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  1. I will take it for $135
  2. sport tube would probably be your best bet
  3. What about me? I said I will take the spool. If I said I will take it and not try and barter it should be mine clearly written in the rules
  4. I will take the spool
  5. offer $115
  6. Roof rack, with ski racks. if I am gone for a long time I just put it in my car.
  7. sounds good. pm me your info
  8. offer $60 for them
  9. I will take it
  10. I will take it.
  11. offer $450 and meet closer to Newport?
  12. I beg to differ. There is no need for the highest quality suit, if you are spending over $175 you are wasting your money IMO. It is going to get beat up climbing on rocks. I have gotten a solid 2.5 years out of my suit and that's tough fishing. But you are right about fit.
  13. Agreed on this. $100-120 will get you a solid suit. O'Neil is my preference but a lot of folks rock hyperflex
  14. I would never wear a wetsuit if I was fishing a beach front, this is where I use waders. If I am fishing boulder fields or low jetty where I am constantly getting splashed then I wear a wetsuit. If I am fishing a high jetty like IBSP all you really need are some korkers and normal clothes imo. You mentioned multiple times about a surf belt. Although it will help it is not guaranteed to keep you dry if you go under. There is still room for water to get down but it surely minimize the amount of water. A surf top will help for sure especially if it has neoprene cuffs
  15. ill take them for $190