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  1. What say you Doorgunner? What are the temps now in August?
  2. I can only quote scientifically observed temperatures...i have no doubt that 70° water is a shock to the system to us land based animals. I don't know if I'd scream about it though, because I've splashed into the frigid spring waters of Action Park
  3. Usgs has Raritan bay at keansburg recently bottoming out at 27°C/80.6°F .gov is ok to post, right?
  4. Yup...from what i ive been told, our Jersey coastal waters are warmest in mid to late September (not early August) and 70°+ water is hardly an optimal water temperature for stripers
  5. Well right here in New Jersey according to news12 traffic and weather and noaa...25Celsius=77 Fahrenheit
  6. Well with ocean temps in the mid to upper 70's i would think there's a good chance that it's the start of the doldrums...would a sustained southern wind at this time cause upwelling and cool down the coastal waters? If not, it could be a late fall run
  7. I decided to hit the bay again, today. Same bay spot same bay time as yesrday 1300-1530; I got skunked. There was much less bait, nothing harassing it, and the water was browner than it was yestday. I saw 1 small fluke caught on killies...Today there were a lot of needlefish or pipe fish on the surface; I dont know the difference. Plus a handful of those terps swimming around.
  8. Considering people are seeing evidence of littoral life -calicos, sand eels, resident summer stripers.... How much longer until the next round of beach replenishment in MoCo?...a bunch of rocks are starting to show themselves. Im sure as soon as life gets a hold in the area, it'll get buried again....
  9. 1300-1530 around the turn of the incoming Raritan Bay. Caught a 15" bluefish (idk what those s sized blues are called) on a kastmaster. There was a lot of peanut bunker in the area getting harassed, mostly by micro snappers, and to my surprise, by some of those 15 inchers. I didn't know what i was going after. I just wanted to do fishing; i figured fluke or snappers. I threw a bucktail, pink fluke on a jig, a chatter bait, then kastmaters of various sizes from 1/4-1oz. I caught the blue on the 1oz
  10. I spoke too soon because it looks like they don't do testing anymore....It was the agricultural department. they still do soil testing....their site has a pdf list of water testing facilities in Jersey.
  11. Annnd at one time, Atlantic Sturgeon were one the of the main sources of caviar....even more more specially, Big D sturgeon...i wanted to start a new thread, quoting you but that's above my skillset.
  12. I have a 7' CherrywoodHD baitcater $20 paired with a abu Garcia ambassadeur 5500 ....ive been able to easily control stripers up to 32" in a flowing river with that only complaint is that the guides are all metal and braided line puts grooves into the top guide.... I bought the rod specifically for fishing hollow body frogs. It has a solid backbone, a real cork handle, but the guides are lame. I'd like to replace them with braid-friendly guides but i fear i would totally mess up the blank. My cheapest =free. My brother gave me a baitcater 7' fast action/ medium power St Croix Triumph...I've skated-in 28" stripers with it but when casting any lures over an once it feels like I'm going to snap the top 1/4 of the rod.
  13. There might in central Jersey, Rutgers University will test water samples
  14. Way to go kiddo! You look happy! .....maybe you can teach me something. What is a salmon rod? "Freshwater" rods that i often use for saltwater are 6'6" medium + heavy and 7' medium or light + heavy baitcating rods.
  15. Do they come in with any size to them? Like porgies, all I've ever seen or caught were sandwich sized fish...stuff under 10inches Id like to know more about these fish.