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  1. How would you say it throws the bottom end?
  2. Sold to Jfert will ship tomorrow thanks sol
  3. Yes it Is 45 PayPal shipped
  4. Well he was on 19 hours ago after I responded if you want it for 45 it’s all yours
  5. I’ll meet ya at 45 shipped that’s half price
  6. No one wants to be tacticool?
  7. Price drop 50 PayPal shipped
  8. I no longer have a Hand gun with a rail so I have no use for this light it comes with adapters to fit all pistol makes 125 lumens. It’s been mounted but never carried or fired with it on. 60 PayPal shipped
  9. Got it thanks
  10. Ok I’ll pm PayPal is it alright if it ships out Monday if not I can get it out sooner Monday is just easier?
  11. Picked this up on here I really don’t have a use for it. Looking to get back what I have in to it 105 shipped in the north east. 110 shipped West Coast. pay pal.
  12. Be interested to see these new rods are the 2pc going to stay 50/50 split and are the 9ft and under rods still being built on the glb blanks?