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  1. NOT a good thing! Damn women catch more fish than the commercial guys! Don't believe it, just take your wife or daughter with ya. Too much competition for me.
  2. Guys--What's important here is that these public representatives are attempting to end public access to outdoors-recreational areas,sneaking the legislation by us at the last minute with no explanation for their decision. These areas are used for hiking,bird-watching,fishing,boating,crabbing,hunting.We're sposedta be mad as hell and not take it anymore. Let the above-mentioned reps know that this is important to you, and you'll vote accordingly. It's very easy to contact them via e-mail.
  3. Not knowing what to do if someone chases me...
  4. He should stick to what he knows-polishing leather seats and brass rails.
  5. I predict Okuma will introduce a 10000-size Makaira with all the features and none of the deficits of the other high-end surf reels available soon. Oops. Sorry. That was last year.
  6. I'm votin' for the Luxor (Crack) as well. It was the reel of choice in the 50's for the serious surf crowd. I've got the Luxor 300's as well as some of the early Mitchell's; to my bleary eyes it's a Luxor. They were terrific surf reels, the original"coffee grinders" , and nearly unbreakable. Today,they're too stiff, noisy, and heavy (over 2 lbs.), but most of us who fished 'em back in the day still have 'em shelved somewhere 'cause we couldn't kill 'em.
  7. Fishy Fisher-- Guess what? Me too!!
  8. I've been attacked by a swan. Worse than you'd think. Hit me on the shin with his beak and raised a lump an inch high. Next one's gettin' maced!
  9. I've done it too. Also left a bicycle on the cuttyhunk ferry. Left my sneakers outside my car 2 wks. ago while getting into my waders, and had to drive home in my socks. Why would someone steal a ratty pair of fishin' sneakers?Anyhow, I hope you get your gear back.
  10. X2--Lang's is probably the best way to sell it-minus their percentage,but totally reputable.Sorry ORCA didn't work better. They've gotten big. Used to be collectors,but probably more dealers now. HOW ABOUT IT, ORCA?? ANYONE WANTA GIVE THIS MAN A SOLID ESTIMATE OR LOSE HIM TO THE AUCTION HOUSE!
  11. Why would you be chased? Who would chase you? I was once frightened out of the water by someone breathing horrendously behind me--flashlight found a pair of BIG snapping turtles. Never seen a random chaser. Might wanta change brands of that smokin'dope.
  12. Oooo. That'll be the coolest fort ever. Makes me wanta come over and help. It's sad..my grandkids live on their electronics;don't like "the woods". Is that poison ivy!? Prickers. Bees! Snakes!! The 5-yr. old on a fishin' trip to the pond-- "I hate Mother Nature!" They DO get better as they get older, but I gotta stay on 'em. Things have changed so drastically since I was a kid-certainly not all for the better. I just hope what has been preserved is appreciated by enough of today's kids to keep it going.
  13. I know that the Kovalovskys were highly respected for their reliability and durability. They were popular in the earlier days of "big game" fishing; they were bench-made and preceded Penn and-I think- Fin nor. That reel, especially in that 18/0 size, would certainly be desirable to collectors. I'd suggest you take some care in chasing down a realistic value; I think you're in for a pleasant surprise. You might start with ORCA (Old Reel Collector's Association); They'll be able to steer you in the right direction. Unk
  14. Wisdom beyond your years,there whippersnapper! From the mouths of babes...
  15. Very cool. Always been fascinated by those little bastids, but it's one suggestion the wife rejected with extreme prejudice. I'll be interested in your experiences.