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  1. I Assume everyoen has a lathe, and the seat was already installed ont eh rod. Or did you just cut the nut when it was already installed?
  2. Sanding the end of the grip down to the same OD as teh reel seat would have been a heck of a lot easier
  3. Awesome. That date is NOT firm, I had to put one out there and that's the day I picked. I will have an official date for that and let everyone know. Looking forward to seeing the Delaware crew.
  4. I was the first in the US to use/sell the TVS seats going back to the start of 2015. I hate how they feel in my hand, as do several others. It is a personal preference, wha tI like and hate doesnt' matter to you - he asked for out personal opinions nad reasons why, I skipped teh second part the first time I asnwerred and just elaborated. By no means is wht I saythe last word on it, quite the contrary. But for me that's how it is. PS> A guy posted teh carbon fiber handles in here a while back, I was sent a bunch for testing and by far these are the best spining seats I ever used, or made for myself. I want to stress tha tI was testing them a nd thye are not avaialble for purchase, and any positives or negatives about this seat is saved for teh person who aske dme to test them.
  5. I will be in touch with more info on teh events this week. WE have guys coming ot NJ & NY from DE and MD, as well as CAnada - all the time. WEll worth it to attend for every aspect of teh event - info, teh people are awesome, and teh work we do is recognized worldwide and some of teh highest quality artistic rods. I just can't spell worth a ****
  6. There is no need to reinvent teh wheel. TEh newer seats everyone is coming out with, I dislike them all, and a lot are not made in a size that will fit teh blanks, nor hold teh reels you will be using. SOme of the Fuji seats don't hold certain reels well either. Aluminum seats are extremely uncomfortable, teh nuts stick out too far, they don't fit well in yoru hand, they are metal.
  7. Either Fuji DPS or NPS.
  8. How an anyone take that guy seriously with a statement like that?
  9. Thanks We have a lot of fun, and try t inspire people to make cool stuff too. Alwyas trying to do somethign new, and improve our techiniqes is the challenge and what pushes us. I do workshops and gatherings to teach how to do a lot of this stuff, it's not that hard once you knwo what you are doing, but it's very time consuming.
  10. lol! Was thinking of doing one in Florida, in May. Probably on the West Coast this time
  11. Shipping is cheaper than driving to SI, which is a shame. I do not have the 732 Light Green in stock. How you fish is the most important thing when deciding what rod to use. There is so much BS about what is the best and look at what big fish and how many I caught using this rod - it's useless information, all fluff and marketting. YOu as teh consumer has to weed throgh the BS, and figure out what you like, how do you fish, what rod are you currently fishing and what do you like and dislike about it. Anyone who has ever dealt with me, knows I actually care try to find the best product that I sell for each perosn, and quite often that doesn't happen. I rather lose a sale today and gain trust for a sale tomorrow. PS> If you get one of my blanks from me, and it's not to your liking just return it or swap it (as long as it's not a special order color). I'm going to be in NJ a bunch the next month or 2, so meeting up shouldn't be too difficult.
  12. 731 is good to 6oz. It's nt teh right rod for fishing where we fish doesn't handle the weight. It's a llot of fun for me to fish, but I would not make it for anyone for this fishing here. It's an AWESOME Blakfish jigging rod, especially as a spinner. Get teh 732, that is a standard rod tha tI make for people wanting to Blackfish a little lighter and have fun.
  13. I have Rodgeeks blanks which are similar in everything to that blank...action, power, and blank weight @ probably 40% less $$$. See for you, the composite rods will not work for jigging, but there are a lot of people who jig teh old fashioned way, and surprisingly more than I realzied who use old glass rods. These are PERFECT for them. The trick is figuring out how each person fishes. Far too many people selling blanks and rods don't give a crap and just want to sell you anything, they are just lookinng for $$$. I'm looking for $$$ too, but I want to make it now and in teh future so I do teh best I can for everyone to get the right rod for their needs and style
  14. THe salesman answer is the easiest one, I just say yes. However...How do you bucktail for fluke? If you one hand jig rapid fire style, no composite rod with glass in it is going to work properly. The tip will flex too much and it will take a lot of work to move teh jig. If you "normal" jig, like bounce, then let it drop, then bounce, slower, more methodical, kind of like bouncing a bait rig, the XC's are very nice for that. I personally use a 731 for everything, fluke, porgy, blackfish. My friend loves his 732 for 2-4oz jigging, and 733 for 4-6oz. I do not know where you live/fish? I'm in SI, Grumpys Tackle in Seaside, NJ stocks the blanks - I'm going to be there doing a Workshop next WEdnesday the 20th if you want to meet up