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  1. Thanks for the info. I would have loved to pull one this it out of the rocks maybe someday.
  2. Been meaning to post this for a while. Back at the beginning of June I was plugging along a favored South Shore beach when I came across a monster Tog rack washed up on the cobble. I didn't know they were around those parts. Is it common to have big Tog along the beaches from Boston to Plymouth and can they reliably be targeted by shore bound fishermen? If so what time of year?
  3. Incredible! No need for pics, I am sure it is imprinted in your mind. One question, did you drop off your anchor once you hooked up or were you fighting it anchored up the whole time and get fouled up in your anchor ball.
  4. Those are the K1100 Plus model with the 29 studs. The standard K1100 model had less studs. I would take take a pair of K1100 Plus lace-ups any day over the current nylon strap models. Disappointed that they were discontinued.
  5. Nice rack for sure. Don't know how I used to live without one. I can testify that a Reynolds rack can hold up to a head on deer collision at speed with minimal damage.
  6. That's a nice haul. I too have been crabbing and clamming more than fishing. The day I went raking I was only getting bigs and couldn't find any little necks. Then dropped some pots from the yak for a 48 hr soak and probably had 5 Doz between 2 pots but lots of females and smalls. Kept a bakers dozen of the biggest for the two of us which was more than enough.
  7. I know some guys have used paracord and maybe they will chime in specific to that. However you need to be careful of anything that can stretch when making a cord grip. I now make all my rods with a simple cord grip using tarred seine twine. The stuff is cheap, tough as nails, doesn't need to have any finish applied and won't rot. No matter how nasty, slimy or wet my hands are they never slip on the grip. Making the grip grip is a simple whip just like doing a guide wrap with thread. Three turns over the free end when starting and pull the tag end under the last three turns to finish. To pull the tag end under I used a loop of doubled over 50 lb braid wrapped around a dowel. I have read some guys wrap on top of a thin coat of epoxy so the cord doesn't shift but I just wrap as tight as humanly possible without epoxy. In the 8-10 years I have used some rods they show no sigh s of loosening. The ends of the grip can be finished with thread or with a Turks-head knot. Good luck
  8. I generally find a large area with the kind of bottom I like and drift but I think the fish are keyed on the edges of the grass. Any small grub or gulp will work but I like the gulp shrimp. The abundant pinfish with their sharp teeth will bite off the back end frequently. The gulp shrimp has a meaty tail that holds up better. Whatever you use bring a bunch of them as you might need to refresh bitten off tails frequently. I usually search with the popping cork and switch to the jig only if they are biting good. The best thing to do is buy your stuff down there from Hatteras Jacks and they will give tips and launch sites. The little I know on this fishery I learned from talking to those guys and implementing.
  9. I have had some seriously good kayak fishing for specks in the sound. Find any turn off between rodanthe and Avon, paddle out 1/4- 2 miles until you are in ~4 ft of water with patchy sand/grassy bottom (this is the key). I usually bring 2 rods one rigged with a gulp shrimp on 1/4 oz jig, another with the same behind a popping cork.
  10. DE beaches are generally terrible for structure and the fishing is generally equally terrible. I don't fish there at all anymore during the migratory seasons. They are close to the house and I do enjoy them in the summer (when they don't turn into a parking lot) with the family and catch a few kingfish along the way. In my mind I blame the horrific practice of replenishment but don't really know.
  11. IMO you can't call it a pick-up truck if some version of it isn't available with 4wd. More like a modern day el Camino. (Half joking, half serious)
  12. The out of the box tune on my Fathom 15 was 30 sec of free spin. As I mentioned when I cleaned it I was getting half that. I thought it was the oil so I started buying different oils to get it back to where it was. When I used Penn oil it seemed like I put peanut butter in the bearings. I Even did a unscientific test to find the lightest oil. I settled on Abu high speed oil. Much to my dismay that still didn't work. But then I finally realized that I had unintentionally cranked down on the spool tension knob when putting the reel back together after cleaning. Now with the spool tension set right I am getting 85 seconds of free spin out of the reel. Doh! I know I won't be able to control this thing when I fish it. I figure once I blow it up I will start using Penn oil and probably get that perfect 30 sec of spin.
  13. When I am coming on and know I won't be looking for a spot for a number of miles of the beach and the whole way coming off I try to ride the eastern most ruts right along the stakes. I feel like it gets any lights from the truck that much further from the water and the people fishing it. Rod tip lights, I did the glow stick thing for a while but much prefer the Breakaway LED rod tip lights. Fishing the inlets I will go an entire tide and turn on a red headlight just a few times and NEVER a white light.
  14. That was it. I hooked that fish about midnight on the Friday of that weekend. I have never since seen my Rainshadow 1088 bent into the foregrip like that moment. I stopped the fish twice after two huge runs but could never gain ground as it gave huge head shakes out in the current. Then the line just went slack as the 3/0 trebles on the Bomber magnum A pulled. Reading all your reports from AI that weekend was salt on the wound.