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  1. Would you do $100 and a Stradic ci4+ 4000?
  2. Any chance you could weigh the rod too? If I didn't just buy a new legend this would be a easy no brainier
  3. Still interested, I just picked up another rod but I might be able to scrap enough for this too zip 32817, let me know the total price after you figure it out.
  4. Would be very strange and isolated corrosion for a "new" rod
  5. This is what I'm mostly concerned about lol doesn't seem like an issue, gave the rod a workout today but it's unsightly for what one of these legends retail
  6. Thanks for the input guys, I think I'll call st croix just to see their response I'll most likely just fish it and see if anything happens.
  7. If you'd reconsider shipping I'd take it. I've had luck convincing ups and usps to mark it down a inch shorter so it could be shipped ground instead of freight so 25-35$
  8. Just ordered a new 2016 legend surf and noticed a blurr? on the frame of the tip top, is it from the factory or did something happen to it later down the line? It almost looks like someone took a lighter to it. Basically is it worth shipping it back to the retailer for an exhchange or is it just a cosmetic issue with no real performance being affected.
  9. I have two reels for sale both used, fk has some very minor I guess you’d call it rash? as pictured. The ci4 is a mint flawless reel. Ci4 has box etc the fk does not. FK 150 shipped Ci4+ 185 shipped PayPal or usps money order thx
  10. Sorry if it wasn't clear, I still own the legend but not the avid and mojo, all three rods tops and bottoms interchanged fine
  11. I don't own the avid and mojo surf anyone but at one point I had all 3 together in the 9ft versions and they seemed to interchange perfectly, used them although not heavily, without issue.
  12. FSC makes a good blank, they're out of stock on the 1087 until the 15th though if you need it in a hurry. I bought their last 1087 raptor but unfortunately the guides and reel seat were way out of alignment so now I'm waiting on the predators to come in.