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  1. IT'S BREAD!
  2. I bet you liked Curzon even more.
  3. That's a weird picture.
  4. I think phised would be a better word.
  5. Absolutely. And he did a good job, no matter who would've one. The way I'm looking at it, what happened in 2016 was a significant ramping-up of Russian meddling, through the wonder of the internet. Which the US wasn't well-enough prepared for.
  6. Why would it have to specifically call out obstruction, given other language in the appointment letter?
  7. They really are totally separate questions in my mind. It started as a counterintel investigation when the campaign was going on. Mueller's appointment widened the scope. Those working the general counterintel angle are now under Mueller's purview, a part of his team. Shouldn't I be looking at separate questions as separate questions?
  8. Do you think Trump fans ever knew that? Seems it's either that, or some actually feel it was a good achievement, to be a foreign advisor while at NSA.
  9. I think an AR type is a fine choice for the purpose. What would you pick?
  10. Is finnely sleeping in today?
  11. I think it's an oxymoron. But *unwitting cooperation* isn't.
  12. I wish Melania would post so we'd know what she thinks about it all.
  13. I don't use much drag at all for most Cape inshore fishing. For the most part, I have the drag set to prevent spool overrun when I strip, with some minimal pressure, and that's it. It's my hand on the palming rim that's my main drag. I guess I trust my hand more than I trust the drag. Setting on the light side reduces problems with start-up inertia when a fish starts a run. Even with big bass, I haven't come close to cranking down on the reel drag. It kinda comes down to a matter of fishing style. I guess it was the type of gear I started with (Pflueger Medalists) that led me to being light on the drag, and using my hand to control the spool. Not there's anything wrong with a nice drag... I agree with Oly and others about multiple spools. When fishing from shore I usually carry two...intermediate and sink-tip.
  14. Good thinkin'.