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  1. I’ve been out in my outback off the SE Florida coast 6 times, first two limited fishing gear, no problems, third was a wipe out and a painful one at that! The last three were good and I’m just beginning to find my way around here. My first fish was exactly not what I wanted - a spinner shark - but it was good to deal with an aggressive fish with no issues. Yesterday and this morning I jigged for whatever and ended up with some Black Sea Bass. Didn’t expect these but after I went home and id’ed them I realized I could go back to the mark I made and fish for these for dinner... So any tips would be welcome. I caught three on my own 1oz jig in white and chartreuse tipped with a gulp minnow in about 40’ of water. If I added a dropper (as in fluke rig) would I be more successful? I’ll be out in the morning as the conditions look very good till noon or so.
  2. Ya, racist. Don’t believe it? Look in your mirror. You preople are too. Bigoted arrogant and very racist. And such hypocrisy: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/02/military-family-separation-immigration-trump-mexico
  3. Wow. 50%. What a popular guy. Congratulations, you’ve convinced me, I must have been wrong thinking Trump was a total narcissistic as5hole racisit slimebag. 50% huh? I’m thrilled for you.
  4. H bar is for the lagoon. It’s a life changer. Haven’t put it on in the ocean. Yet! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it...
  5. Well no fish yet! I’m discovering surf launches in anything more than 2’ is precarious at best because of the deep trough on this beach. I’m finding 1-2’ waves with west winds are best - mid incoming tide. Took the the kayak out on the lagoon yesterday and man that was easy, no much action, a few spotted trout and ladyfish but it was quite pleasant. Ill be be back on the surf as soon as conditions look better. Ive trolled pretty much all my lures with no hits as of yet, though a local told me a chartreuse bomber works well for kingfish. I’ll try that next.
  6. I’ve wheels. I’m pulling the outback from my house to the beach, takes me 7 mins. The hard part is getting it down the stairs to get on the beach. I take the wheels off and slide it. Getting it back up makes me realize my weight workouts are actually useful! I’ll probably have to figure something else out when I get to be an old dude, say 10 years from now.
  7. That’s my goal tomorrow. Adding the fishfinder battery seemed to change the balance, managed to turtle going out & snapped my paddle - though everything else was secured & fine, very embarrassing. Up to this point I’ve been towing the boat out past the shore break but getting in is somewhat undignified because there’s it’s pretty deep trough, chest deep. I decided to try getting in the kayak in shallower water but that was obviously a mistake. I’m considering dropping the mirage drive in after I tow it out a bit but maybe not. Live & learn I suppose...
  8. Third trip will be this morning. So far I’m just getting used to the outback. Hit some bad weather yesterday evening but the kayak handled really well, I got knocked off but the outback didn’t flip, everything was secured, my pride was a little injured. Now that I’ve had some experience im putting in a few more things - notably the fish finder. Tomorrow I’ll add the H-bar. This is quite fun!
  9. Stringer will get me attacked, lots of sharks here SE Florida! Never leave the house without my pliers, have a gaff and plastic fish grips, extra leader, hook sharpener, fish bag, knife, hammer (think cobia!)
  10. Picking up my 2018 outback this afternoon, and can be in the surf by 3 PM. I will be wheeling it from my house which is a quarter of a mile away. I plan on a very minimal list of things to use: one rod a few lures plus essentials (cigarettes, pfd...) What do you think I absolutely need? I want to start by trolling for kingfish but who knows what's in store, hopefully I'll be able to avoid any bull sharks that are making themselves at home hereabouts these days... I'll be out maybe 1/2 mile from shore max. The current forecast for my region: THIS AFTERNOON South winds 5 to 10 knots increasing to 10 to 15 knots late in the afternoon. Seas 1 to 2 feet with a dominant period 8 seconds. A moderate chop on the intracoastal waters. Chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms.
  11. I have used two Spheros for 2 years, lots of hours - 30/week or so - on each. They're pretty good but both are beginning to corrode at the crank, and both have bent bails - I don't like the flimsy bails at all. Both are smooth rolling, and work fine generally. Both seem a little wobbly and fragile compared to my other reel so I don't use them much these days. I'm not sure I would buy these again, but the other reels I have and vastly prefer to use, admittedly, are three times the price of the spheros.
  12. A commercial king mackerel guy here said I should use a sea witch with a plainer + strip bait. I use artificials only... can you rig a sea witch without bait? How do you get it say 20 ft down? Can I use a sea witch with a spoon? Etc... i.e some ideas to start off with...
  13. Thanks youngsalt for another thoughtful & helpful post. My legend is a great rod, I’ve caught plenty on it, but have yet to bring in a really big fish on it, 17 lb snook is the heaviest this one has seen. The 8’ inshore rods have seen 60 lb sharks but I’m guessing they will be too long, I’ll take one out as a second rod when my kayak is ready to see - should be Monday hopefully. Probably the heavy tidemaster for trolling? Someone here said a conventional rod might work well since I can lean it on the kayak if I need to, fighting a bigger fish, can’t do that with a spinning rig. You’re right of course I should try all this out first before investing in anything new. which crowder rod did you get for kingfish? Conventional or spinning? I’ll be using lures only so it would be useful to know what weight these can handle. The legend comfortably goes up to 1 1/2 oz, my tidemaster goes to 3 oz - the heaviest I throw off the beach. FWIW I’m not worried about my reels, I have a VR 150 and a VR 125, both can handle pretty much anything I’m likely to catch.
  14. I quit being a musician, & did pro audio for several decades, now I fish 30 hours a week. Final nail for this life change was selling my much loved, but unused the last 2 years, handmade German and Austrian mics for a fair amount. So I bought a fishing kayak and have left over funds for another rod. I actually have a good inshore rod but figured I should add a dedicated heavier rod for the big ones. I’ve no experience with conventional rods & reels. Looking to spend $200-300 max. By big ones I mean in the 40-80 lb range...maybe. I’m in SE Florida. Tarpon, Cobia, Barracuda etc. My current (spinning) inshore rods are MH 8’ St Croix Avid, H 8’ Tidemaster, and MH 7’6” Legend tournament - that last one is what I’ll be using for now. Kayak is 12’ Hobie Outback. or maybe I don’t need a conventional rod?
  15. Thanks so much for the tips - just what I was after. I’ve kayaked quite a bit, and fished pretty much full time the last 2 years but combining them will be a challenge. Talked to some folks here and have decided to get a gaff. Some recommended a club. These waters get very sharky in the summer - frankly if I hook a big one I’m cutting the line right away. Got my pfd from a ways back, works well though I’ll have to see if it is comfortable kayaking in the heat. I’ll ll try trolling with misc plugs, spoons and bucktails and see how it goes. Why would you need a diving knife?