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  1. These companies aren't stupid. When they are faced with more and more people switching to internet only they will just keep reducing the data caps and slam you with overages because they know your streaming tv and movies. They are not going to sit back and feed you the internet service required to replace the services they used to sell you. Not only that all those kodi type free streaming servies days are numbered. It definitely won't be around for ever.
  2. This reminds me. I need to get belts for my drive wheels. Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 28-in Three-stage Gas Snow Blower Self-propelled
  3. It clearly says that right in the op that you quoted. It was posted on the 10th and says it expires "tomorrow" which was the 11th. Today is the 12th...
  5. I don't know if I have abnormally short legs but my emerges boot foot waders always hurt my bunch my nuts and also collect a ton of sand at the top of the boots. I'm about 5'9" and wear a 10.5 shoe so that put me in size 11 boot either a large or XL The XL were wayyyyy too big and the large aren't too overly loose when wearing base layers but the lengthy is way off for me.
  6. I got a shipping confirmation. It will arrive at my house Wednesday.
  7. J&H just charged my card today for my August order but I still don't have a shipping number. Either he just got some in or he have confirmation they are on the way because he never charged my cards until items shipped to me.
  8. I bought this 70 pint dehumidifier new from home depot to help dry my house out after hurricane sandy. It works great but I have no use for it any more. The photo is when it was new. It's a bit dusty now from being in the garage. Asking $100 or maybe some lures that would add up to about that much. I'm open to other trades so feel free to tell me what you wish to offer. This isn't something that can ship easy duebto size and weight so I'm limiting this to local area or central NJ. I'm in 07758
  9. From what a neighbor told me the house on the corner of my street has swinger parties.
  10. At least you're not that guy who put his reel in a pot of water and started cranking. Yes that was me being an idiot lol... When i get my vr50 I'm throwing it the pool and leaving it there until spring.
  11. This morning about an hour ago I heard what i was sure to be a plow going down the road. I saw this post about snow and just assumed yup we got snow... I finally made my way to the front door just now and looked and no snow. I don't know what I heard but I guess it was someone dragging a garbage can.
  12. Hello van staal, I just tried to take apart my 1 minute old reel with zero mechanical skills for no reason at all other than being an internet hero and I destroyed my reel. I demand a new one. Over night please.
  13. Smh.
  14. Fair enough scoob but the thread was specifically to determine if the reel was malfunctioning and it was answered. I was not looking to debate casting distances of level winders. I unlocked the thread but I don't wish to be notified about the debate so any replied will be ignored on my end. Thanks
  15. I never once mentioned anything about drag? I was talking about casting, free spool, clutch engaged the whole time. I just wanted to know if it was a broken reel or normal behavior. That was answered so I'm closing this thread.