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  1. Yeah, but on the other hand.....
  2. Thanks FR, perfect!
  3. Stepping it up a notch
  4. No animals were hurt in the making of this video.....
  5. My late mother in law was good about buying expensive meat cuts on sale and freezing them. We have been slowly making our way through her freezer. Roasting a turnkey great right now and planning to do a rib-eye road tomorrow. Price tag says $94 but she probably paid half. My folks used to roast almost anything on a spit on their old Coleman gas grill. Beef with and without bones, lamb legs chickens, hens, kabobs, ec. To date, I have only done a few chickens because we’ve had multiple big ovens and air conditioning. So this is "new" even though I did my parents' over 40 years ago. Eight pound rib-eye roast which looks like it has "only" two bones with three string wraps between the bones. I have no concerns about getting it on the spit. I was planning a simple salt and pepper seasoning but I am open to suggestions. Also, what temperature should I try to maintain? Drip pan? Anything else? Thanks.
  6. But in the eyes of the woke infotainment industry, this cancellation is a travesty of social/gender justice and good taste. It nevers seems to occur occur to the writer below that maybe she just wasn’t funny and her “vicious” humor does not have a market amongst consumers who have many options. The DailyBeast reports: Netflix’s ‘Classless’ Cancellation of Michelle Wolf’s ‘The Break’ Well, that was fast. On Friday, Netflix quietly pulled the plug on The Break with Michelle Wolf, one of the only “late-night” shows on “television” hosted by a female comedian, just three months after it premiered. The streaming service also ended the short-lived Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, but it was the news about Wolf’s show that came as a much bigger shock. That’s because, when The Breakpremiered in May, Wolf was riding higher than pretty much any other comedian in the country after her breakthrough performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. As recently as last week White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was still talking about how much her jokes stung. At the time, the general consensus was that she was suddenly a hot commodity and Netflix was lucky to have her after she decided to leave first Late Night with Seth Meyers and then The Daily Show. Now, after just 10 episodes, Netflix has decided not to order any more. “None of us can believe how classlessly Netflix has handled this,” a source connected to the show told The Daily Beast after the news broke, noting that the entire writing staff and even the showrunners found out they had been fired on Twitter. The move comes just a couple of weeks after BET announced it was cancelling The Rundown with Robin Thede after its first season. That cuts the number of late-night-style shows hosted by women in half, with only TBS’ Samantha Bee and Hulu’s Sarah Silverman left standing. The utter opacity of Netflix’s model makes it impossible to know how many people were watching The Break on a weekly basis, but the show’s cultural impact could be felt on a near-weekly basis. Wolf is an expert at outraging conservatives—perhaps something Netflix was less-than-thrilled about—from her “God bless abortions” segment over the 4th of July to her commercial parody that equated ICE to ISIS a couple of weeks later. The later segment made heads explode on Fox News, including comedy aficionado Mike Huckabee, who declared, “You know, comedians are supposed to be funny, they’re supposed to make us laugh. I love satire, it’s one of my favorite forms of comedy, but her form of comedy is not satire, it’s angry, bitter hate.” Actual TV critics begged to differ, including The Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Feinberg, who tweeted on Friday, “Bad move here, Netflix. Michelle Wolf’s show was extremely promising. It wasn’t flawless, but its voice was growing and evolving and it made me laugh hard each episode. This hardly seems like enough time to give a show to find itself and find an audience.” After the show’s premiere, Slate’s Willa Paskin heralded Wolf’s “willingness to be vicious.” That particular quality is what made Wolf’s correspondents’ dinner speech such a huge moment in the world of political comedy.
  7. Cool review. Great mememory.
  8. No photos, it didn’t happen. Take many
  9. Funny how this works, no? “The Daily Beast reported late Friday night that the writing staff and showrunners of The Break with Michelle Wolf found out about their show’s cancellation on Twitter.” Three months and kaput, wonder why Netflix pulled the plug so quickly? Recall that Michelle Wolff was the “comedian” who hosted the WH Correspondants Dinner to much controversy. That night or on her own show, she compared First Daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump to herpes, made a satirical video linking ICE to ISIS while impersonating Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and celebrated abortions in honor of Independence Day with a parade and marching band. ETA: She’s got a voice that would cause Oz’s Munchkins to say WTF? Here’s the bit that I think went too far even for Netflix.
  10. And he thinks food mall “wok house” is Chinese at its finest. And gas station sushi......
  11. Question for Belmo: Who is worser, FNM, Bernie or The AIDS?
  12. Second thought, it’s those internal worms that are looking to breaking out of the skin.
  13. You are a very sick man
  14. Greek Italian Thai Klingon