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  1. Damn those are what we will be looking for! If it was my boat and i had control i would fish up that way. I don't think i can convince my brother to head there, he likes staying further south for some reason on tourney day, he acts like we would lose to much fishing time by going too far north or further south even know the rules allow us to fish from Cape May inlet all the way to Corsons. We are allowed to run the beach to get places faster, just not allowed to fish out front.
  2. Dawn soap and water method might help or some good car upholstery cleaner. Had a nice gulp juice stain on my back seat 2 years ago from a pouch i left underneath some stuff and summer heat split the bag and caused a leak that went unnoticed for a weekend. Worked on it for like an hour but was successful.
  3. What's on the agenda? Capt's meeting tonight at 730pm and we find out if the flounder tournament is tomorrow or Sunday with the forecast. That's all i'm worried about. Gotta shake off some bad luck from the past 2 tournaments where we didn't catch ****. Hitting the tackle shop after work for a few things then making some more rigs after we get the info.
  4. It's because of the stain on that new sweatshirt. Must have squeezed the fish too hard.
  5. It's always funny when he tries to launch one into the upperdeck and the wrapper flies off sending the wiener tumbling through the air into the crowd.
  6. I've been waiting for the Phanatic to take someone out for years with that cannon.
  7. 2 great songs there, definitely will play In The City. I saw him 2 years ago opening for Bad Company and my girl got lucky when she went to FL to see Petty with her friend last year. She didn't know that Walsh was his opening act.
  8. 16 and short on cash you need to be working a summer job man! I don't know much about the off brand braids, i fish the less expensive name brands. My brother called me a month ago to tell me that he bought some 1000yd maybe more 15lb camo braid off amazon because it had good ratings. Forget what the name was but for flounder you don't need much. Bass wise and fishing up there you might want some 40lb. Never been but from the videos i've seen the bass make you work with that current.
  9. I keep forgetting about upcoming shows. This year has some so so stuff going on. Foo Fighters in 3 weeks!!! Can't wait. Think i'm going to James Taylor (not excited for) and The Eagles show in Philly. 311 and Offspring in August. I would go see Elton John if the tickets aren't ****ing $500. Can't get my girl to budge on going to see Rob Zombie and Marylin Manson lol. Manson i could understand not wanting to see, but i heard Zombie puts on a good show.
  10. Last time i got a set of those they were the definitely bigger than the 120lb zip ties. Probably 200's. I wasn't breaking those.
  11. It sounds just like a Zappa song!!! Remarkable!
  12. First official day of summer today. How was your fishing this spring? 31 bass - majority were 14-18", a few 20-26" and 10 over 28" 25 Bluefish - less than last year and only 2 gators over 30", rest were all 17"-24" and the main reason i didn't have to replace more hooks. 9 Flounder - 3 keepers so far so looking better than last years junk season where i'm not sure i even caught 30 flounder for the whole summer. 1st year i've ever caught more bass than blues, but i didn't fish any afternoons or evenings this spring so probably shorted myself another 20-30 fish for the whole spring. I'll take it for South NJ standards.
  13. Yeah the SPs are rated at 3-4ft , hydro minnow is 2-3ft. Found a few spots this year where the SP wouldn't stay off the bottom so i didn't bother throwing bombers.
  14. Knopfler bailed on the band for the hall of fame induction.
  15. No hot teachers when i was in school. There was one substitute from 8th to like 10th grade that would pop up here and there. You could tell she wasn't trying to fool around with anybody. A few years later i found out she was banging the head chef of the hotel i was working at. She liked to party with him up in NY, lucky bastard.