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  1. I did get shut out, but they got such rave reviews I thought that I would like to try .... Unless you are planning to make more ...
  2. Care to share the recipe in case I get a keeper this spring ...
  3. Burple ? I have never seen burple swim shads. Did you paint some of your white ones ?
  4. Nice going ... Bet that Gator destroyed your swim shad ...
  5. I wouldn't cut all the hair off at once. You will end up with a big birds nest of bucktail hair. You could do that if you cut off as you use it and put it back in the freezer. This way the cut ends are all aligned along the cut edge and it is easy to tie on. Its too much trouble to try to align the hairs afterwards and all the hairs that are not aligned may not be locked down by the thread. As a result, your flies or bucktails will shed a lot of hair ...
  6. Wow, that is an great Idea. I hate deboning them, especially if they are ripe ..
  7. Nice tip .. I have harvested a few ripe ones ...
  8. Great, thanks for the tip I use spinning reels but I will give it a try ...
  9. Thanks for the info ... I got to try that LDP method of yours
  10. Roddy, Nice job with the Northbars. I just picked one up this winter to try out. Do you load the Northbars ? I was wondering what you mean by LDP style fishing.
  11. I heard there is also a population of Flathead catfish that can be a contributing factor.
  12. There is a similar story in John Skinner's book. He was fishing live eels at night and caught a 28 lb striper with a bluefish tail sticking out of its mouth. It turned out to be a 2.5 lb Bluefish that completely blocked its throat. The Striper still went after the eel even though it had a 2.5 lb Bluefish stuck in its throat and would not have been able to swallow the eel because its throat was blocked. That really says a lot about fishing eels...
  13. MoCo in the back 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM Nothing but weeds... Moved to the beach out front 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM Water looked good, but nothing biting. Another Skunking .....
  14. 7 inch Redfin loaded with 10 ml of Mineral Oil. The Redfin should still float with the lip parallel to the surface of the water.
  15. Sounds like perfect conditions for a loaded Redfin. Reel it in really slow and it will make a wake on the surface. Killer...