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  1. DE beaches are generally terrible for structure and the fishing is generally equally terrible. I don't fish there at all anymore during the migratory seasons. They are close to the house and I do enjoy them in the summer (when they don't turn into a parking lot) with the family and catch a few kingfish along the way. In my mind I blame the horrific practice of replenishment but don't really know.
  2. IMO you can't call it a pick-up truck if some version of it isn't available with 4wd. More like a modern day el Camino. (Half joking, half serious)
  3. The out of the box tune on my Fathom 15 was 30 sec of free spin. As I mentioned when I cleaned it I was getting half that. I thought it was the oil so I started buying different oils to get it back to where it was. When I used Penn oil it seemed like I put peanut butter in the bearings. I Even did a unscientific test to find the lightest oil. I settled on Abu high speed oil. Much to my dismay that still didn't work. But then I finally realized that I had unintentionally cranked down on the spool tension knob when putting the reel back together after cleaning. Now with the spool tension set right I am getting 85 seconds of free spin out of the reel. Doh! I know I won't be able to control this thing when I fish it. I figure once I blow it up I will start using Penn oil and probably get that perfect 30 sec of spin.
  4. When I am coming on and know I won't be looking for a spot for a number of miles of the beach and the whole way coming off I try to ride the eastern most ruts right along the stakes. I feel like it gets any lights from the truck that much further from the water and the people fishing it. Rod tip lights, I did the glow stick thing for a while but much prefer the Breakaway LED rod tip lights. Fishing the inlets I will go an entire tide and turn on a red headlight just a few times and NEVER a white light.
  5. That was it. I hooked that fish about midnight on the Friday of that weekend. I have never since seen my Rainshadow 1088 bent into the foregrip like that moment. I stopped the fish twice after two huge runs but could never gain ground as it gave huge head shakes out in the current. Then the line just went slack as the 3/0 trebles on the Bomber magnum A pulled. Reading all your reports from AI that weekend was salt on the wound.
  6. I have no idea how deep that is but the hard east to west contour of that hole is what sets everything up out there on the north side. Big eddys set up with a lot of water pushing all the way inside the tip opposite the hard running tide (both tides). The current seam traditionally sits right along that drop-off. Much of the time at IRI you will do well fishing vertically along those seams rather than trying to get to the actual bottom. That is not an absolute but a good starting place for someone just getting going out there and it doesn't just apply to the end.
  7. This is before the tear down of the old bridge. The giant hole (90-100 ft deep) is inside the bridge just east of the first bend. I don't think that is contributing to the problem off the end which is just a display of the power of Neptune.
  8. I don't push it ever since I was young and dumb 10 years ago and got swept of my feet and dropped 3 rocks back, almost went in. I actually stayed out there after, soaking wet and an hour later hooked and dropped a freight train like I have never since felt. I still remember the heart ache like it was yesterday. This was right after all those 50s were caught in a single night at Assateague, can't remember the year.
  9. Yikes. We've been losing a bit of the front end about every 2 yrs since I started going out there in the early 2000s but you could always still get to the good water off the front. that really makes it difficult if not impossible. I'm going to have to check that out in the daylight before heading out at night.
  10. It looks like you figured it out. For future reference I posted this a long time ago.
  11. 20,000 thread views in one month during peak drum season. I grew up in and still fish Massachusetts where many fishing spots have 2 legal parking spaces and many wealthy shore front property owners happy to find a reason to close public access to the beach. Real time reports are bad. Reports that are after the fact and general are fine particularly when something memorable occurs that you care to share. Just my opinion.
  12. What oil comes in the bearings of a factory Fathom? When I cleaned mine recently it was much slower. Thanks
  13. My Daiwa BG 20s have been collecting dust ever since I picked up a Fathom 15. Either of those with suffix tri 17 lb is a good option. An Abu 6500 C3 with 15 lb big game has put some on the beach as well. Nothing wrong with going up to a 30 size reel but I have never needed to.
  14. I love my SW1087. Never fished a 1081M. No problem throwing 2 3/8 SS. Considering the weight class of the SW1087 it is not a delicate blank.
  15. I have used my buddy's CPS 8-12. It's too stiff and fast for my taste but I am not a power caster. My go to is a CTS S7 1305 which is a great 8 oz beach rod for fall drum on the mid-Atlantic beaches.