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  1. I’ll take a left hook
  2. I’ll take the 69 darter. Combine shipping with the pichney?
  3. Offer 35 for the white Conrad jr.
  4. I’ll take the bottom pichney
  5. ************** mojos Has anyone here had any luck trolling one of these on the yak? i like the idea of it for deep trolling when I’m running from point to pointt in deep water at revo 16 speeds thanks
  6. Seconds on the large eely
  7. Might be interested in the blue
  8. Ok
  9. Offer 100 paypal shipped
  10. I’ll take it
  11. How much for the yellow only?
  12. Looking for an atom jr or two to fish.
  13. Looking for an atom jr or two to fish.
  14. Love spooks
  15. Looking for some input on what your favorite jetty fishing setup is. I’m looking to spend more time on the inlet jetties this year and assume I’ll be throwing 1-3 oz bucktails and paddle tails mostly. And feeding some metal lips into the rips. Been using a 10’6 marauder 1-5 with a vs250 but was looking for something a little shorter and easier to manage Thanks