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  1. One season experts.
  2. I'm in......thanks for the chance
  3. God bless Mary.....thanks for the chance
  4. Don't know what I believe less. The 5 52+inch fish, or that a kid in his 30s would have no pics or video
  5. Those 2 been catching big dogs for a very long time. Old school canal slayers
  6. That's our official canal photographer
  7. He sure would of had an interesting take on the crowds the last few years if he could have gotten out. Miss seeing him at the RRB or MMA
  8. Was a die-hard Abu7000CL guy for years...switched to Saltist a 20. Faster and much better drag than the Abus
  9. Go out of there a lot....definitely not my experience. They are usually much quicker going in and pulling than the average boater
  10. Is this the same place, just different name Justin?
  11. I wonder who pushed for that proposal, since everything has been running fine there. Kinda anti-fisherman in my book.
  12. Impeachments may have prolonged publishing
  13. Impeachments may have prolonged publishing