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  1. They swim SO GOOD!!!!! I'm excited to finally use them this weekend!
  2. Yeah, I was going to do the Berkeley tournament but realized it was memorial day and 86'd that idea. Gonna start in Atlantic County and go north. Then come back down.
  3. There really are. My gf and I talk to our daughter, who's in middle school, and she tells us that her friend's parents are nothing like us. While we tell her to come hang out with us or go outside and get away from the screens, her friends parent's do the complete opposite. A lot of people are out there preaching about kids with screens in their faces all the time but don't actually want to spend more time than they have to with their kids.
  4. Tommy, get your a** to northern jersey and fish with me dangit.
  5. Found explosives on school property and near the school.
  6. My lady and I both have separate vehicles. I work in northern Virginia and she has offices all over northern VA. We just bought a used Ford Excursion for family trips and to hold kayaks and other stuff. I definitely think it's a necessity for a family and god I love driving that thing!
  7. Just saw that a student walked into an art class and starting firing the shotgun at people. Multiple deaths.
  8. Don, if you can send me the weight mold I can make you another batch of plugs!
  9. I've used them and they work fine. A bit bulky though. I had to get different ones.
  10. Thanks SOL, please close.
  11. Bump before closing tonight.
  12. I have a few I could send you PM your info.
  13. Both sold. Thanks SOL
  14. For the lure makers. I have 50 buzz bait blades. Hammered nickel. I kept a bunch to mess around with and see what I come up with. $28 shipped for 50pcs.
  15. 20 of each left.