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  1. Thanks ReelinRod. I have sent your info forward. Since he does not live in the immediate area, it may be a while before we get some feedback. Don
  2. Thanks FlatWing, It looks very good from Google Earth. Not sure as to the availability of the field or services. I did notice a small group of stores(?) at one end. I will forward the location to an acquaintance who lives in that area. I'm informed the old area that was previously used, now sports a tall stand of corn. I live a little to fat away to check on the field myself.
  3. Hi FlatWing Could you narrow the location down from 5 miles from the one they used to use. An address or GPS coordinates would be great. I will send your information forward. When the tournaments were previously held in NJ, the park rental was $40 per hour and did not include restroom facilities. Kenilworth (DC) by comparison is very inexpensive. The first event this year is scheduled for Riverview Farm Park, Newport News, VA 23602. Thank you, Don
  4. Hi Frazer, It was great meeting you at Kenilworth last year. I will probably attend the November tournament in Kenilworth as COLD weather does not suit me very well. For me, anything less than 65 is chilly. Wishing you the best, Don
  5. Sportcast USA 2018 Tournament Schedule ------------------------------------------------------ April 28 & 29 US Southeast Regional Riverview Farm Park Riverview Pkwy, Newport News, VA 23602 Intersection of Menchville Road and Youngs Road Due to the vague location description, we are providing the GPS location 37° 5'27.85"N 76°31'41.30"W There are several moderately priced hotels in the nearby Newport News area. ------------------------------------------------------ May 19 & 20 US Northeast Regional Kenilworth Athletic Field 4001 Deane Ave NE Washington DC 20019 Due to the vague location description, we are providing the GPS location 38°54'31.64"N 76°57'0.83"W ------------------------------------------------------- Nov 10 & 11 US Nationals Kenilworth Athletic Field ------------------------------------------------------- Dec 1 & 2 US Open Riverview Farm Park -------------------------------------------------------
  6. You may want to consider Daiwa Tournament Monofil. It is carried by Veals. Although the price looks a little high, it includes VAT. When you purchase from the US, the VAT is taken off the price. When I met some folks from Wales, they preferred the Daiwa Tournament Monofil over other brands due to a more consistent line diameter
  7. I also order direct from Sakuma. The lower price I paid compensates for the shipping. The last time I ordered a couple of 1/2 kilo spools, they were out of the size I needed. A 3 lb spool was offered at a reasonable price. Should last a long time.
  8. Hi Roddy, Omoto has factories in both Taiwan and China. Typically, the lower priced reels with higher purchase quantities (minimum order quantity or MOQ) are made in China. Recently I had to pass up a purchase of Chinese made LP reels due to the high MOQ required (600). It would have taken a long time to sell them. They looked nice, but I am not an expert when it comes to LP reels. All my Omoto purchases have been from Taiwan. They build reels for other companies (non manufacturing) under various labels. When we think of Omoto, we normally think of small baitcasters. Today I shipped out an Omoto Poseidon II. It's gold and about the same same size as a Penn International 80. Currently in development is a LP reel that is seawater capable for pier and small boat. Omoto is not limited to fishing reels. They are also manufactures of braided line and fish hooks. Another product manufactured by Omoto are leg braces used to set broken legs and support during athletic events.. To say that I am a brick and mortar shop may be a little misleading. I have a warehouse where reels, reel parts, and thread are stored. I do not conduct retail sales in Hawaii as the competition would not be fair to the shops. Have a great Thanksgiving, Don
  9. Try doing a search on varigated thread and trimar thread The Trimar (by Gudebrod) is now being called Twisted by the China manufacturer. Varigated polyester thread should be available from YLI. (YLI Corp). The below is about 40 wt
  10. Birdnester, There are at least 2 possible reasons (and probably more) that can cause the problem you experienced. Missing part(s) as you experienced. Part number 55 (2 each) that is almost shown on the far right side of the schematic. Theses washers are frequently called Bellevue washers. However part 55 is not a true Bellevue washer as they are typically cone shaped. The most correct name for part 55 is a spring washer. The two washers can fit together in two manners. When the curvature of the washers match, the total width is slightly less than when they oppose. I have noted on some occasions that all spring washers do not have the same curvature. At one point Omoto added an additional washer to the spring washer section. It caused too much pressure on the drag assembly and resulted in not being able reduce the drag to an acceptable level. Don
  11. Hey frazerp, I believe Will Nash will be there. If he is, you will be able to see the top caster in the US in action. Will holds all the official records in the US, and all are over 800 feet. That's a first!
  12. Well, the blanks that I have with the reverse taper handle are rated PE10 and PE12. The handle is still very powerful and you may not recognize any softness when casting. Some of the Lamiglas Tropic Pro blanks had a soft handle and people did not understand the rods (2 pc, 8 foot, 80lb) were designed for boat and pier use. However, these were not reverse taper blanks.
  13. Scoobydoo, Actually, reverse taper blanks are common. On a 10 foot blank with a 70/30 split, the 3 foot handle has a reverse taper. For the ferrule, the male section is on the tip and has a taper that narrows toward the bottom end of the tip. The female section on the handle has a taper that matches to the tip section. For greatest strength, the reel seat slides from the butt up onto the ferrule and reinforces the ferrule. The reel seat can also be attached at a lower point when a shorter handle is desired. So why is a reverse taper desired? When fishing from a boat or pier, It helps to protect the tip when a fish is in close and the tip is stressed, The reverse taper handle will bend a little extra to take some of the pressure off the tip. It sounds like you are ready to explore catapults and trebuchets.
  14. JD, Is this for fishing or competitive casting? Don
  15. JD, John Holden is very good and is always good to review periodically. Don