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  1. Not to mention that it can be very productive, even the most productive method sometimes.
  2. Ficht?
  3. Pernhub's Traffic Went Way Up After Hawaii Missile Alert False Alarm Well, that’s one way to celebrate not being killed in a nuclear blast. **** has gone viral in recent years for stunts like “plowing” snow-covered streets during blizzards. But lately, the site has also done more work with data: its end-of-year survey found that most Americans stopped masturbating during the August solar eclipse. In its latest bit of probing analysis, **** analyzed its traffic performance during last weekend’s missile alert in Hawaii. Not surprisingly, once the alert went out, the amount of visitors to the site plummeted. Within 15 minutes of the missile notification, traffic was down 77 percent compared to the previous two Saturdays. But once the islanders realized it was a false alarm, they swarmed **** to celebrate. Fifteen minutes after the second text went out, site traffic was up 48 percent compared to a typical Saturday.
  4. This is all too common now. Red flags all over, known to LE, and still pulls off a mass shooting.
  5. van Eeghen's a year older than me. When he was at Cranston West, I was at E Greenwich. Then we were classmates at Colgate for three years. Mike Milbury was a classmate there for 3 yrs too.
  6. Yeah, I think they did. I think it's partly because they passed up shots in the previous game and din wanna do that again. But it's more than that, I think, and it's happening both on 5-on-5 and the PP, as I'm seeing it. During the regular season and the first two games they had an awesome possession game. Which requires good entries into the O zone. They haven't gotten that the last few games...there's a lot more turnovers along the half wall, or failure to get it deep. During the regular season, some of their possession 5-on-5 looked like a PP, it was so good. I don't think they're holding their sticks too tight, it seems to me they're kinda rushing and not establishing good possession on their entries, which screws up their passing/cycling game. Or something like that. The top line looked good in the first period with possession, then it trailed off...
  7. Why are you thinking they're gonna close their doors? They were in trouble in 2015, but just had a good quarter. The bankruptcy in 2000 was OMC. Outboards are a small part of Bombardier's business. I've got no personal experience with them, but think they've got something with their eTechs. eTechs are one of the engine options in their snow machines. A friend who's a real sledhead has 2 with eTechs and really likes them.
  8. He should be kicked out of the FF club.
  9. That's how I feel about it.
  10. You talking about clover or nips?
  11. That. It's FW floating lines for trout that I change the most frequently. I'll dress the tips for a little while when they're past their floating prime, but not too long. Floaters for dry flies are the most performance -sensitive of the fishing I do.
  12. Stop it.
  13. Translate what? I forgot, you're from Chatham.
  14. Run, hide, fight. Run, and hide, prolly weren't available for many in there.
  15. Talk about Leafs puck luck on that shot from Marchand.