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  1. e-mail me at and I'll get that taken care of
  2. When you get here we'll compare the 732 and the 733 and you'll be able to figure out what is going to work best for you. I have the EVA grips and teh guides and reel seat as well, so you'll be able to work on your rod when you get home later or tomorrow - enough time to get the rod ready for your trip...and the right rod for the fishing you are going to be doing. See you in a bit
  3. I don't know where you are fishing, but off Breezy Point the porgy fishing is the best any fishery has ever been in teh history of Earth, lol. If he's going to clean 200 porgy..for a reference point the party boats charge $25 per bucket to clean fish, which is about $1 per fish. SO a $900 6 pack trip a $200 tip is just about spot on where it should be for porgy fishing.
  4. 20%. I read a post about a charter boat which run by captain/owner no mate, and he does NOT clean fish. I would not tip...actually I would not book a trip on that operation
  5. I am only available in the evening after 6/7PM as I fish every day. I have all the XC';s in stock, in a decent amount of colors. GRumpys as far as I know also has all teh XC's in stock, in a few less colors per model. It's tough to stock 20 colors in 10 models. Give them a call and talk to Bob if you go there and he'll let you know what they have. He has a deep knowledge on the XC's and has built a lot for customers and himself, and just returned from Trinidad where he used teh 731 and 732 for Tarpon, I'm pretty sure they got one over 200#s on this trip.
  6. Another vid of the 730 & 733 - funny video watch to the end, lol.
  7. HEre's video of the XC 730 with a 4oz jig in 90' of water up on the NAntucket Shoals.
  8. Really depends on what you like in a rod. I personally hate fast stiff graphite rods for this application. A lot of people like them. When we were up in Hyannis Fluking, we were in 90' using 4oz - 10oz (some jwere jigging, some were fishign a high low) Everyone on the boat was using Rodgeeks XC blanks, even the captain JEff has the XC 734 and it's his favorite rod for fluke fishing up there.. For your application I sell a lot of 733's, and even 732's. Some people absolutely love them, some do not - as I said it all depends on the type of rod you are looking for. I have the blanks in stock in Staten Island, and GRumpys has them in stock in Seaside, NJ - you can check them out and purchse from GRumps as they sell rod building components as well as blanks.
  9. This is common. I am speaking for myself here, the benefit of ordering from me is that I know the products I use, design, recommend, and sell inside and out, and I never BS someone just to get a sale. I'lll tell you exactly what the rod is capable of, I'll also find out how you personally fish, the rods you are currently fishing, and what you are lookin gto achieve going with a new blank for your application. I have no problem tell you that the products I sell and have designed are not going to work for you. I know being upfront and honest and losing a sale today, will gain trust and in the future that person will take my recommendation and trust my opinion. Unfortuantely, this is not the case everywhere. Most people selling products do not have an extensive knowledge of that fishing application, and will give you general info based on prior customers opinions. THey aren't steering you wrong, they are just doing the best they can to provide you with the info that they have. Even if you feel a blank yourself, quite often you do not know what you are looking for - I can't tell you how many times someone has come to me and todl me what they want in a rod, I todl them they arne't going to like the blank they are bending. THen next year after they fished it they tell me yeah you were right I should have listened to you in teh first place.
  10. Mike, I've been on vacation for the last week adn a half, I'll reply to your e-mail when I get back.
  11. IT does nothign to the blank, as anyone with 1% of a clue can attest because tehre are literally billions of rods which have no issues built traditional. IT's good that you've removed notifications, maybe you've discovered a way for all internet clueless to stop spreading inaccurate info so true experts don't have to correct them
  12. YOu can learn a lot from a dummy. Especially the only one who posts here who makes a living teaching rod building. But don't let that stop you from posting inaccurate info After all, its the internet and all you are the prototypical expert
  13. YOu a classic example of why people think internet fishermen are morons
  14. Not sure why it posted 4 times. I'm going to assume that someon ewho fishes 300 days a year for 30 years knows a heck of a lot more about filleting fish than somoene who has zero experience
  15. They are gross, we kept one th other day and cooked teh wings on teh boat - their meat is like flank steak. We panfried it on the grill on the boat, it was inedible. The fibrous texture is terrible. MAybe have to cook it like a roast. At one point today, we had 12 of them on, what a mess with 60 people on board.