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  1. Just ship teh wood to Suds, it'll be $16 back and forth. It'll be probably $50 to bore it and turn it down. End of problem. Until you get it and it doesnt' fit our blank, and you don't like teh shape or diameter he turned it to. Or if teh wood blows up when he's working on it, lol
  2. Or anyone with a lathe with extension bed and 16" drill bits. Even though you can drill from both sides, that doesn't always go as planned.
  3. It's supposed to be spline
  4. I don't like mentioning it in a Fuji thread, but - I test casted a 5'6 UL 4 piece (Rodgeeks C2 56UL4) with the smallest microwave casting (not spinning) guide. With 4# mono on an UL reel it was fine. It's not odd retrieving line through a casting reel with line winder 1" in front of the spool, why would it be assumed on guides? There's only so far you're going to cast 1/16oz no matter what you do. I forget what ended up using, but I think it was a high frame size 8
  5. YOu're welcome, now you know where to look for all teh posts so you can learn where to place teh guides and what sizes yourself.
  6. The forum is really going to crap, there are only abotu 100 posts regarding guide sizes and plaement and etc in here. None will be for factory rods becasue we build custom. Go to a shop and measure them and etc - you wou;dn't be teh first surf guy to do something like that, it's in their DNA
  7. just put a new roll of toilet paper on
  8. And there have been people who didn't have a good time here - almost all were surf fisherman so I know I'm doing something right. Jay, I've been drinking cognac for breakfast for years at gatherings. Went through a 50 year old bottle of Courvosier VSOP, then a bottle of XO, and I'm almost done with Remy 1736 or whatever the number. Not sure what I'm gonna get next.
  9. On that short little rod that isn't going to cast more than 30 feet, you can probably put a 12H and the rest of the guides size 4
  10. 6L is not the same as 5.5M?
  11. Why? Because a company with an antiquated policy finally updated it. If anyone returns something they used for a season they are a scumbag anyway. Why should they cater to those people and lose tons of money in the process.
  12. Nice to meet you!!! Glad you came by and checked the blanks out and learned some stuff. I posted that if you came here you'd learn more in an hour than 2 months reading on line, I wasn't kidding. And you got to feel the blank that you were considering and found out that it was the right one for the fishing you're going to be doing. That ROdgeeks XC 734 is going to do really well out in Montauk - hopefully you get one over 50#'s and all the dooshes on SOL can tell you it doesn't matter it's on a boat or if you take it what a POS you are, lmao. HAve fun building the rod, and fishing it!
  13. Yeah KT LMNOP. Its not confusing at all. I had to go on Mudhole's site to get teh correct model letters for the tip top. I spoke ot Mike on the phone and neither of us could get the model numbers right. More rant...LOw Riders should have been LRSG's...but that was already taken by Long Range guides. So they called them LC, Long cast. THat makes sense, but why the hell call them LOW riders then, why not Long Cast? They aren't even frigging low, it makes no sense, and this was way before you came on board, 2001. Does this stuff get lost in translation to English? Maybe it's easier to figure out in Japanese becasue they draw a picture of each letter in their alphabet.
  14. Here are photos of the guides held on with surgical tubing, and tips glued on. All that excess glue on the size 8-7 you can see the air bubble in teh hot melt glue. Usually all that excess spooges out the top of the tube and in the triangle of the frame leading up to the ring. When it cools it breaks right off. You can also see the size 8 ring tip is higher than the size 8 guide, but it's not notieable when the guide is in the right spot. WHen I roginally commented that the tip was too tall, it was on a flat surface so I apologize for that as I was wrong
  15. My favorite hot melt is a rectangle and doesn't fit in the gun. I heat the gun and roll it and slide it into the tube, same concept. I also have to heat the glue and put it on the blank - the high temp glue requires a little different process because it sets up so quick. YOu don't deal with larger blanks, but several of us have had this happen with this glue - if its a tight fitting ip top all the glue will get pushed out of the space at the tip of the tube, and the rest of it will go inside the blank SO teh tp is held on with a tiny fraction of glue since it's pretty much bare between the blank and the tube of the top. So withthe genius design of the LG top being entirely sealed, you push the top on and it pushes off. Big deal just hold it in placec right- Eff you the metal is fikkng ht as can be and especailly the ring material heats up more and retains the heat more than the metal, and will burn your finger. I have size KT 7's in stock, and a LG 7-6 top, and the tip top sits about 50% higher than the single foot guide. I just realized typing this that I measured while I was on the phone wiht Mike and did it on my table, not with the tip installed so it probably lines up, I'll check when I go into my shop and follow up if i'm wrong