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  1. I grew up fishing Spuyten Duyvil, bucktails , tins and poppers were the lures of choice.
  2. FYI the two unknown plastics are Magna Strike Predator
  3. Thank you Peter it was a true experience watching .
  4. For surf fishing beach lami 1201m and VS 250
  5. Thoughts and prayers!!
  6. Prayers for a speedy recovery.. STAY STRONG!!
  7. Here are a few more pics of the darter, a Bill Priesnberger Plug.
  8. Yes they are brass sinker eyes like Jack Frech used.. also notice the stamp on the lead weight behind the belly hook. I think Jack Frech used a stamp on the lead weights.
  9. Any idea who the builder might be of these two plugs?
  10. Agreed txs. Send me Paypal info.
  11. I can do $550 I can paypal you today . Thanks
  12. Sorry for the late reply it's been a busy holiday season. Depending on conditions and location I use either 1/2 or 3/4 oz jig head or I fish them weightless.
  13. If this is available I respectfully offer $500
  14. I agree.