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  1. My father brought one back from Japan probably 2 decades ago, it feels extremely flimsy but has managed to bring up some serious weight vertically, heaviest from memory being 47 lbs but agreed probably designed for fish a lot smaller in size.
  2. Sold, pm coming
  3. I don’t know much of the specifics of these lures besides their being bombers and redfins asking $30 PayPal shipped for the lures pictured thanks.
  4. For your given use and that particular rod, I'd also recommend the 5k It'll balance with that 9'6 a lot better and the extra capacity will be appreciated in the broad spectrum for versatility.
  5. Correct
  6. 100% a scam, they've been running their "opening" sale for months now and multiple people have confirmed never receiving what they bought, never trust any site selling reels under wholesale cost....
  7. @dennysnook what's your impression of the new daiwa exist, if you got a chance to handle it which I'm assuming you did?
  8. absolute steal, wish I was local to take advantage of this deal
  9. One can only hope
  10. Stars at $99 which is why I’m a little skeptical
  11. Looking for impressions and opinions from those who may have handled them at the icast show, will they be quality and an actual competitor to Van staal and donmar titanium pliers or are they low quality like all the other recent titanium pliers coming to market?
  12. It's been confirmed a while back that the Stradic SW will not be coming to the US market
  13. gliss?
  14. The Stella FJ already took the 2018 slot, so you'll have to wait til 2019 if you're hoping for the new sw series lol
  15. St Croix is coming out with a Mojo kayak rod