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  1. Scored a king this moring!
  2. Saw my first albies today had one hookup but got off . I can't wait for this to get going Im hoping it goes as well as it did last year.
  3. This is last chance for this boat!!! Had 2 people say they would be by to pick up and never showed. This needs to be gone this weekend. Id rather see some one get some use out of it but its getting junked monday. If you want it pm me and it will be rolled out on to the street for you to pick it up.
  4. No nothing big but good eating size if you want to make a meal out of it.
  5. I was out in that area this morning and there are plenty of them around .
  6. Did you hear about the girl who went fishing with 5 guys?? She ended up witha red snapper
  7. Did you hear about the peanut that called the cops?? He was a salted
  8. Skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop
  9. Went back out to the same spot today looks like they moved on. Tons of small bluefish.
  10. Purple Sp minnow
  11. I
  12. Here's a more close up pic
  13. Thanks! Massachusetts
  14. It happened lol
  15. Caught my first Spanish Mac today decided to keep it I've heard they're good eating. Anyone have a good recipe to share? Thanks Tim