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  1. I know of one jetty in nh that is good for them as well as a bridge they are around for sure when the time comes
  2. I agree I would not pay ll bean prices for ll bean brand name and not get the warranty with it
  3. I have a star paraflex 9ft 1 to 4 for sale one here I could do 130 shipped to you
  4. Going to close this Down soon if no other interest
  5. Never mind read where you are
  6. Label was just bad from the factory
  7. It’s how it was from the factory flex coat is perfect
  8. I think those were made on the glb blank but the newer ones 9 foot and up are all build on the gsb I read by the 8 ft is still a glb blank
  9. Gsb line took over the surf and jetty
  10. Would also consider trades toward a 9ft One pc rod rated to 3 or 4
  11. Any thing else out there? Lami, fsc, century, cts, rainshadow or odm nex1
  12. Read this right off the site
  13. Not true any thing 108 and up does unless they changed it
  14. Ups