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  1. A commercial king mackerel guy here said I should use a sea witch with a plainer + strip bait. I use artificials only... can you rig a sea witch without bait? How do you get it say 20 ft down? Can I use a sea witch with a spoon? Etc... i.e some ideas to start off with...
  2. Thanks youngsalt for another thoughtful & helpful post. My legend is a great rod, I’ve caught plenty on it, but have yet to bring in a really big fish on it, 17 lb snook is the heaviest this one has seen. The 8’ inshore rods have seen 60 lb sharks but I’m guessing they will be too long, I’ll take one out as a second rod when my kayak is ready to see - should be Monday hopefully. Probably the heavy tidemaster for trolling? Someone here said a conventional rod might work well since I can lean it on the kayak if I need to, fighting a bigger fish, can’t do that with a spinning rig. You’re right of course I should try all this out first before investing in anything new. which crowder rod did you get for kingfish? Conventional or spinning? I’ll be using lures only so it would be useful to know what weight these can handle. The legend comfortably goes up to 1 1/2 oz, my tidemaster goes to 3 oz - the heaviest I throw off the beach. FWIW I’m not worried about my reels, I have a VR 150 and a VR 125, both can handle pretty much anything I’m likely to catch.
  3. I quit being a musician, & did pro audio for several decades, now I fish 30 hours a week. Final nail for this life change was selling my much loved, but unused the last 2 years, handmade German and Austrian mics for a fair amount. So I bought a fishing kayak and have left over funds for another rod. I actually have a good inshore rod but figured I should add a dedicated heavier rod for the big ones. I’ve no experience with conventional rods & reels. Looking to spend $200-300 max. By big ones I mean in the 40-80 lb range...maybe. I’m in SE Florida. Tarpon, Cobia, Barracuda etc. My current (spinning) inshore rods are MH 8’ St Croix Avid, H 8’ Tidemaster, and MH 7’6” Legend tournament - that last one is what I’ll be using for now. Kayak is 12’ Hobie Outback. or maybe I don’t need a conventional rod?
  4. Thanks so much for the tips - just what I was after. I’ve kayaked quite a bit, and fished pretty much full time the last 2 years but combining them will be a challenge. Talked to some folks here and have decided to get a gaff. Some recommended a club. These waters get very sharky in the summer - frankly if I hook a big one I’m cutting the line right away. Got my pfd from a ways back, works well though I’ll have to see if it is comfortable kayaking in the heat. I’ll ll try trolling with misc plugs, spoons and bucktails and see how it goes. Why would you need a diving knife?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to go out to really find out I suppose. How big do kings get in TX?
  6. Hello, I figured I'd gather some collected wisdom here. I've not fished off a boat before except for a party boat and a short stint on a crappy kayak in Delaware bay. I just got a kayak and am preparing it for the ocean. I'm 1/4 mile from the beach in SE Florida, about 5 miles North of Sebastian Inlet. I've a few questions: Apparently trolling the reef, which is a few hundred meters off the beach here, is very productive for misc fish including king Mackerel. Not sure how to do this. Off the beach I use my own bucktails and spoons, some plugs and poppers. Can I troll a spoon? a bucktail? Tipped or bare? Or should I stick to swimming plugs? What kind? Or …what? Also for jigging I have my own bucktails, smiling bill, popeye, ultra minnow, and banana in 1/5- 1 1/2 oz range, and can make more of course. Do I need anything heavier? The depth is around 40’ I have been told. Rods: I use a 7 1/2’ MH inshore rod for high tide and calm surf, otherwise I have 2 8’ inshore rods, one heavy and one MH (+ a 10’ surf rod) I assume the short MH will be fine, what about the 8’ ones? The kayak is 12’. Do I really need a fish finder? The reef is close in and runs for many miles parallel to this barrier island. I suppose I can mark locations on my phone. Net? Gaff? I'm going for misc fish species but first on the list is king mackerel. I am quite sure I'll be hit on by sharks, though I'm not at all interested. Apparently Dolphin are in close - not sure if that is an accurate report. I have and use plastic fish grips which work for the biggest fish I've caught off the beach - up to 40” - will this suffice? Anchor: I have one, 3lbs with 60’ of rope. Necessary or no? I'd like to run lean, a few plugs etc and very little else. Thanks for any wisdom on this.
