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  1. The one I have is called the GoBag Dolphin, but even the largest size might not fit with a lifeproof case. To the OP, I'd ditch the lifeproof case and just use a magnet sealing pouch when on the yak, the phone is basically waterproof without a case.
  2. It is so annoying, unlocking with the opposite hand just feels weird. Has anyone her gotten an infection from striper thumb? I guess I don't catch many fish big enough to cut that deep.
  3. Perfect for you and your buddies
  4. True, I do need to work on my ninja skills, 16ft plus is kinda my threshold for standing comfortably in the sound, unless it is a whaler.
  5. Thought I was having deja vu, so I looked back and you asked this same question in the CT forum a month ago, clearly you want to get a boat, so maybe you should ask the best type of boat for your water in the boating forum.
  6. Have you been on the LIS? If you could stand on the bench seats of a 14ft boat in 2-3 ft chop you are a ninja. The sound doesn't really have swells like the ocean, those 2-3 footers are tight together it really gets a boat rockin, at least in my part of the sound. OP- Where are you from?
  7. What part of the sound? Kayak is safer imo. A 12 foot boat has no business being in the salt unless you are in a flat calm back bay. I had a 16 foot aluminum that felt way too small some days in the eastern LIS, switched to a kayak and I can basically fish any day i want unless it is blowing 15-20 South winds.
  8. Women are funny, get over it, have you heard Amy shumer talk about her vagina?
  9. And the KKK
  10. Its getting better and better slowly, got one 19.5 from shore yesterday.
  11. Exactly, an idiot is an idiot whether they take a course they will forget they next day or not.
  12. I only fish rocks, and haven't had a problem. I had the fish in my av dragging me through boulders and 20lb held up really well, I'm not dealing with the depth or current of the canal though, this was on a point with a left to right sweep about 1.5 knots. I do fish a river sometimes about 15ft deep with lots of snags and it gets rippin to 4-5 knots on big tides, maybe you got a bad spool, I think there was some talk about diameter inconsistencies in the breaking strength thread.
  13. What are the much better lines?
  14. Do you mean inline hooks? Post some links with that rocket of an arm KP, I found 2 threads where everyone says it is a bad idea.
  15. Just tie a dropper loop in your leader, figure 8 at the bottom with a sinker or a jig and you are good to go.