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  1. I’ll take em both
  2. I’ll take the slim
  3. I’m interested mostly in the smallest one but may be willing to take em all Depending on price what’d you have in mind?
  4. I’ve been meaning to get your book I’ve heard it is a great resource. I didn’t realize it had rigging info and such. Figured it was more about the block which i plan to fish someday, hopefully this summer anyways I’ll grab a copy thanks for posting
  5. Thanks that looks great. Where you rigging a whole dead eel to it or just the skin?
  6. Looks cool but I’m set on ss darters unless you have a snapper or a black over gold
  7. Anyone have any experience with eel bobs ? Any pictures of em or sources to acquire some. Looking for some new methods to use a freezer full of eels thanks in advance
  8. Wow. What am I looking at here? Looks like a mirrored belly?
  9. Looking for some Gibbs 1oz darters to fish. Any colors. Also any 1oz darter will do. I’m not aware of any others besides the Musso which I’d also be interested I fishing thanks
  10. Just rash? No dents or dings?
  11. im Looking to repaint some rebels and redfins with some krylon cans. Nothing fancy. Black yellow white pink and combinations thereof. I was wondering if anyone had pics or a materials list for putting together a diy spray box. I am assuming I’d need something to hold the lure and rotate it I have some ideas but I’m sure some guys on this site have developed a simpler more elegant systems and I’d to piggy back on that. also any suggestions on prep and finish also greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  12. Thanks
  13. Paypal sent
  14. Respectfully offer 60