it was a cod lol.
  11. Wish they would come a bit closer to get from the kayak, in the sound I can't find them unless I'm on my uncles boat fishing rips in 80-100 fow.
  12. Thanks, I kind of figured boat with that background, but then thought maybe there was some pier in the area with a rough liner I didn't know about. My one day off is Sunday hopefully I can find em. I feel like every year work gets crazy busy this time of year and I miss the run. I've only been fishing the salt heavy for 2 years, but it still drives me nuts I've never caught one.
  13. Damn I'm jealous I can never get out weekday mornings, boat or shorebound?
  14. Already gutted so must have been at least somewhat fatter than that, and looks like possibly over 26 inches? That one is a beast.
  15. Woah that is a crazy track, like it makes a b line for jersey.