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  1. You can never truly know how many "recs" there are. Numbers will be counted by how many licenses are bought, but don't factor in the great amount that fish without obtaining licenses. So the rec catch is probably way under estimated. Comma have set quotas, when reached, there season is over...where as the unknown number of recs catch an unknown number of fish as long as they are around.
  2. Since your not getting it wet and going high end, I would suggest a Stella 14k. Much better reel for what you want it for.
  3. Big cunners are delicious
  4. This one in the 7/8th size slays albies
  5. I live here, and this year you could have thru wired a hot dog and caught a 30# for the better part of a month.....not the best proving ground for a new plug.
  6. Copy something for cheap and cash in baby
  7. Very widely used tactic.....most of the "50s"...sure look like 36-42# fish in the pics...But whatever, it is the canal and you can call them whatever you want. Can't wait til someone claims a 80-90#.....oops, someone did a few years
  8. Seems far fetched, any pics of all these back to back 50s? "Formula", actual scale, or just a guess at weight?
  9. Could be northern kingfish...tuff to tell with that death grip
  10. Subtracting 10 pounds from claimed weight will usually give a more accurate weight of canal fish caught.
  11. I stopped a Hispanic yesterday from taking a short...He was actually attempting to open someone's lobster trap to store his prize schoolies. Probably would have kept more too.
  12. Some of them just don't know much about the fishery and it's rules. Examples a few weeks EPO was going to write up a friend for a short fish, a bluefish(no size limit)....another wanted to write up an old timer for having a bled and dead fish on a stronger. When told it was legal in the book, said they don't go by the book...etc......Also think they let the illegals get by with a lot since they know they are illegal and won't pay there fines anyway.
  13. Because everyone knows who Ziguan is?
  14. Yep...200yards near the herring used to be crowded for a
  15. Yes.....meat fishing "sportsman" taking over, just like NY