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  1. Yes no problem
  2. I keep getting pop ups that my device is infected from a porn site. Normally I'd believe that statement but it only happens when I'm browsing this site.
  3. I only skimmed through and saw the dimensions requested hence the HM3. Do you want the lips to oppose each other (HDSD) or face the same direction (HDSE)? What type of materials do you want?
  4. SKF(dot)com/group/products/seals/industrial-seals/power-transmission-seals/radial-shaft-seals-pt/index.html?designation=6x12x2%20HM3%20R Edit: Above is the part. Just google: 6x12x2 HM3 R to find a place to order from.
  5. Send me your paypal and I'll send you an even 50. Edit: payment sent. This thread is now closed.
  6. I really only want 1 pack and don't want multiple people saying I owe them money for packs. So I'm not sure how to handle this other than: If you pick up a pack post it here with your price. ($50 bucks should cover your cost?) I'm only looking to add shipping and paypal cost so anyone looking to get rich need not apply.
  7. If anyone is going to striper day I'd love a pack of these. I believe they 5 pack is $40 at the show and I'll obviously pay shipping and paypal fees. The buyer of these at the would be entered to win a Lamiglas rod which im not inrerested in so making this purchase for me would get you entered basically for free. If anyone is willing to help me out please comment below and we can arrange payment.
  8. And for the record I never said anyone on this forum was selling anything for such reasons. I was responding to the suggestion that maybe they were selling the reels because credit card bills were rolling in. If you dont see the stupidity of someone having to do that then I don't know what to tell you. You shouldn't run up credit card bills you can't afford to pay and also own Van Staal at the same time.
  9. Not being stupid enough to spend $700 on a fishing reel when I'm not sure if I can pay my mortgage next month doesn't make me holier than anyone. It makes me not an idiot.
  10. I often see season old (used) VR reels in the bst going for more than you can buy brand new when you factor in 15% off, no tax, and free shipping. I always want to say something but its against the rules. It's known that people got vr reels for 20% off too. Then you factor people who take them apart and have damn clue what they are doing. God only knows what goes on with some of them reels.
  11. That was my point of reevaluating life goals. If I had such a thin buffer I wouldn't be buying Van Staal reels. If I was out of work a year I wouldn't need to sell my reels.
  12. If you need to sell your personal items to pay your bills and you have a Van Staal fishing reel I think you should reevaluate your life goals. I don't mean "you" specifically. Just a general statement.
  13. I'm going to withdraw my $100 offer thanks.