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  1. We always spend some of our stay in Playa Hermosa which is just north of Playa Coco. We prefer the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica the most. The surf is calmer than in the south, so snorkeling is great. Also the tour company we like the best in CR (Mardigi Tours) is centered near Liberia and services the northern resorts areas. Playa Coco has the only bait and tackle shop I know of in Costa Rica. It's called Coco's Fishing Supply right near the Hard Rock Café.
  2. I'm not the best for identifying night life locations. The wife and I have been married for 28 years and very rarely go to a bar, even when on vacation. Gobigblue's suggestion of Tamarindo is pretty good. Jaco, on the Pacific coast, has more night life than the other towns we have visited. There are casinos, bars, plenty of shopping and Carara National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park are a short drive away. Jaco is known for its surfing, the surf is quite ruff so swimming in Jaco isn't the greatest and can sometimes be downright dangerous, but there are a few calmer beaches within a short drive north at Playa Herradura. Fishing the rocky areas to the north and south are pretty good. There is also a small river that enters the north end of the beach and it has a small cove behind the beach with a deep channel to the ocean, I have caught a number of fish in the channel and the cove, mostly grunts and trash fish, but I'm told bigger fish do come in there. I have not been able to surf cast Jaco, the water is too ruff, I can't hold bottom and lures are almost impossible to fish there as well. Great charters can be taken from the marina on the north end of Playa Herradura. If you have the time and money I would suggest at least a full day offshore charter for billfish and a half day inshore charter for big jacks and Roosterfish. Sorry it took so long to respond. I haven't been online in a while.
  3. I'm 53 and broke a rib last summer. It took about 6 weeks for the pain to go away but it would still twinge if I exerted myself too much for about another 4 weeks. I was fishing places where I could just drop the baits down in a month, but I was not targeting larger fish. I started casting without pain in about 8 weeks, but it took almost 4 months before I could surf cast again.
  4. I remember building a few serious forts in the woods. Filled with Playboy magazines stolen from our fathers. LOL
  5. Maybe, I knew civics were not being taught in school, but didn't go into great depth into the all areas of constitution. My biggest disappointment in him was his failure to do as I taught him his whole life. Any time you see, hear or read something that could effect your opinion on a topic always do some research before you form an opinion. A single source of information will always result in failure to have all the facts and will likely result in looking foolish when discussing the topic. If he did some research he would have not looked so foolish.
  6. There are many sites that are trustworthy and the information can be trusted, especially when looking for educational information, but there are also a multitude of sites that are just plain crap. The more the site is pushing an agenda the less it can be trusted. These sites at the very least lie by omission, but some outright promote false information. Unfortunately, these are the sites that youths seem to gravitate to. My youngest, a college indoctrinated liberal, had absolutely no clue about the constitution, the election process and the electoral college. After the last election all his information was gathered on the web and most of it was incorrect dogma crap. It took me sever months to undo the damage these sites and his college contacts caused. I didn't try to change his political opinion, just teach him the truth about the constitution and the political process. Now that he has been properly educated, by me, he can now debate his opinion intelligently. I still don’t agree with his position on many topics, but he learned a lesson on how utterly foolish he looked by swallowing the lefts cool aid.
  7. I have had conversations with my parents and grandmother on this topic. My parents say they thought the Hippies of the sixties would be the end of the world. My grandmother said that the kids of the 50s were out of their minds with the junk the were thinking. I think every generation has their issues with kids thinking differently than the parents. The difference today is that these kids have access to information around the world almost instantly and they think the web is smarter than their parents. We have little time to teach our children anything before the web teaches them.
  8. Fishing for more almost 50 years and only had a handful of times I was spooled. I use braid on 12 rods. I just can't bring myself to spend the cash to fully fill the reels with braid. I load 300 yards on the surf rods and 150 on the others with mono base. If a fish is spooling you the difference of having more braid on the reel will still result in an empty spool and lost fish. If the argument is that you can go up in line class to prevent the spooling, at which point is that impractical? At some point the line is stronger than the equipment it's on. Sure the line may not break, but the rod and/or reel will.
