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  1. Like many or most of you who use them, I pre-tie leader rigs, bag each one up individually in 4 inch x 4 inch 6 mil heavy duty zip lock bags and fill the slots and keep them in a CD case, which is maybe the best idea of come across on SOL btw. So not only do i try to store my terminal components out of harms way of the elements and wear and tear while not using, but i also wash whatever leader and terminal gear i use with fresh water after each outing. My question is this: when it’s time to scrap or retire the leader that you’ve been using, do you all recycle/reuse the terminal gear like swivels and clips? More specifically, I’m interested in hearing after what point or how long will you stop reusing the terminal parts barring that there is no obvious signs of rust, etc?
  2. TLap: Sounds good. Will try to remember to do that when i can. I would be interested to know as well.
  3. Good question: no i haven’t.
  4. Batman: I use flex wrap for the finger protection on the cast. Jamata: All in all I love the performance of 832. Kima: You might be right. This situation could just look like more of a potential hazard than it actually is. Beastly: That might be a good play. Never really felt the need for the top shot because would always go braid to leader rig (swivel>mono/fluoro>clip>plug), but seeing as what is happening, I’m thinking I’ll give the top shot a try. Thanks guys
  5. I have been using 30lb Sufix 832 consistently for several years now and don’t have too many bad things to say about it performance wise. Smooth casting and have never really had it fail on me from what i can recall. My only drawback back on it is that after a certain amount of time the portion of the line that i appear to use and hold with my casting finger appears to deteriorate due to the constant abrasion against my taped casting finger. In an an effort to not have to continue cutting this section of worn line off every so often to avoid risk, I’m asking: is there a specific braided line or super line that you all know about that seems to hold up better regarding this issue? Also, in general, is there a type of braided line that tends to serve better with issues like this (like 4 strand models)? I’d love to find a better alternative and not have to sacrifice too much in the smooth and subtle department. Any ideas, thoughts, and RELEVANT opinions?
  6. Haha I’m assuming that your sarcastically reiterating the classic response on this subject from the one too many napoleons that seem to exist on here...if that’s the case, then i do find that post funny. In general though, i would imagine that guys who really do believe that don’t cast as far as they potentially could if they held the line for longer. Not that casting distance is essential in all scenarios because it’s not always from my experience, but i still let it rip most the time.
  7. Sold to Huy. Received prompt payment. Knob shipping out in the morning!
  8. Huy, 45$ and I’ll take care of shipping will do. PM me to set this up. I don’t do a lot of stuff on BTS. Thanks.
  9. Condition: Like new: Bought new last year and barely fished it one season. No scratches or wear. Price: $47 + Free Shipping. If using PayPal then buyer assumes any fees. Reason For Selling: When i bought my silver VSX150 I immediately upgraded to the oval VSB knob on it. After a couple slips on the knob with wet hands and one or two lost fish, I bought this PowerGrip knob for more grip. Then came late to the party and heard of guys heat shrinking tube over VS knobs. That’s what I’ve now done with the oval VSB knob and it feels like the right fit for me. Have no use for this PowerGrip knob anymore. Gonna liquidate.
  10. Sometimes there is some stubbornness by the zipper to move due to sand, but I’ve found that isn’t a major time consuming issue for me, especially when i hose them off before i take them off.
  11. I reiterate BayYaker. Bought a pair of NRS ATB’s this spring that I’ve been using strong for close to two months. I wanted something that would work in the water, on the beach, and rocky shorelines, but would also be fine to keep on while in transit from spot to spot and walking on pavement. These are good cause they are part wetsuit booty part boot with a pretty solid sole. Durability was my main goal. These have exceeded my expectations.
  12. Perfect response ChumSlick. Most OC residents never had a damn choice in the matter, not to mention were adamantly against it. For someone to assume otherwise shows that they are either not a resident or just clueless...
  13. I’ve always worn the Columbia PFG zero rules long sleeve shirts. They are well made and dry pretty quickly. I also have a couple old under armor polo shirts with the good thick performance material that dries pretty quick. They are good around the water and in the surf. Not sure how the newer ones are. Recently i was looking at some long sleeve loose fit rash guard/sun shirt/swim shirts (as they are advertised) made by O’Neill. They make big & tall sizes like Columbia which i love cause I’m a tall guy and if the material is what it was like for the rash guards i used to wear back in the day as a kid then I’d reckon they would be a decent option. Might be worth a look into. I think i might order one and check them out.