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  1. Haha I actually wish it did at that point in my life. So much snatch that 1 wouldn't keep me content.
  2. My real fun was the hauling of logs with the 20 year old wheelbarrow around the yard.
  3. Him and one other guy were lost. From what i understand they panicked and wouldn't get their survival suits on. Other 2 were rescued.
  4. Yeah dull chain won't do you any good. My old man was a beast when it came to cleaning up his yard. From the ages of 7 to 17 i became very experienced in the art of firewood and property cleanup. Pretty sure he only had an early/mid 80s model 16" Stihl, but that thing ran like a raped date and he always made sure his blades were good. Many many hours dragging branches to the street and hauling logs to the splitter. Many more hours with my hand glued to the hydraulic lever when it came to splitting time. ****ing 16 hour saturdays.
  5. My boss acquired a new clam boat last year from someone who was desperate to get rid of it. With the boat came the crew from the New England area. 1 of them turned out to be a little junky. While the boat was at the shipyard getting fixed he got all ****ed up and the captain found him standing in the bunk room naked beating off against the mattress and talking out loud to himself. Said him and the fleet manager kept yelling his name but wouldn't snap out of it, guess they just let him go and shut the door and walked away until he came back around. Fleet manager told the captain to have a talk with him and tell him to clean his act up or get the **** out. About a week later the dude shot something up so potent that it made his left eye roll up into the back of his head and it wouldn't come back down so he had to walk around for a few months with it closed. Not sure if it ever healed up, but the dude ended up getting lost at sea a few months back when the boat he was on went down.
  6. So glad i don't have to deal with the fire inspectors anymore when they make surprise visits at work. Had this one that wasn't too bad, his successor on the other hand was some little prick fresh out of fire school with a brand new jacket and brand new clipboard just looking for a reason to write us up. I called him Capt. Pointy Finger because all he wanted to do was point at stuff. We get the DEP called on us a few times a year, it's usually the neighbors down the street or someone down the river with nothing better to do then complain about something.
  7. They are a requirement on commercial boats. They are also supposed to take a class on how to properly put them on. Different story if the boat is going down and panic begins.
  8. We have one of the 20" Husqvarna Ranchers at work, forget what model # it is. Use it to cut 12" wood blocks. The one mexican there makes it look like cutting butter.
  9. That one is a little out of the budget i want to spend. Trying to stay under $500. Nice saw though.
  10. 250 and 251 wood boss are 45.6cc and 18" Bar. Farm Boss is next step up from that, 50.2cc and runs 18" or 20" bar.
  11. What are you guys working with? Soon as this crappy weather breaks i gotta start hacking some **** up in the yard. Nothing major but not light amount of work. Bunch of smaller fallen trees probably <15" diameter and branches. Some other ones i have to take down. Looking at maybe a Stihl MS-250 or MS-251 Wood Boss.
  12. I saw it the other day. I think they were taking things a little too far. I would rather just take a few rips and then make some good food.
  13. Sounds like a form of a mouse trap to me. This guy was going for gerbils.
  14. Catch more on the SP for sure, bass and blues. I've dropped a few good stripes on the yozuri mag over the past 3 years though. Almost felt like they were all not so good hook sets on the side of the mouth. Also feel that not as many blues go after the darter for some reason.
  15. I just took a healthy, stinking # 2 in the managers office next door. I consider that the ladies room with how much of a bitch that liberal D-bag is.