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  1. Thank You Tim S and SOL
  2. If you do the sun method, I’ve read that putting a black garbage bag over the area will heat it up faster. Good luck
  3. I will possibly take depending on the sizing. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
  4. I’ll do 85 cash picked up today if that works
  5. Can we do 20 picked up?
  6. I’m in thanks
  7. Rest in peace David. Thanks for sharing. I am in
  8. I’m in!! Thanks!
  9. Awesome video. Do you know how that kayak rack was constructed at 8:35? Looks pretty sick!
  10. I’ll take if offer falls through. I live close to the stadium.
  11. ok i'd take the two ss needles, the yellow over white darter, and the white pencil with black eye.(second plug in 3rd pic)
  12. I'd be interested in 2 Super Strike darters and 2 needles
  13. ill consider those 2 but does anyone have something else?