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  1. Here's the difference from Saltigas and Stellas...sent 2 of each in for service 6 weeks ago or so...Have had my Stellas back for a month, and 60$ cheaper for service. Still waiting on my Saltigas
  2. Main safety rule is don't be a spaz .Take your time getting down, and don't rush getting the hook out. You don't have to cast or recast in .0002 seconds.
  3. Stop the cormorants a lot of adults going up..and tons of fry coming out..More and more of them every year too
  4. Definitely having a major effect since they started that last year. Seeing groups at a certain pond everyday, where you used to rarely see people. More people consistently at the bigger places too
  5. He was good when Seattle got away with PI on every play.
  6. Pretty much all the "data" I need
  7. Waiting in line is so 2000's....Now all you gotta do is get there the night before, sign the "list", then go to a hotel or buddies house. Go back in am to claim your spot.
  8. One season experts.
  9. I'm in......thanks for the chance
  10. God bless Mary.....thanks for the chance
  11. Don't know what I believe less. The 5 52+inch fish, or that a kid in his 30s would have no pics or video
  12. Those 2 been catching big dogs for a very long time. Old school canal slayers
  13. That's our official canal photographer