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  1. okay sounds good!
  2. ehh just a few 3-6. Lets see what you got.
  3. Looking for 7 1/4(1.75) and 6 3/8 (1.5oz) needles in fishy colors! Thanks for looking.
  4. Yea I got into a bunch of shorts as well and eneded up with one keeper at 19. Also had a seal 5 feet from my yak following me around. I’ll see you out there again!
  5. Seconds If offer fall through
  6. Moco in the back from 7am-12pm. Fished with SOL memeber Reelfisher101. Did pretty good on the kayaks both limiting out and a handful of shorts as well.
  7. Would you split the purple one and the gold one. And how much? Thanks
  8. Well this is how I made out. And it was really hot as you can tell by the sunburn. I only got 2 fluke and both were keepers. My dad got 4 or 5 shorts. Also caught a bunch of sea robins and a few blues. Water hit around 70-72 at one point. Nice seeing you dude.
  9. Night time is the right time. I’ve found better luck at night recently. Once the sun comes out the bass shutdown in the areas I fish.
  10. Thanks you so much. But I just had a car fire yesterday due to the storm that passed by and I won’t be able to afford fishing gear at the time. Thank you for looking. Please close.
  11. What color stitching? And can you post a pic
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. Still hoping someone has one laying around
  13. WTB surf belt. My waist is 33/34. I was thinking of getting a flatlander from Jamie but before I pull the trigger on one. Maybe someone has something for sale. Thanks for looking.
  14. Moco outback. 9pm-1am. Got 7 or 8 fish dropped a bunch as well. Bite turned on during the outgoing but it was quick. I’m assuming I fished same general area as most since there were a lot of surfcasters. Nice night to be out!