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  1. Sold to Wet_Dream
  2. I've always favored the Stella over the Exist but like Scooby this one might be the one to change me, in the past I haven't really cared for daiwa spinners in the smaller sizes, super excited for the new exist!
  3. I'm in Florida lol $210 and I'll have it on its way to you Monday morning
  4. Bad lighting, in person it's a dark/navy blue, the stock photos I've seen are very light in color. If you want to see it better there's a few videos on youtube that show case the color much better than the stock photos. Any chance you could meet me in the middle at $220 shipped? Getting a tube,shipping cost and paypal feels take a huge chunk out. Lmk thanks
  5. $240 shipped, this is the newest model for 2018, titanium tangle free guides and all the jazz
  6. Could you do $850 paypal?, I'm fairly certain we're in the same state so shipping should be cheap with usps local rates. These are distracting me from the new models due out any day now lol
  7. If you find no issues and see fit to relist, I'm interested
  8. I didn't see one on the exist as well
  9. I have the 9ft 1-4 if you're open to that model as well
  10. I think they've been out in Japan for a little bit, seen some JDM factory popping rods with them. The shimano ocea plugger available in the US also uses them.
  11. I have a st croix legend tournament inshore on the bst
  12. 7’6” St Croix Legend Tournament Inshore spinning rod rated 8-17, 3/8-3/4 Used a hand full of times but have since started building my own rods and really don’t have a need for this beauty anymore, rod is in flawless condition. asking $260 PayPal shipped
  13. I've used the 9 & 10 ft star paraflex surf rods to do what you want to do for 3 years before upgrading, the new owner has used them for the last two years and loves them. 9ft if you're more into throwing lures, 10ft if you''ll be chunking more often. I fish your area often, if you like we can try to meet up one day and you can actually test cast a few rods, I have the st croix, mojo, avid, legend, star paraflex and vpr all available to me in 9ft as well as some others. The mojo and paraflex are very popular rods down here, pretty comparable imo but seems the stars has less issues.