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  1. Amen
  2. Why I’m a cry baby. So sick of these degenerate bastahds. I don’t care what they do with them, it wouldn’t be enough.
  3. Happy birthday! Belated still counts.....
  4. I read the first two paragraphs. I’m not concerned about the crowds if they didn’t act like pigs with there trash, respect the fishery and play by the rules/laws
  5. Nope not at all the number of fish being taken in this fishery is beyond what you seem to suppose. Only a few floaters today. And yes I fish responsibly and do not abuse the privledge. I fish in the morning and the crowds are not an issue it’s the carnage from not fishing in accordance with laws and Yaoundé fish handling a cry baby. Go Bruins!
  6. It looks like the salmon river
  7. We deserve this me included. The targeting of one fish is so unbalanced and wrong
  8. I agree but not sure on “most” c&r and and the fines for violations harsh. Confiscated gear work 20 weekends cleaning the canal and a heavy fine with a loss of fishing license of 2 years. oh, and paint my house.
  9. Harvest would seem to indicate it would be eaten, I call it carnage.
  10. A few good bluefish blitzes mixed with stripers would frustrate some people, lost gear tangled lines...what happened to the bluefish?
  11. oh, its not legal to filet a fish on the canal... fish must be kept whole....
  12. Not from bleeding them probably the trauma from hook damage. The people that display their fish aren’t caring for the quality. If so, they’d be bled and put on ice or cooled. I’d say a lot are weighed and thrown in a local tackle shop dumpster