  9. I visit Costa Rica for several weeks every other year. We will be down there for 26 days in July/August this year. Two weeks of it will be in Playa Hermosa. The rest will be in the interior doing the wife’s thing of jungle trekking to photo everything she can find. The surf on the Pacific side of Costa Rica can be very different depending on where you are. There are some places where the surf is like the Gulf Coast of Florida and others where it’s like Oahu’s north shore in Hawaii and everything in between. You will need to bring everything you need, I only know of one tackle shop, located in Playa Coco, and it’s geared to the charter guys. So, if you don’t bring it, you will do without. Each beach will have a sandy area bordered north and south with rocky areas. I have found the rocky areas the best to fish. For lures, my favorite are pencil poppers in mackerel or dorado colors. Floating hard and soft swim baits also work well in the same colors but keep in mind that the rocky areas will snag those in short order if you fish them deep. I have used Rat L Traps with success, but I have lost several of those. In a few places I have gone for a swim to get my lures back. Jigs also work well in just about any shrimp color. One word of caution, if you try to bring gulp shrimp into the country they sometimes confiscate it, mostly the big tubs. Not sure why, maybe they think it's real and take it, like they would fruit or meat. I get the smaller containers and stuff it full of the baits and minimize the liquid. If you want to use live or cut bait you will need to catch your own. You can get seafood in some grocery stores that can be used as bait, like Calamari, shrimp and clams. I mostly use fish bites in shrimp, clam and crab flavors. This will catch fish that can be used for bait. For rods I take a 13’ surf rod for the high surf areas, a 7’ medium heavy, a 6’ medium and a 9’ fly rod. I have caught few fish from the beach good for eating. The best has been Permit from the sandy beach areas and grunts from the rocky areas. Although I did catch one 25” Dorado once from the rocks on the north side of Playa Hermosa. I have never caught a roosterfish from the beach, but Jacks and Black Fin Tuna can show up from time to time. I always do a full day inshore charter my first day and tell the captain I want to fish for food first. Dorado, Grouper and Snapper are usually easy to catch. After I have enough to feed us I switch to targeting the fun stuff. The best times to fish are dawn and dusk. That works great for me because my wife is rarely up before 8:00 and by then the bite has stopped. Hope this helps.
  10. I've been visiting the OBX for about 40 years and 30 of those as a driver. I've never experienced a traffic stop as a passenger or driver. I can say that I have experienced traffic stops in the beach towns of Delaware. I once got a ticket for doing 29 in a 25 zone (in Millville) and my father-in-law got one for doing 27 in a 25 (in Bethany Beach). I just paid my fine, but my father-in-law went to court to fight his. He was told that the word "Limit" is limiting and even if you are 1 mile per hour over you are in violation. He also brought up the possibility that speedometers were inaccurate by a few miles per hour. He was told to get his vehicle checked and if it's in error have it repaired. In the end he had to pay the fine and court costs. It appears to anger those behind me, but when I'm in coastal or rural communities, anywhere, I do not go over the posted speed limit. Even if 25 mph seems foolish on 3 mile perfectly straight stretch, of a 4 lane road, like the one in Dagsboro DE.
  11. I built rod holders out of white PVC trim and mounted it to the ceiling and sides of my cap. I travel 18 hours to Tampa and 7 hours to the Outer Banks at least once a year and 2.5 hours to Assateague Island many times. This truck is 2WD and has 160k miles on it and I'm looking to replace it. I want something 4WD and more towing capacity. The wife wants an extended cab. Unfortunately I'm in a quandary because only an 8 foot bed cap can fit 7' rods on the ceiling. A truck with 4WD + extended cab + 8 foot bed is one long darn truck. It seems foolish to by the longer bed just to store some 7' poles, so I'm considering other options.
  12. I started with the SQL15 and I still use one on my other Prevail rod. I have said many times that a lot of fisherman overcast. Only when targeting Stripers and Blues in the fall or Bull Reds does trying to clear the bar matter. Most fish are in the slough between the drop and the bar. My biggest Black drum was caught only about 30 yards from the beach on a squid head. Most of fishing in the summertime are short casts. The weather and tides will make my decision. On Saturday 12/30 both high tides will be near day break and sunset. So weather permitting I plan to go then. I live in Havre de Grace and occasionally practice from the lighthouse pier. Because of the pilings you can't do a true pendulum cast, but you can still get the full extension of the rod loaded. I don't really do a full pendulum cast anyway. I've spent too many years casting spinning rods overhand. I tore my Biceps mussel on my left arm a year before last and it has taken me a while get the strength back. It's surprising how much pressure you put on both arms when surf casting. I'll PM you once the time gets closer. Also, if you want to meet up in Havre de Grace to practice off the pier maybe we can do that. No fish to catch there but plenty of open water and it's a lot closer than Assateague.
  13. I line up the bottom of the bait (on a drum rig) or the Sinker (on a dropper loop) with the reel. If the beach has a steep rise I will line them up with the first guide.
  14. Sorry having computer issues. I deleted the duplicate
  15. Penn Prevail 12' Surf Casting rod (PRESF2040C12) and a Penn Squall lever drag (SQL30LD) reel. I plan to replace the rod with a Battalion or Carnage but I'm waiting for the Prevail rod to break first. It has lasted far longer than I expected it to.