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    Is fishing a hobby?
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  1. Where are you located? I would be interested in hearing what you have.
  2. White perch are known for their athleticism and jumps
  3. I have a saltiga surf cast 5000 that has been really good to me. I love that reel. I’ve never thrown my emcast.
  4. Green Tambourine by the Lemon Pipers.... I have no idea why
  5. 8 fish total 3 keepahs to 34 also. Thursday. Hey
  6. Some beautiful market sized cod being taken and returned - aka GOM trash fish. Haddock fishing has been great.
  7. Our salties club went out recently and they do everything right.?
  8. I was startled by a mink today. Vicious DT #1
  9. Dissolve sugar in a ratio of 4 water to one sugar I nuke it and add a preservative that is available at any location selling bird stuff. I think keeping the feeder high is an advantage as well. And no I don’t think red coloring helps.
  10. I certainly will offer my prayers.
  11. Never had orioles, I just hope they stay. Small things entertain me.
  12. Its called the canal
  13. Steve we’ve had them here for 3 weeks. And, for the first time, Baltimore Orioles