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  1. I'm in VA as well. I'd like to not pay $45 a year as well! They should definitely have more benefits for Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans here in VA.
  2. After seeing Butterfish tins fo $7-8 each, I decided I want to make my own. Instead of buying one and copying it, how should I go about making a new mold? and what kind of putty can handle lead? Bondo?
  3. No way! Certain friend make life more fun!
  4. Can I see some photos of the jigs you guys are using for the slope? I'm sick of guesstimating and screwing up. I've mad a bunch that were great but they aren't how I want them.
  5. Wanted to Bump this up in case anyone else wanted to join in before it stops on Nov. 1
  6. Where can I see or buy any of these?!! I sold all of my commercial lures and only use my plugs or plugs from hobby builders. I tie and paint my own bucktails as well. I actually have a couple Tsunami Sandeels in my bag. Those things are killer.
  7. Great, I'll grab 2 of the 1.5oz and 1 of the 2oz, all no hooks, what's the total and your paypal info?
  8. Oh okay. I like the Shorty's a lot. How much for 4 in lead no hooks not painted? 2 oz.
  9. Sorry, not chrome plated, the tin version with no hooks. Just 4 of the jigs. What's the cost?
  10. PM Sent Thanks!! Thanks!
  11. Small surf bag for sale $25 Shipped
  12. Dan, how much for 3 of the 2oz flat top shorty's no hooks, and chrome plated?
  13. If you still have it then, I will take it.
  14. Yes, same exact thing whether Montauk or Virginia. The biggest issue is the bullseye we have on them in Virginia. I definitely want to fish for them come March/April on the flats.
  15. Been arrested with this guy before!