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  1. Get a FiberStar composite. TOns of info if you search here MAde in the USA, and you'll have a few $$$'s leftover to buy some plugs
  2. provided the 2 pieces have the same exact OD, that's not hard to do at all. You will need to touch up sand the joint due to excess glue
  3. Mike, you might be able to track down family through this post it seems there were several people who knew him off the board:
  4. Billy - some idiot ??? from LI:

    I have a few rods where in emergencies, I a used layer or 2 of Threadmaster One on guide wraps, according to the TM guys, it's OK to recoat w/their mix.

    Tho' I'm bout to do some newly wrapped rods w/ yr TM+PK mix - what do u think about that over the TM 1 ???


    Also - yr specs for the TM+PK mix, calls for 4 cc's total - can I drop that down for a smaller run, say 0.5 cc's each ???


    I'm a simple, mostly only for myself, rod builder & yr georgeous work is well beyond my needs, but thanks for all yr input on SOL ... 





  5. I'm organized like you would expect a computer programmer to be. Here's my folder for SI gathering pictures. I have folders for ICRBE, NJ, Road trips, everything. I love everything I do and have done, tons of memories with awesome people. Going to try to keep teh workshops and hang otu's going throughout the summer, had a great time up at your place and we're gonna do it again. Maybe go fishing on HArry's boat with Albert in mid June?
  6. Great job! Good to see Jim posting from Texas/La. Shame that this forum died, this is the best post for Dec WRaps on the internet
  7. I made a sandwich with them I can't believe this gathering was in 2011, and you were there too.
  8. The NERBs Battle Wrap Challenge #1 - Vote for the wrap you like A or B. We will be running Battle Wrap Challenges every so often, pitting a builder who has the VisualWrap Pattern Downloads against the Dec Wrap Wizard who created the pattern. The first pattern is the Trinidad Flag wrap. Pick the wrap you like better A or B, the winner will receive bragging rights, and if I lose you guys can all talk **** that I suck at wraps. lol
  9. Rodgeeks XC 730 Swedish Fish theme. Another one added to my candy collection of XC's. The wraps are small fish, I bought a bag of Swedish Fish and counted how many fish were in there, ,then I made that many fish in the wraps.
  10. The NERBs Workshops are invite only for builders who attend gatherings and buy stuff from me.
  11. He has a great set up there. He's still refining things and making minor adjustments. First gathering he came to was at Paul's, he was sitting on a lawn chair doing a Dec wrap in his lap freehand Taiwan style. He's come a really long way and he is the best Pro builder hen it comes to the variety of styles and techniques he uses in the rods, and the high level of skill and attention to detail that he puts into them.
  12. Always is. There are benefits to being part of The NERBs - there's a reason why most of the rods that look the way they do are being built by builders who come to gatherings. The newer guys doing sick work have no idea what it's like outside of the NERBs, the work they take for granted seeing here, they assume is done everywhere else, they are spoiled, lol.
  13. Settign up for The NERBs Jersey Shore Workshop hosted by Mike Garone of Garone's Custom rods. We will be covering a wide variety of topics and getting everyone headed in The NERBs direction to build amazing rods.
  14. Mark, you ream from 1/4 up to 1"? No wonder you build 1 rod per leap year! lol.
  15. IMO, there's a point of diminishing returns. If you are designing a blank you have to balance durability, with fishability. Stiffness - every rod I've fished that was stiff and sensitive was not always the most fun rid to fight fish with. I used to use all carbon blanks, but anything over 20#'s I had to switch to composite. Teh same qualities that let you feel every bite...light and stiff > where the same ones that were beating you up fighting the fish, because you felt every head shake and every pull - teh rod transmitted everyhtng and you had to soak it all up. Blanks are blanks, they all do the same thing. They bend. They have action. They have power. No matter what material you put in it, they all end up doing the same thing. YOu have to find the qualities that work for you and the fishing you do, and stick with it. IT is just as asinine to complain about lighter stiffer blanks, as it is for me to complain abotu heavier slower blanks. Everyone has a preference, find your's and worry about yourself