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  1. Stopped by TD last night and picked up some AOK metals. Will try throwing those later today.
  2. I think i can smell that picture. I've been spoiled the past few weeks. Had some sour diesel, Grandaddy Purple, something called Angry Old Man, and some other good stuff.
  3. You have to pencil that one in.
  4. Yours probably gets tired of hearing about my posts.
  5. Yeah not the time of the year for that.
  6. I've lost a few $$$'s worth of lead there before.
  7. I just checked the forecast for tomorrow morning. 36 but feel 27. WTF is that about? Especially with the holiday coming tomorrow.
  8. Not a fan of that place, but they do get fresh bunker. Don't by the Seaguar leader material behind the register. That **** has been sitting there for 12 years.
  9. Gave it another shot out front CmC 5-630am. Before i fell asleep last night i check the weather and wind was gong to be ENE and change to NW but today it never made it past NNE. Waves were smaller with more of a chop today in some spots, water grey again with some weeds pushed back in. Tried SP over some of the holes, then Deadly D to fight the wind and bow in the line. Eventually landed 1 rat on that and then changed to BT and found 1 more. Both about 15". Tomorrow morning going to NW 10-20 but also supposed to be 36 and feel 27. I'm skipping out on that.
  10. You didn't catch anything but you also didn't read post # 1.
  11. Morning.
  12. There was an older Lisa Ling documentary on TV the other day about NK and SK. The crazy part about the border is how NK has 3 guards at each position. The 1st guard is watching the line while the guy next to him is watching him in case he tries to defect (same goes for the 1st guy towards the 2nd guy), and the 3rd guy is watching both of them. Shoot to kill.
  13. I've had my grandfathers dog tags from the Marines since he died back in 99. I keep them in my center console. If i travel they go in my backpack. I'm not sure about the luck but they make me feel better. Wear them on the occasional fishing session if the catching is down, even though he was a freshwater guy.