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  1. He's not my idea of an alpha at all. Alphas don't have the need to say all the things he does, on both the insult and self-aggrandizing sides.
  2. It wouldn't be *quitting*. Donald would declare victory, say that all promises were fulfilled, and that his services aren't needed any more. I bet his whole family misses the life they used to have.
  3. You forgot Pizzagate.
  4. You're questioning the results?
  5. My puppies gotta breathe.
  6. He must be related to this photographer in Binghamton by name of Ed Aswad.
  7. So wipe then. Jeez.
  8. I'll wait until tomorrow to trust anybody's call.
  9. Little usually says that when he's frustrated. Believe me.
  10. Dems can't lose with this election.
  11. I only said a million times I didn't vote for her. Memory failing that bad?
  12. I met a black person once.
  13. And you sound like Little.
  14. and eff weeeeeed!