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  1. Just gave it a good shot out back in ocean county. Haven’t been able to get out much lately with work and a back that’s all out of wack lately gotta muscle near my shoulder blade that’s giving me fits when trying to cast and fish but oh well. Bunker city out there snagged three but all much to large to live line with my bay rod. No luck on any life’s tryed all your typical options. Bunker were jumping as if they were being chased by something but no luck for me!
  2. Wednesday and Thursday finally broke my skunk with three shorities each night. Nothing to right home about with the biggest pushing 20”. Was crowded both nights even with the rain on Wednesday, thought for sure I’d be he only one out
  3. Damn nice fish everybody! Pics are really getting me excited. Started out front this morning 530-7 but water was very dirty and south wind was hard. Was very difficult to make a decent presentation. After that skunking took a look out back and found equally dirty water and the same amount of fish lol. Hopefully give it another shot in the dark tonight if conditions permit
  4. Turning the water on to an ocean front house this morning, took a peak out bag and some decent bird action just outside the bar. Really made me want to get out there
  5. 5-7 outfront for low tide after work caught my second skunk of the year. Heavy west wind and not much water to work with. Did find a nice looking pencil popper amidst a tangled mess though
  6. Finally got out for the first time this year this afternoon. Was going to go alone out front but my little man (3yr old) was begging to go with me so I changed plans and went to a much more popular and crowded back bay spot where I knew he’d be more comfortable. Nothing for me but saw a couple schoolies landed, but had plenty of fun climbing around and pretending to make lures talk lol
  7. Going to give it a shot tomorrow, first trip of the year and I don’t expect to see any yet
  8. Hmm I fish krocs a lot and I never noticed those differences, only ever noticed that some are sold with a swivel and others just that ring on there. I always preferred the ones with the swivel.
  9. Yes they have this sale every year around this time
  10. First gator last year was 4/18 was my 5th outing
  11. Krocodiles are my all time bluefish lure but better from the beach in calm conditions. Never was into kastmasters for whatever reason but if distance is an issue a diamond jig would be my second choice
  12. 26" or so didn't measure, at night in August in an inlet from shore on a havoc freshwater swim bait . Pretty disappointing year for me
  13. Love your posts always super interesting. Safe travels!
  14. Skunk out front this morning for me also, fished a jetty that held a couple shorts few days ago but nothing biting today. I hope to get out again before spring but with the forecast and holidays idk!!!
  15. Skunk this afternoon, covered a lot of ground not much to work with being low tide. Had bunker in close for about an hour before dark but nothing on them