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  1. MoCo 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM Walked out onto the Jetty at low tide and nobody was there but me. Looked out over the water and there were what looked like Adult Bunker or Shad breaking water right in front of me. So I start casting with my loaded Redfin and nothing ... One of the locals walks up and tells me that they are Stripers. Small Stripers and catches one with a small plastic curly tail lure. After a while, I started getting them on my teaser. After about 7 Shorts I switched over to a rigged eel to see if there was anything bigger around. After about 10 minutes, I reeled in half of a riggie... Damn Spiney Dogs... I tried a few more cast with the eel tin with half an eel. 2 cast later I feel like I picked up some weed on my Riggie.. After I reeled it in, I go to clear what looked like a plastic bag off my teaser. It was no plastic bag ... It was a squid ... Later on, I saw another guy get a Spiney Dogfish on a bomber ... Finished out the night with 2 more Short Stripers and called it a night.
  2. Way to go .. Nice Fish, Earlier on you posted that you were thinking of trying out back. Was this fish out back or in Front ?
  3. Some of those hooks are kinda rusty Looks like you pulled the weighted hooks out of some old visions... The shape is similar to visions too... Did you make a mold out of an old vision?
  4. MoCo Last night 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM Light Variable winds less than 5 knots from the Southwest eventually clocking over to the Northwest. Clear mostly calm water with intermittent swells over 1 ft. Saw people catching short stripers as I was walking on to the Jetty. Seemed to be a steady pick of shorts most of the tide. I didn't fare as well as others. I tried loaded bomber, small and medium sized sp minnow, 4 inch swim shad, SS Bottle Plug, 7 inch redfin. Finally did get one little one on the teaser. I switched over to an eel tin with rubber eel hoping for something bigger. That lasted for about 10 minutes, and ended up with half an eel, nipped off just below the trailer hook. Didn't see any blues all night, just short stripers. Wonder if it could have been a spiny dogfish. still hoping for something bigger, I switched back to the 7 inch loaded redfin and eventually picked up 2 more shorts on the teaser. don't think that I saw any stripers over 24 inches, most were under 20 inches, some were about the size of a big Shad.
  5. If I pulled out a big snag like that with a large Burple SP Minnow, I definately would not leave it there in the snag ...
  6. MoCo Last night 8:40 PM to 11:40 PM Fished the tail end of the outgoing tide. Water was pretty calm but the winds shifted from North West to North East while I was out there. super Moon on Sunday so water was very low and the moon was very bright. Saw my Moon-shadow last night. I didn't even need my lamp. Did not see any bait in the water or any signs of activity. Fished Sp minnows, Tins with rubber tail, Loaded Redfin, swim shads. Finally around low tide I picked up a short striper, probably about 20 inches on my teaser.
  7. Nice Find... I cant imagine someone else pulling out the crab trap and leaving the 2 sp minnows. Cant go wrong with the Burple and the red and white looks to have some good Mojo...
  8. MoCo 4:30 to 8:30. Big Waves, Clean water, no fish ... wasn't having any luck today with the big waves. Tried bucktails, SS Needlefish, SS Bottle, SS Zig Zag, sp minnow and a tin with a rubber tail. Had something on for about 10 sec, but ended up wet, cold and skunked
  9. I'm In Thanks
  10. Got a keeper that had 3 partially digested fish in her belly. Not quite sure what they are but I'm guessing that they are peanuts
  11. looks like a Ling to me. Guy catching spiny dogfish next to me on Friday pulled up a dogfish with one of these Ling in its mouth.... He was fishing with Bunker Chunks
  12. Always like meeting fellow SOL members. Pleasure meeting you too ...
  13. MoCo 7 PM to 10 PM Beautiful Night Picked up 2 shorts on SP Minnow later switched to 7-inch redfin and got a Keeper. Guy next to me was soaking bunker and caught about 10 Spiny Dogfish. Otherwise pretty quiet night.
  14. This one look worse than the previous one ...
  15. Do any of you guys add split rings to you eel tins? If you do add split rings, what size do you use? I was wondering if the snap swivel that I was using may have been impeding the action of the eel tin.