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  1. How some people work you offer less than asking some one offers asking they get it read to rules ask any one don’t be calling people out like that don’t say I’ll take it for asking you don’t win it
  2. Sold to joelj pending paypal
  3. Loved my 9ft before I went custom but think of picking another up from time to time liked it better than the mojo or the paraflex.
  4. Going to hold off for now at 115 shipped after PayPal and shipping it will be almost 26 bucks if you ever make it to Newburyport I could meet down that way
  5. I’ll look at it soon and let you know
  6. Split grip 1/2 to 1 1/4
  7. Looking to sell my mojo inshore only cast a few times 100 local meet up near Portsmouth nh 115 PayPal shipped
  8. I have used the tica, the fsc and odm might be a little expensive for this kind of work. I realize most company’s make a 2-6 9ft just not sure about a 8ft
  9. Not looking to buy in this forum but looking for what there is on the market. Going to use it to throw 2-3 oz and a small chunk back bay.
  10. Catching herring

    We can fish them up here but with those rules I posted above
  11. Catching herring

    I use a Shad spoon 12 inches of 6 to ten pound floro leader with a 1/4 to half oz egg sinker tied above a swivel. Remember in Maine you cannot fish them Thursday to Saturday 6am and in nh it is closed wed sun up to Thursday sun up. And a 25 fish bag limit in Maine.