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  1. When I first saw your post, I assumed that you were up near Cape Cod or something I didn't realize that there was any bass of size still around these waters so late into summer. I thought that there would be only resident school bass around until fall. Now I know better.. Thanks ... Congratulations on a great catch. that's a beautiful fish ..
  2. MoCo Out Front Last night 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM I brought out my lite steelhead rod, hoping to have some fun with the small blues. Unfortunately,there was no signs of activity when I arrived. I tried casting a DD and a Diamond Jig for about an hour to no avail. So I swithched over heavier tackle and tried soaking bunker chunks. Had a couple hits, but mostly just losing my bait. Ended up with one small skate to end the night.
  3. Snapper Blues anywhere between 6 inches and 12 inches What is a Chicken Blue ? MoCo Out Front Last Night 6:30 to 8:30 PM Walked out onto the beach to see Birds working about 100 Yards to the North. Ran out there and started casting a DD into the Frenzy. I could see the Peanuts jumping out of the water but I could not get them to bite. After about 15 Minutes I snapped off my DD on a bad cast. Tied on a smaller DD and that finally worked. Caught a small 6 inch snapper. followed them down the beach a bit and was able to land 2 more and missed a few too. Largest snapper was around 12 inches
  4. cool .. I grew up on Raritan Bay and have heard about Sturgeon in Raritan Bay long back but never actually seen one.
  5. I have had problems with dropper loops in the past so I use a swivel and tie everything with a Palomar knot. The Palomar knot is very strong and lately I have been leaving a long tag end on the leader palomar knot and using it for the teaser. I have been using it for Stripers and have lifted a 33 inch striper on the teaser, that was probably near 15# without any problems. Works great for me ...
  6. I am new to eel skin plugs but I rigged an eel skin on a black eye SS Popper but I was told to put a small zip tie on the tail before adding the eel skin to prevent the tail snagging on the belly. Seems to work ok and has a nice action, but has not produced any fish for me yet. I also put a large eelskin on a large Gibbs Bottle Plug, I used the same method with the zip tie. The only issue is that sometimes the treble hook snags on the eelskin near the neck of the lure. I attached the treble with just a single split ring. The eelskin was from a big eel and is kind of a loose fit and I am wondering if that is why the treble is snagging on the neck of the lure on the eelskin. I like your tip about taking off the treble hook before storing the eelskin plugs. My trebles are starting to rust.... Any tips are greatly appreciated Thanks ..
  7. ^^^ This exactly for in the car.. I have a pair of the regular transitions and a pair of polarized grey tint sunglasses for Driving and general outdoor use. The regular transitions are ok but don't cut it when driving east into the sunrise. Did you guys ever notice that Transitions are temperature sensitive? They get darker in cold weather. You can test this by splashing some cold water on your transitions whey you are out in the sun. You will get dark spots on your transitions where the lenses got cooled by the water
  8. Thanks for the info .. Much Appreciated ..
  9. Going down to Myrtle Beach 2nd week of July. I thought that I read that Shark Fishing from beach is prohibited and people that try will get harassed by local officials. Additionally, Do you need to get a fishing license to fish salt water down there? What can I expect to catch early July at Myrtle.
  10. I can fish my loaded Redfins in shallow water that I cannot use my sp minnows or bombers. They don't cast very well unless you load them, but they are fine after loading and you can still leave a wake on the surface. Great action at a very slow retrieve ..
  11. How does the Hydro Minnow compare to a Loaded Redfin ?
  12. Awesome catch, Congrats...
  13. Last night MoCo out front 6::15 to 10:30 PM all calm on the ocean front. Light southeast wind, calm water, no bait, no birds and no bites. I saw a bait guy get a small fluke and a Skate. Otherwise it was like the dead sea ...
  14. Damn... You are on a Hot Streak ... save some for the rest of us ... Congrats ...