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  1. if it falls through ill take it for asking
  2. Anyone fish this rod in CCC? I busted my 9'6" 2-6oz and was thinking of replacing it with the 11ft 3-8oz. Any inputs on plugging and jigging would be appreciated.
  3. I have at least one maybe 2 id sell. I will throw up pics in a bit
  4. pe2 40-50lb leader with PR knot or FG
  5. I live in Japan maybe I will have to pick up a jar and test them out. Also 1944yen is right around $19 USD.
  6. I picked up a Zenith 120g jigging blank and was looking at different ways to build it. I know I can go with MN but was thinking about KW. I am stationed in Japan and by surprise KW are actually about $1 cheaper each guide. Would it be fine to run 12, 10, 8 KW then KT 8s as runners or would you suggest a smaller size runner guides for the KT? Lastly was going to use a MN tip top. Thanks in advance.
  7. some people actually stated that this line had better abrasion resistance then others on the market. I fished this line hard for a season until I started having issues. Two break offs in one night. I also had 40lb test snapped while pulling a knot tight. I have switched and will most likely never go back to this line. The line seems good out of the box but after some use it does not hold up well. Most braids last at least an entire season if not 2 but I do not have the confidence in this line to use it more than a few months
  8. I have one I would trade
  9. sure send me your info
  10. if you cover fees sure
  11. I could do $470 shipped
  12. Vs150 gold in color. Reel could use a service. Seal on drag is almost gone. rotates fine but the reel has sat for some time. $485 shipped
  13. Got Stryper have caught me some serious amount of fish in deeper waters with 1-3oz lead head. In shallow waters I do very well with sluggo. I never leave the house with out either. They have bailed me out of fishless nights plenty of times
  14. tattoo lot $60 shipped both are new BM Lot $80 shipped jr is slightly used
  15. Yes send some more pics