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  1. The "outrageous" ones. There is a tendency to conflate "outrageous" rhetoric with actual policy. Anything that tweaks the nose of liberal sensitivities is "outrageous".
  2. Oh, I think without a doubt that Trump understands this phenomena and I have said so here in the past. He did it on immigration during the primaries forcing the entire concept to come to the top of the GOP discussion stack where some of his opponents showed their Establishment views on immigration (i.e. ignore the problem, it will go away_. Use the Search bar for "Overton" and see how many ways I have suggested it can be applied, to both sides of the rhetoric.
  3. You and Gami still still don't get it, do you? Trump was elected as much because he was not Hillary as he was that he was not another in a long line of GOPE "more of the same" types. I and many here were ABC voters, Anyone But Clinton, which could be translated into "Anyone But Another 4-8 Years of Obama-like Governance". You all seem to see Trump's election as a choice FOR him rather than, in part, large or small, of a vote AGAINST the only viable alternative. And gender had nothing to do with that. Conservatism, as seen by Kristol, Will, etc., was a wonderful concept but in this day and age, with the Progressive Collective stretching from academia to the bureaucracy to the Media, is neither a winning nor governing philosophy. Reagan was the electorate's reaction to Carter and he happened to be a conservative. I voted for him, twice, because of what he said and inspired, but that was as much how he said it as well as what he said. The rise of Trump was due to the direction the liberals wanted to take this country as well as the feckless nature of the GOP/Conservative Establishment who were content to lose with Trump and say "We will get you next cycle".
  4. George Will is in the Bill Kristol and Steve Schmidt group of "establishment conservatives". If they wore pearls, they would clutch them every time they heard the name "Trump". This is about a segment of the populace rejected the Establishment and its candidates with Trump's rise and election. This is not a rejection of the GOP per-say, it is a rejection of Trumpism which they can only make a black-white statement about by rejecting the GOP. I am not a Republican because of the McCains of the world.
  5. For those unfamiliar with Professor Overton's Window, this might help from Wikipedia. Note that the original application applies to government policies but it can easily be expanded, without little modification, to societal norms and behaviors. The Overton window is an approach to identifying which ideas define the domain of acceptability within a democracy's possible governmental policies. Proponents of policies outside the window seek to persuade or educate the public in order to move and/or expand the window. Proponents of current policies, or similar ones, within the window seek to convince people that policies outside it should be deemed unacceptable. As the spectrum moves or expands, an idea at a given location may become more or less politically acceptable. Political commentator Joshua Treviño postulated that the degrees of acceptance of public ideas are roughly: Unthinkable Radical Acceptable Sensible Popular Policy After Overton's death, others have examined the concept of adjusting the window by the deliberate promotion of ideas outside of it, or "outer fringe" ideas, with the intention of making less fringe ideas acceptable by comparison.
  6. [This started as a response to the Allison Hrabar discussion but I decided to post it as a separate item.] We are watching the Lib/Prog/Dems moving the Overton Window in a direction that we should all find worrisome. Unconsciously, the Left is moving toward acceptance of direct confrontation of "the enemy" rather than generic protests. Given they have moved this from the lunatic fringe to the edge of acceptability, we can expect worse in the coming time as the Window moves further in that direction. A year ago, a deranged Bernie Bro attacked the GOP baseball team nearly killing Scalise. Had there not been armed security there, there would have been many dead. At the time, the shooter was dismissed by the Media ("He's a Bernie supporter, not mainstream Democrat.") and has now been flushed down the memory hole. This week we had the confrontation with Kirstjen Nielsen in a public venue and the crowd harassing her included an employee of the DoJ. Very difficult to dismiss this group as a bunch of crazy extremists, as much as some in the Media tried. Instead of attacking the harrassers, some Media defended the action rationalizing a rising frustration with DHS policies. Some mocked Nielsen's choice of eating at a Mexican restaurant as if any normal person would say "Gee, I have this Mexican border dilemma, I should avoid eateries serving Mexican cuisine.". Earlier this week, a progressive publication published the personal phone number of Steven Miller. Others in the Administration have had their home addresses published. The Left eschews the Right when someone is "doxxed" but sees no problem with this when one of their "enemies" is exposed. As @DoOver point out in the Allison Hrabar thread: It is certainly in the prerogative of the restaurant owner to pick his clientele, but can we remember another incidence of such a thing for a civilian member of government? Last night, protestors appeared OUTSIDE NIELSEN'S HOME. How much of a stretch is it to go from playing harassing audio on amplifiers to throwing a rock at the dwelling? The Left, whether intentionally or not, is slowly moving the Overton Window of acceptable protest behavior in a direction where direct and physical confrontation of Administration members is acceptable. They are moving beyond the protest of policies in generic marches to expressions of anger with specific people. Meanwhile, no one in a "leadership" position in the Democrat Party seems to be upset about these developments. I have yet to hear any condemnation of these recent events, have there been any? I have not heard the Media condemn this, if anything, they seem gleeful when they report it. Unfortunately, this is not something that is under the control of one person or small group. The Overton Window theory applies to large groups or a society and it is a collective change in norms, values and acceptable behaviors. And, unfortunately, once a shift in the Window starts, it is very difficult to stop it. Only a sudden and unexpected change or a catastrophe that requires a society-wide introspection, can stop these subtle forces. So what event or trends could push the Window further in this direction? I will offer a few for discussion: No Mueller indictment nor grounds for impeachment No Blue Wave in November An immigration compromise that does not provide amnesty or open borders Continued investigation of, and discoveries about, malfeasance by the Obama Administration and Clinton Campaign A coarsening of political rhetoric as 2+ dozen Democrats vie for the party's nomination Trump's reelection in 2020 I would worry for the physical safety of Administration members if more than a couple come to pass.
