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  1. I think the main reason "acid wraps" haven't caught on (and the idea has been around since the 30's--way before "acid") is that you can tell it doesn't work just by looking at it. You can't cast around a corner. I remember explaining this to a buddy when we saw one at a show in the 70's.Took me another 30 years to discover I don't know everything. I went through a time when I lived for offshore deep-water cod fishing, and nothing points out a problem more than a foregrip soaked in clam juice with 20 lbs of cod torquing it south. So I built an acid-wrapped cod jigger, and haven't built a conventional baitcaster since. And now I'm back to knowing everything again.Just ask anyone who knows me. Wait, what? There's a new guide concept? Aaaah, ma-a-an. Unk
  2. Have faith and be strong, Scoob. My prayers are headed your way.
  3. HKJ- metallic threads are fine as overwraps. Size a metallic actually breaks at a slightly heavier load than straight size a nylon. I hafta agree with HoboBob's assessment of pro wrap metallic,forceful as it is. I'm between brands of metallics right now. Some are better than others; I'm using un-named brands acquired and hoarded over the years. I've been using Glide poly-whatever embroidery thread for all my wraps the last 3-4 mos. I really like it, and will be trying their metallics. For those wondering what we're talkin' about, most modern braids are wiry,brittle difficult to work with. Unk
  4. You can do it yourself. You can't do it without masking tape. Everything else can be improvised. The only Black Hole factory rod I've seen was well done.Don't expect to equal it without a few builds under your belt. Don't let that stop you.Don't overcomplicate. There are many,many ways to do the few things we do. Re-think your guide approach.Very few trips down that rabbit hole actually yield an appreciable difference;there's nothing wrong with the factory layout.And good luck. I'm looking forward to being able to buy one of those blanks for myself.
  5. I'm thinkin' cut it with a hacksaw and ferrule it.
  6. I stumbled on a Black Hole 12' 8-10 oz. factory build at a local tackle shop. Unable to do anything more interesting than pick it up and bend the tip against the ceiling, I can't tell ya anything sensible about how much that rod impressed me, but I really liked it,and think it deserves serious consideration in your new-fangled heaver quest. Really light for its bulk,and has a visible construction that should-and is claimed to- provide great strength. Unk.
  7. My wife managed to contact Okuma customer service in Taiwan; they were good enough to respond. They intend to ship in late February. Unk.
  8. I worked on a shrimper in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 60's, and we had an experience similar to Tim's-- somethin' we couldn't see briefly lighting up the various boats in the area and moving from boat to boat way too fast. Old-time skipper was pretty unflappable; said lotsa things happened out there that defied explanation. I also saw a mountain lion walk across rt. 7 in the 70's, so take it for what it's worth. Unk.
  9. Thanks guys. Unk.
  10. Tony- Just bought a pair of 'em. Nice reels. Question: Are the bails designed to close with a turn of the handle, or are they manual-trip only? These both stay open when the handle is turned,which is fine so long as that's how they're intended to work. Thanks. Unk.
  11. Hoakge..you're not gettin' it. Or I'm not gettin' it. No sale of stripers=no poachers,almost. Restaurants can't sell 'em. Fish markets can't sell 'em. Distributors can't sell 'em. Commercials can't sell 'em. So poachers can't sell 'em 'cause no one can buy 'em. Nothing except enforcement can stop pure "fish hogs", but if the monetary reward is removed,there'll be considerably fewer of them,and they'll be more exposed to the peer pressure of surrounding fisherfolk. To the question, I'm o.k. with c and r, I wouldn't fish any less. Think it's a shame to not be able to keep a fish for the table ( I kept one this year), but I'd sure as hell rather not be able to eat one than not be able to catch one. Unk.
  12. Does anyone have info on the new makaira spinner's actual shipping date? Santa's startin' to worry what to tell all the good little surf rats.
  13. Speaking for myself, I'm finding this whole issue more complicated than I would like. I fished commercially-in the 60's- in Ct. Stripers couldn't be sold. I worked for a very large (back then) wholesale/retail seafood company; we never bought or sold stripers. It was illegal. Caught and sold tons of bluefish (@20 cents/lb.) At $75.00/ fish, I see the temptation.So,obviously, I'm long out of touch with commercial fishing.It was too risky and inconsistent a source of income for a family man.That being said, I feel prohibiting the sale of stripers is the way to go. It should minimize poaching.The commercial guys need to re-direct their attention to another species;stripers don't have to "feed the nation". No alternative species left? Can't blame that on the rec's. If the end seller risks his business for a slightly-above-mediocre table fish,he'll eliminate himself.And,if I'm where I think I am, we're all talkin' about preserving the stripers,not the people who exploit 'em. Take it for what it's worth; it's only my 2 cents. Unk.
  14. Lost a girlfriend years ago to a flat of snake-sized sandworms in the fridge.Somethin' about the "last straw".I didn't inquire about the preceding straws;like the song says,"Wasn't much of a girlfriend."
  15. Daiwa BG