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  1. yeah i won't be fishing that one any time soon.
  2. So much money. And the boat is nice, maybe a 58 viking i didn't ask. Most of the reels i saw were Penns and i think a few TLD's. Didn't check the rods out so they could have been anything. He likes to have a good time so probably in it for the party as much as the fishing.
  3. Skunked last night 530-7pm. Didn't see much bait harassment going on either. Water was a little on the browner side.
  4. haha that doesn't happen very often. Once in a while someone will offer a hit off the fish whistle, but probably a first time for me on the snow. Gone since last September. Couldn't rock the mullet because grandmom wanted family photos. If i was severely hungover or still drunk from the night before i would consider, but definitely pass at 545am on Monday morning. Damn that is creepy.
  5. This boat is definitely piecemealing crew lol. I've met the guy who owns the boat and he has some connections. I saw the boat last November and he had every rod holder filled. I'm not dropping names, but money is no issue for him. I saw part of the video of the guy fighting it, i know him, didn't look like the rod was under too much pressure but also didn't hear any line being pulled out. Didn't show the part where it broke, said he had it on for a little while though. I will agree that it was possibly an older rod.
  6. lol yeah. Probably had a penn international on it too. That's a comparable move to Cheech and Chongs Up in Smoke when chong has the Rolls Royce radiator grill on the front end of his VW Beetle.
  7. Fairly sure someone on the boat has some connections at BPS so probably free rods. I caught a 250 lb.+ sand tiger on a $50 shimano saguaro and penn 220 gto level wind. Me thinks the guy was getting a little tired after a lengthy battle and cranked the drag up a little too much.
  8. My stepdad was doing that tournament. Said on Friday they had a white on that probably would have placed them 2nd or 3rd but the rod snapped in half and they lost it. He said after it happened the guy fighting it went into the galley and almost had a mental breakdown because he thought it was his fault. Fairly sure it was one of those BPS offshore angler brand rods. They should have known better.
  9. I would hope so. I was assuming that him coming here was temporary but i guess i was wrong. I can only imagine what he tells the owner when nobody else is around to contradict him.
  10. lol if i did that before fishing my gear ratio would probably go from 6.2:1 to 12.4:1 And if i did that before work my shop would probably the cleanest it's ever been.
  11. I can go right to the owner, but that doesn't seem to work because he thinks that each person here is an asset in their own way whether they do something else the wrong way or not. This guy should just be someone who sits in front of the computer all day upstairs in the office and have nothing to do with the work outside.
  12. I was surprisingly the only boat in Paddy's hole last sunday morning during incoming and i got nothing on gulp, had my girl on squid and minnows and just a dogfish for her. I gotta get some live peanuts on the boat next time out.
  13. It's rough Mick. Other people who have worked with and around this guy during his short stint with another fishing outfit asked me how he got his position here. I'm not the only one who thinks this way of him.
  14. Too many. I technically work for like 3 companies at once. Here i have the owner, the office manager/accountant, the "GM" which is the lazy jerk off 65 year old progressive liberal who thinks his knowledge and beliefs trump all, and the yard manager who is supposed to run the jobs (also thinks he's smarter than everyone else). Then i have to deal with fleet managers for the clam boats, the boat captains, plus the owner as well. It's a ****ing nightmare sometimes.
  15. Lol that's funny, i've actually caught one of those doormats before too.