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  1. Finished a mahi troller today. Buying a belt sander to make more of these trollers. Diggin them!
  2. Thank you for your posts Chumfish.
  3. Awesome!! I think we are drawing names? Probably easiest.
  4. I'll be there in March! I'm looking to fish the surf. I'm just gonna bring poppers and heavy shiny stuff!
  5. I'm watching that video right now at work! I just moved off the island almost two years ago and definitely miss it! I might have to get back just for the albie run!
  6. RIP David, I fished against him a couple times in the Nantucket Inshore Classic when I lived on island from 2005-2016. I never got to share a tide with him but I did read the Goodman's Gam in the Inky (newspaper) all the time. May he rest in peace and I'll release a few just for him. I'm in.
  7. I used to have a similar lathe with a dupe. It worked fine. I just upgraded to a bigger lathe, same dupe.
  8. It was crazy at the canal in August, but a lot of big fish were caught. You going to the Surf Day show in Jersey on Saturday 2/17? I'm heading there with a buddy of mine.
  9. I have a DOJ building in my area. The fire alarm went off and the building evacuated. They told the firemen not to go in and if there is a fire to let it burn. No clearance, no access. Building is still there. All is well. I'm suprised the shooter at the NSA building is still alive.
  10. I was thinking of these:
  11. Pine, weighted in the middle.
  12. I'm in!
  13. Either way, I'm stopping by your table to pick up a butterfish tin if you have any! See you there.
  14. I honestly didn't even think of that. It's in the upper 40's and climbing to the mid 60's this week here in Virginia. I keep hearing of people drinking and smoking heavily, that's why I was saying it's a good thing.