  7. That’s what I heard, mutton snapper, also dolphin apparently are in very close for some reason.
  8. I tried some this morning: the revolution was nice but felt a bit tippy compared to the others. The PA was too heavy. Nice, stable, but too heavy for me to easily get onto a roof rack and felt just a bit unwieldy. I liked both the compass and the outback. I preferred the steering on the compass and it felt a bit more nimble than the outback, but I did not like the lack of reverse on the drive and the drive adjustments were finicky compared to the outback. The outback was was much more comfortable than the compass, easy to change the seat position and the drive adjustment was better, also reverse... so I’m springing for that one. Here are the options I’m adding which they will install for free if I get them all at once: Red 2018 outback Rectangular hatch + bucket insert Large fish bag Articulated rod holder extension Turbo fins Drive leash Steering knob? Beach wheels Hook2 5 splitshot fishfinder Ill be initially wheeling it the 1/4 mile to my beach and going out to the two reefs close by shore here, something like 200 and 300 meters out, so not too far, but way out of my casting range! Right now I’ve been seeing king mackerel jumping out there. Sometimes these will venture close to shore apparently but I’ve never seen one caught the last two years I’ve been here, nor heard of anyone catching them off the surf here, so I’m looking forward to trolling for these between the two reefs. I’m thinking I’ll need a net and a gaff and hoping my 7 1/2 ft MH inshore rod will suffice for now. I have a heavy 8’ inshore rod but it might be a bit unwieldy?
  9. And another right wing circle jerk. Don’t you people have anything better to do?
  10. Strange that this is now a part fo this thread. Have any of you hooked a shark in a kayak? Frankly that’s my least anticipated moment, but here it is quite a likely scenario. I’ve lost a dozen poppers the last year to sharks, even the small ones are monstrously strong, I can easily see myself towed for miles.
  11. I’m 6’, 175. Here are the issues most significant to my situation: Length. I can probably fit a 12’ in my Prius with the end hanging out and the seats down. Don’t want a trailer unless absolutely necessary. I can wheel the kayak to my beach 1/4 mile, and a launch spot for the Indian river lagoon is less than a mile from my house, a better one is 5 miles away, close to Sebastian Inlet. No roof rack. Weight, sortof. Ruled out the pro anglers for that. Outback looks fine. the discussion about the Pro angler in the surf was useful. I can see myself getting caught in bigger surf than it might be safe for that one, though obviously I won’t be looking for it. Don’t need the extra room particularly since I don’t expect to be out much more than say 4-5 hours max at a time. I’m all artificial and can fit my lures in a single plano box, knife, pliers, extra leader etc fits in my waist pack. I fish every day, 7 days a week, 4-6 hours usually. So I don’t want the kayak to be too much of a hassle getting in my car, or on the beach since I expect to use it at least a few times a week depending on weather and how the fishing is on the beach. Big fish are around here, I don’t target sharks but last year I hooked half a dozen and brought in 3 (so I could get my spoon back!) Tarpon are around, big jacks, big snook, bull redfish, king mackerel etc. I can see getting towed miles by, say, a shark or tarpon so seaworthiness is important. seems like the outback might be best but it would be nice to have something maybe a little lighter.
  12. More research and questions, I’ve narrowed my choices down to the revolution 11, the compass, and the outback: the compass doesn’t have the 180 drive - paddling backwards, is this a useful thing in the ocean or not? the compass has rod holders towards the back, the outback has 4. I’ll likrly have two max rods, is the position on the compass significant? the compass has a different rudder, better or worse in the ocean? seat differences... Stability: I’d like the option of standing, yes on compass and outback, no on revolution? water is dead flat today and yesterday - looks like it’ll be like this the rest of the week, fish are way out. I managed to get my lure out barely far enough to catch some small barracuda. I’m really thinking being able to get a mile or two from shore will vastly increase my fishing possibilities. I’m off to look at the hobies this afternoon, any thoughts on the above questions would be great.
  13. Pretty decent video. I’m leaning towards and outback or a compass having spent too many hours on the internet “researching.” Renting for a 1/2 day one or the other next week, but going out on the lagoon to start. The few few times I went out here on a kayak I had more trouble getting out than in - only gear was a rod, no holder, and a bag of lures. Not a Hobie, much lighter. This week it’s 2-3’ Inshore and lower with the winds mostly westerly making my beach pretty damn flat, and these are the conditions I’ll be out probably. Of course it’s quite possible I’ll dislike kayak fishing and forget the whole thing!
  14. And yes, summer it can get very calm here and fishing off the shore becomes pretty hit or miss, mostly miss. That’s likely to be when I venture into the Atlantic on a kayak. I value my skin and my pole(s) - all of them - and hate humiliating myself...!
  15. Good advice. I’m going to rent the Pro angler 12, 14, and the outback over the next several weeks. On burning question I have after looking at YouTube videos is this: do I have to wear a face mask and say sh1t like “watsap” and “yo dude” or can I, you know, put on sunscreen and talk like a normal person?