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  1. Had a great day morning on the boat this past Saturday. Caught about 16 fish in under 90 minutes between 7:30 and 9 AM. I was using a 247 Mully in the bone color and twitching it on the surface. I was pitching the lures up against the sides of a couple of the rocky islands that dot Salem Sound (hopefully that is not too specific for the secret squirrel folks on here since there are about a dozen of these rock piles and I didn't say which side of the pile, LOL). All of the fish were in the 22"-26" range. My guess is that there may have been some larger fish under them but I was having too much fun watching the larger schoolies chase the Mully on top. Water temp was 58 degrees, warm enough to keep the bait around. Given the mild week we have had there is a good chance not much has changed. I will give it another go tomorrow morning and report back on the outcome.
  2. Fun blitz this morning at the mouth of the Danvers River. Landed at least a dozen fish in less than an hour. They were all small, 16-20's, but great fun. I saw the birds and then the fish splashing as they chased the baits. I tried tossing a couple of different soft baits and got nothing. Switched to an epoxy jig in the 4 inch range, color was black and silver, and instantly started taking fish.
  3. Thank you for the link, much appreciated.
  4. DOC

    Do you find that the action change at all with the switch to the single hooks? I like this, especially when trying to remove a Doc from a feisty Striper. Those big trebles are spaced enough to get your hand. Also, they lend the,selves to double hooking the fish which kills the fight in them.
  5. I had planned on a family cruise yesterday afternoon but the family thought it was too cold. I went fishing instead. I didn't expect to catch much in the middle of the day but I managed a few from 28 to 32 inches. All caught in the Misery/Bakers Islands area. I was using a Doc plug, the 9 inch with those big trebles. I noticed that the largest fish I caught didn't put up much of a fight (until I pulled the hooks out). He had the mid plug hook nicely set in his lip but the rear hook had lodged below the mouth towards his belly. I think the double hooking didn't allow for him to fight. Has anyone switched out the trebles for single hooks on the Doc? Or simply removed one treble? Just wondering if anyone has done this and if it maintained the sharp zig-zag motion.
  6. Good steamers are found on the Cape. Great steamers are found on the North Shore. Sorry, had to stoke the fire. Clam Shack at the Salem Willows, Sea Level in Salem or Newburyport, Lobster Pool in Rockport, and the list goes on. Funny thing about the famous spots in the heart of Ipswich/Essex, most of them only focus on fried clams and don't offer steamers. Woodmen's does but that place is too crowded for my taste.
  7. Kay doesn't fish? Ha, never knew that. I always assumed she was out on PI hurling lures with the best of them. I am hoping to get out to fish Salem Sound on Friday or Saturday so I will let you guys know what I find. I may shoot over to Nahant Bay as well. Yesterday I heard from a good source that some nice size fish have been hitting live macs and large spook style plugs (he was using a Musky Mania Doc plug) over there this week.
  8. Nice cow Joppa! Regarding water temps - seeing the same thing in Salem Sound. Dropped around 5 degrees in the past couple of weeks. Generally this is the time of year it should have ticked up a few degrees and held through September. I know the air temps have been mild but I don't think that they are cool enough to drop the inshore ocean temps. Is anyone here a marine biologist? Just kidding, couldn't avoid the Seinfeld reference. Looking for a Meteorologist that might be able to weigh in on why ocean temps are falling during August. Did I miss the news that we reversed global warming?
  9. I was out in the fog on Saturday morning with a few friends. We had to hug the shorelines of Salem sound to maintain visibility and figured it would lift as the sun got higher. Started in Salem Harbor and didn't see anything interesting on the finder, and nothing ate our offerings. Moved back out along the shoreline to a couple of fishy spots and landed a couple of nice schoolies in the 26" range (PM me if you would like more details, I never mind sharing). After a couple of quick catches the fog started to get even worse so we cleared lines and headed home. I will add a plug here for Plum Island Baits (PIB). We had four lines in the water and both stripers hit the PIB Mondo 9" Flukushima soft baits we had out. In case you have not seen these baits they are similar in appearance to a Lunker City Fin S bait but softer so the action is very nice. Color was pearl. The other two lines had a pink hogy and a green mack whip it (which have both caught their fair share so it may have simply been a pearl color day). I had purchased a pack of the PIB's at the RISAA show in the Spring. Now I need to find a local retailer so I won't need to mail order them. Tomo, if your reading this, I know your store is packed with goodies but I like these a lot, :).
  10. You noodled a dogfish? I could be wrong but isn't noodling when the drunk guy in the muscle shirt sticks his arm in the hole in the bottom of a muddy river so he can get a catfish to swallow it? I am guessing that is not how you caught a dogfish,
  11. Night Shift Beer!
  12. Thank you to all of you that responded with ideas. My tackle bag keeps growing and my wallet keeps shrinking. My fishing addiction appears to be supporting Newton's 3rd Law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  13. I think I forgot how to fish artificial stuff over the off-season. I was in the Bass/Danvers River yesterday morning and the fish finder was lit up like a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, all I could manage was one 16-18 inch fish. I switched out lures and retrieve styles and all I could manage were bumps and follows, saw them follow right to the boat and then turn off. The lure that seemed to garner the most interest, and the only fish I landed, was a Hogy soft eel imitation. Tried white, pink and purple soft baits, green mack Al Gag whip-it fish, a yellow and white bucktail, a Sebile soft swimmer in bunker pattern (action on those things is amazing), a mack pattern popper and even threw in an Hayward swimmer in blue mack pattern (I figured it was too big for schoolies but it is new and shiny and I wanted to christen it). Very frustrating morning. Nothing but a small schoolie, a sore shoulder, and near frostbite to show for my efforts. Damn it was cold out there. I hope someone had better luck in the river over the weekend than I did. If you did feel free to PM me whatever lure was actually working. Hopefully I can return the favor soon.
  14. Glad you were able to see the post before it got taken down for being "too specific". All of the spots I mentioned are usually named in fishing reports from Tomo's Tackle and other local tackle shops every week so I thought they were fine but apparently people complained. You would think I mentioned which rock to fish off of or which plank on the pier to stand on. Perhaps I am on the wrong board, I thought we were here to help each other out, especially people new to the area or new to fishing. For those that did complain, your not the kind of people that I would want to share my boat or my whisky with anyway. I think the following quote sums up a good thought to keep at top of mind as we go through life: "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others." Dalai Lama