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    Is fishing a hobby?
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  1. my favorite is a air elite and a Saragossa 8000 sw... no need for a rod longer than 10 '6" I have an old junker TiCA TC2 that is a favorite.. for the canal... the rocks are so tough on equipment..
  2. Love those! Thank you Tim S. and SOL
  3. Absolutely
  4. Pretty much the same here in south Middleboro, but power has come back on!
  5. X2 but when?
  6. I needed it up in Vermont but it does nothing to keep you on the road. And once snow starts packing under the car/truck it doesn’t matter. My driveway up north was so steep my pickup would spin without being in 4 high. Yuppies were a joke with their hummahs!
  7. That’s interesting! I need to learn some of this.
  8. Man, be careful! Go in tonight you won’t be able to travel safely tomorrow. Good luck!
  9. Looking to buy a VS150 or VS250 for a lefty!
  10. Asking / looking to buy-for a friend lefty VS150 or VS250....anything available?
  11. Sorry for your loss she’s beautiful
  12. That happened to me.. had a picture. But I also kept my receipts because I was traveling for work.. what a pain....
  13. Emerald Lagace has a very similar recipe. I don’t do the celery or green pepper. . it’s very good. I do the same with the quahogs but steam them first.
  14. I don’t know on Bourne but Wareham dnr sent a notification that they were open
  15. Go Sox!