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  1. I'll take what i can get here. Went to a beach last weekend and everything looked like the same basic wave pattern. Fished another beach last week and there wasn't too much around. Couple of basic rip sections but just enough outflow to get a little white water on top, nothing that's going to push bait or dig a new trough.
  2. I'd stick the roach in a 1 hitter.
  3. Cape May has a ghost tour that walks around to see the different places and they tell the story of what people have seen. The Cape May Ghost Story books are pretty good. When my grandfather died my mom kind of went off the deep end for a little bit. Some women she knew told her about some guy in Margate that was supposedly good at readings. I went with her once to see what he had to say. This guy was probably like 45, had a bunch of tattoos one was actually pretty good, it was the ship from Lost in Space. And he lived with his mom, but im pretty sure that she was a little nuts too. Didn't say anything that really made me a believer. Only thing that really related to anything was something about horses which my moms uncle trained race horses in Delaware for like 20 years, but can't remember what he was trying to reference.
  4. ^^^^ Only black guy i know who was wearing a Slayer T-shirt in his mugshot right here.
  5. I don't believe the mediums and clowns that say they can communicate with the dead, like that crazy woman on tv with the bad 80's haircut. Or that John Edward guy.
  6. I should be doing something more productive with my time than fishing. Need to be working more for sure. Should also get moving on my property, it's a mess right now.
  7. I believe some of it. Lots of ghost history where i'm from.
  8. Yeah it's about as flat as i can be here right now. Fishing was good here during the 80's and early 90's and then came the beach replenishment. Then they covered all of the jetties. Every time it blows S-SW it just stirs up all the loose stuff on the bottom and kills visibility for a week. Need a good NE blow for a couple of days to form anything. Last spring there was one of the best sand bars ever around here. During low tide there was a mound about 10yds wide and 30yds long that you could walk out on. On both sides of it there were pools that were 3-4' deep. End of the mound there was a bar that went north about 30yds, and to the south a bar that stretched for about 80-90yds with no cut. Low tide you could wade the mound and fish off the bar, during high tide you couldn't wade out to it but you could cast over it and also fish the pools that were now about 5-6' deep and holding bait. This year there was nothing like that, but still found fish. We also don't have a good beach lip here which really sucks. I'll tell you one thing, if i had some extra cash to spend i would get a kayak for the back bays. So many places that can't be reached on foot or boat.
  9. Out back CMC this morning 515-630am. Current still ripping around the one bridge. Couldn't find anything around either side of it. Going to be some nice clean spots tomorrow morning with the wind staying down.
  10. yeah i buzzed that **** off like a month ago. Should have waited until December when i give up fishing for the year. My head was cold yesterday morning on the beach with that breeze.
  11. If i knew where you hunted i would piss on your bait pile and crap on the main deer trail. Damn North Jersey people.
  12. I think i got long hair in 2 of my 3 mugshots. I don't listen to the Greatful Dead.
  13. Nah, but 1 did pull a bitch move and pushed me from behind and shoved my face into a brick wall.
  14. I've never been harassed by the cops for being white, but i have been harassed by them for being a skateboarder, and drunk on occasion.
  15. I'll take this guy over that ****ing french canadian guy ddl any day.