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  1. Beautiful plug Rob!!!
  2. Sure! I'll trade it for the SS Darter. I'll message you my address. Thanks!
  3. Wow! Beautiful work! Would love to see the progression.
  4. I hope it stays cloudy and rains a little!! That would be perfect!
  5. Definitely don't want you to lose your black talon handcarve for my plugs. These are 2ozs and they swim at most a foot under the surface.
  6. Any kind? I've got some that I made.
  7. I will be! Hopefully get to share a tide with ya!
  8. Awesome! I like that there that many different ways he wanted it to swim. So far I've only used the Danny 1 and 2 lips. I'm going to try a few more. What a great looking plug.
  9. Very true. Searched canal videos on youtube this morning. Video posted yesterday of them fishing YESTERDAY!
  10. This story was fantastic! Thank you.
  11. Awesome! I will definitely check that out! Thank you ChronicAngler! That is definitely a custom lip. Looks more like a lefty2 lip with the lip bent up than a danny 2 lip. Such a cool lure!
  12. Thank you Ted. I used pine with these. The eyes I did myself and got them printed by my old job (vinyl & wood print shop) If there is any way you can show me the lip size of the original, I would really appreciate it! I want to see which lip he was using.
  13. These are my favorite. I've been building something similar but with one belly hook that weighs around 2.2ozs.
  14. I can see that as well. Maybe that's why the names weren't released.
  15. That's what blows my mind! So much within 3 miles. Are we that glutinous? Even when your fishing, and wallet are at stake?