  7. "The importance of the population shift issue to progressives is underscored by how hard they will fight for it." - Richard Fernandez referring to Angela Merkel
    "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject" - Winston Churchill 
    If you can hear "dog whistles" you think are meant for others, you are the dog. 
  8. amnesty
  9. I have had this happen with flies in the salt and various lures in fresh water when float tubing. In the latter case, the hit comes with less than a rod's length of line out of the tip. Not sure about it being a matter of being closer to shore as suggested above because I have had this happen 20-30’ off the water's edge in a float tube. There is something to a change in the fly's retrieve. Not only is it steady but as you are reeling in more fly line, the diameter of the reel is increasing which means the effective length of line retrieved per rotation is increasing making the fly move slightly faster. Same thing in a spinning reel but to a much lesser degree and much more gradual. Any gamefish following the bait could perceive the change in speed as an effort to escape its pursuit. From the float tube tube we saw it happen enough, hits at the last moment, to come up with one or two thoughts. First, the fly, plug, worm, slug-go or spinnerbait is changing its angle as it gets closer to the angler. As it gets closer, the bow in the line is reduced and the fly, etc. will start moving upward toward the surface. We thought, with no real visual evidence, that a fish following the item will see the cash get in angle/depth and think it’s quarry is getting away from it. Hence, the hit to not let a meal get away. Secjd, we sometimes got hits when we stopped reeling and were about to lift the lure from the water to begin another cast and got hit. Those explosive hit, at your feet, rarely resulted in hookup but when in a float tube, it doesn’t take a very large LMB to get splashed. In those rarer cases, we think they are hitting at the momentary pause, possibly just the next step in the above scenario. Anyone who who has thrown plugs for pike or Muskie knows they will follow a lure back to the boat. In such cases, you are told to do the "Figure 8” with the plug trying to entice a hit at boatside. Different than the above, but that following of the bait can apply to many species. When we are live chumming in FL and using flies, the water is so clear you can see the action at the end of the retrieve. Blue runners and smaller albiles will follow a fly back to the boat but not hit. Frustrating but occasionally you can entice the hit with some drastic motion of the fly. Given the EatMe or similar is already near the surface, you can’t twitch it higher in the water. The only thing that has worked is an aggressive sideways sweep of the rod combine with a short haul with the line hand. Making the fly move laterally will sometimes get a runner to strike, but never an albie. Unfortunately, it is the clarity of the water that is the issue in times like that when the fish can see every fiber in the fly, including those which cross the shank of the hook making the fly look "wrong". Back to strippers and wading, think about the times it has happened and your rod's angle to the horizon. I would bet that it happens with the rod tip held high rather than pointed at the water. Makes for a larger angle of change for the fly. My $0.02
  10. Republic
  11. I have not seen a catch like that in many years.
  12. Yeah, that helmet is thick.
  13. Songs from the soundtrack of "Fiddler on the Roof" as we await the curtain on a production of that show my 14yo is in. Oy vey!
  14. True words. While I am confident that I am my wife's best friend (husband version), her mother was her best friend, period. They spoke every day, if not multiples. They were close before we moved down here three years ago but have gotten closer since then. Big hole in her big heart which will require much time to heal. Sadly, my arsehole brother in law, her brother, probably created an inrepairable wedge between them. Estranged from his mother due to an outburst nearly three years ago, he redirected that rage on his sister. And she is not the type to turn the other cheek, as good a Catholic as she is. As I mentioned in the "House in order" thread, old wounds that scar over are the most difficult to heal. The bro in law has been carrying around repressed rage for 20 years and lost it. Being the only son and youngest of four, he thinks he should be the man in the family, etc. I believe he was annoyed that my wife had control under the living will and is the executrix of the estate. Anyway, thanks for your kind words and thoughts.
  15. Tonite's dinner