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  1. I've heard that argument before, most people agree with it. I would head in after getting a limit.
  2. Yes.
  3. It's actually probably one of the better things that happened to that state. The food down there sucks.
  4. **** those double doors in their vestibules and **** the moron who designed the parking lots at the gas station WaWa's. I'm surprised i don't see accidents every day at them, no stop signs and people flying around in circles because they are a sh*tty layout.
  5. No, there's not much like that down here. Mostly WaWa, and a few straggler 7-11's that are left. Bunch of them closed down. We don't get **** down here.
  6. Went downhill once they went to the computer ordering system. Also using cheaper ingredients in everything now that they expanded all the way down into Florida. There's a WaWa in ****ing Palm Beach. Palm Beach!!!
  7. WaWa went downhill like 10 years ago. Different lunch meats on the hoagies, different rolls, the iced tea taste faker then what it did before, and the pre-made stuff sucks. I was surprised to see a Heritage market open in Cape May Court House. I wouldn't mind a place with fried chicken.
  8. Caught way less this year but average size was up. I would go for a 16"-20" slot, even at only 3 fish. I haven't been able to get into multiple keeper sized flounder on any outing in the past 7 years since the limit went up to 18". Did a back to back weekend trip in the DE bay back in 2007. Caught about 180 flounder both trips combined, 3 people each trip, and only 1 was a keeper, all the rest were 12"-15", and two 4' brown sharks. I don't think i've fished the DE Bay for flounder since then. The holes in the back down here haven't been producing for me by boat, and unfortunately don't have access to a boat that i would trust heading out to the wrecks. Hopefully no B.S. sand replenishment in 2018 also.
  9. Not if it's from WaWa. Their rolls suck now.
  10. Running QB's have a bigger target on their back than an RB has. And there is no more tackling in the NFL, its all flying shoulder spears. Skip to the 1:20 mark and watch #26 launch himself low at Wentz and gets his own teammate in the process while almost suffering a neck injury.
  11. Desean Jackson should not be on that list. He gets hurt every year.
  12. Im not a Pats fan, but it almost makes no sense. 1st NFL game i ever went to was when they lost to the Dolphins in 2004. My friend got free tickets so he called me up. We ended up leaving with 5 minutes left in the game because we didn't like either team, heard the crowd cheer behind us for the go ahead TD while going through the parking lot, then heard someones radio as Miami intercepted Brady (for the 4th time) and won the game.
  13. The good thing is that he has more talent to work with on offense than his last stint. Defense is going to have to step up for the loss of Wentz.
  14. He had a better arm when he came out of prison. I went to his last start before lockup when the Eagles played Atlanta on Dec.31st 2006. Garcia started for us but they pulled the starters with the playoffs coming and put Feely in.