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  1. Two lightly used Star Seagis Rods up for grabs I’d rate them from 9-9+/10 7 ft 6-14 7 ft 8-17 Full specs shown in photos below Asking $250 PayPal, shipped for both rods.
  2. You're probably right, I wouldn't doubt it seeing Shimano's quality control seems iffy recently having received multiple Stella FJs with issues.
  3. 1 is normal and pretty much how all shimano bail wires are tapered, it's so when you close the bail and the line hits the wire it'll slide down to the line roller. 3 is normal as well from what I've seen, if set very light the clicker mechanism isn't full seated and won't racket aka make drag noise, also the vertical play of the spool is more significant with a loser drag setting but it's also inherent in reels with a worn drive gear train, it'll be like than on stellas,sustains,ci4s etc (it's actually the vertical play of the main shaft due to the tolerances of the worn gear oscillation track which is purposely made a little lose so it functions smoothly, if they removed the "play" the reel would constantly bind on retrieve) 2 should be normal as well but I can't give it a 100% without the reel in hand but honestly pretty every reel has some of that type of noise just curious how many or what other reels have you bought/owned? lol
  4. 832 is my favorite commonly available braid although I’ve never really experienced problems with any brand, also recommend the white 832 as colors seem to fade extra fast. 832 coastal camo, left is used one trip, right is freshly spooled
  5. Number of guides and length to the top hood of the reel seat from the butt? Thx
  6. Thanks, I assume a size 18 or 19 would be around the .68 oz mark good to know!
  7. I'm actually curious how much the rubber butt caps actually weigh lol
  8. Cast very well and with little effort, I’ve been happy with the blanks this being the 5th I’ve built but I’m sure the kr concept has a lot to do with it
  9. Had a fun experimental build I did for a buddy, I think came out okay. Fuji Kr Concept 39EF6719-A810-4507-9F10-082E4E4D0768.MOV
  10. I'll take it, pm coming
  11. Could you meet me at 425? shipping and pp fees takes a hefty chunk.
  12. I wouldn’t rule it out but I’ll hold out a little longer for a cash offer thanks
  13. Hi

    My email for paypal is 

  14. I'll take it for 150 shipped pm me your payment info and I'll get it to you asap