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  1. Is it a good read?
  2. 2nds
  3. I ll take it. Send a pm!
  4. I’ll take it
  5. Looking for my first drysuit. 6’0225lbs figuered I’d check here before I order one online tia
  6. Large probably not gonna do it.
  7. How’s the fit I’m 6’0 225lbs.
  8. That’s awesome. It looks like I’ll be using mine the next few days as the larger baits have arrived thanks for the video.
  9. I’ll,take the two tube does it have a strap? Meet up south shore? Nassau
  10. Seemed like I was missing something I bought it because I was afraid to throw jigs over 4oz at the canal with my vaportrail 3-6. (Though I thoroughly enjoyed landing fish with that rod) a fishing partner of mine had a couple great tides this summer/fall jigging the 5oz savage with the jigster but he hadn’t yet tried using it outside the canal or with metal lips. I love oversized plugs when Big bunker are around and would like the ability to lay into em as opposed to the lobs I’m used to with my current set up
  11. You guys wanna fill me in on the issues with this rod?
  12. Hopefully the adult bunker show up here soon I can’t wait to throw some 183 sticknshads and mikes he swimmers and commanders and med giants and surface giants and beast darters and rouge bottles and such
  13. Awesome.