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  1. Thanks. You suck.
  2. Too bad he doesn't miss you.
  3. I recommend that Maine Guide change his screen name to Maine Cheeto.
  4. When push comes to shove, you can get sensible sometimes.
  5. That's some scary beliefs, Joey.
  6. Is that the Heartbeat of America?
  7. But I want you to know I consider this like Appeasement.
  8. Or chasing minnows. Or who knows if they're chasing anything at all?
  9. I'd love to see a pic of your biggest smile. Gotta be a riot.
  10. Would you please give a definition of what Winning the Sanctions War means?
  11. Yo, dena! I think this is important, please please try to consider it fairly. It doesn't have to mean that at all, about actual knowing collusion. It never did to me, anyways. They are two entirely different questions, as I see it. #1 is whether Russia actively did things to influence the last election (forget about whether they possibly influenced the outcome; that's long over and I question whether anybody could prove that, statistically (as a science/engineering guy, I question whether anybody could prove otherwise statistically). #2 is whether there was specific, knowing collusion between Russia and Trump. I think what Trump did today is mostly reject #1 because of #2. Whadda you think bout dat? But the main point remains...they're different, separate questions. P.S...please respond to me, not like you're responding to the DNC or Hillary or something.
  12. Cousin sounds fairly acceptable for where you occupy space. Just don't get any closer.
  13. I'm gonna call that a potential occupational hazard, when somebody believes in something. Nobody has to jump all the way in though, it all helps.
  14. P1 review complete.