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  1. That is exaxtly what I do, I just take a candle and rub it onto the male side of the ferrule. Never had any problems after applying the wax. It works like a lubricant that does not dry up. The wax layer keeps it from jamming in too tight and also works to prevent tip from coming off when you cast, if you ever had that problem Additionally, good tip is to try to remove the butt cap to allow pressure inside the blank to equalize. If you cant get it off then drill a small hole in the butt cap as mentioned by another poster. This should make a big difference to help you to be able to disconnect the 2 pieces.
  2. Will, Thanks for the Notes. All great information. I have read about a lot of the information in the past, but I think that the most important part of the seminar is how it was all put together and the method of planning your trips based on all those bits and pieces that you may have heard about before. I definitely should plan better based on wind, tide and moon and all the other variables, but family obligations don't give me the option to go whenever I want.
  3. I was at DJ Muellers Seminar and enjoyed that one the most. I also liked Fred and Petes presentation a lot. I didn't take any notes, could you pm your note from DJ Muellers seminar?
  4. Sorry for your loss RIP I'm In
  5. I'm in Thanks
  6. God Bless Mary Thank You
  7. One of my coworkers went out on a night bluefish party boat trip many years back and brought his catch to a smokehouse. They will take the Bluefish smoke them for free ( they just keep a cut of the catch ). Anyway, he brought some into work and it was delicious...
  8. Lakers are Freshwater, I am not aware of any freshwater shrimp around here. My guess is some kind of insect larvae, maybe larval nymph of some type
  9. Lakers are Freshwater, I am not aware of any freshwater shrimp around here. My guess is some kind of insect larvae, maybe larval nymph of some type
  10. It was the best to see the Tarpon take my shad right in front of me and now I want another shot at them ... Unfortunately, I only found out about this spot on my last fishable day
  11. It was awesome, I found a beach in Grand Cayman where there is a fish market right on the Beach. They clean the fish and dump the fish guts and skins in the water. there were 20 or so 4 ft long tarpon swimming around the beach waiting to be fed. I cast out a 4 inch tsunami Shad and had one follow right up to the rock I was standing on, I sped up the retrieve and a little and it hit right in front of me. I swear that Tarpon ran off 60 yds in 2 seconds and went airborne.... then it was over. Couldn't get a bite after that. Have to get there early before the fish are full.
  12. Wow, That is a beauty ... Did you get a measurement or weight ..
  13. We had a pretty good run of bluefish In New Jersey this spring in the Bay. Mixed sizes from Cocktails up to around 12 pounds. Some larger. Lots of snappers and Cocktails in October. Didn't see any at all after October ...
  14. I took some 4 inch Tsunami Shads and 4 inch Storm shads with me to Grand Cayman this summer. I noticed that the Tsunami Shads swim much better than the Storm Shads. The Storm Shads tended to roll out in current, while the Tsunami shads tracked much better wihout rolling out. side note: Hooked nice Barracuda and Tarpon with Tsunami Shad. Didn't land them, but thats another story... Barracuda cut me off right away ... Got the swim shad back, Barracuda hit right in front of me in about 2 ft of water in canal. Saw the swim shad in the water and fished it out with a deadly dick. Tarpon ran offf about 60 yds real quick and then took to the air and shook the hook.
  15. Cold water holds more oxygen thatn warm water. I don't think thath they died because of a lack of Oxygen Got this from google .. Cold water can hold more dissolved oxygen than warm water and fresh water can hold more dissolved oxygen than salt water. So the warmer and saltier the water, the less dissolved oxygen there can be. ..