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  1. Did you get my payment
  2. Wayne Baker 3435 east tremont ave Bronx ny 10465......give me your pay pal info and what exactly Im getting for the 45 dollar total ...Thanks
  3. How much for al you have minus the guys first order ...would you do 45
  4. I 4 inch pink
  5. Ill take 6 packs 2 6 inch pink 2 4inch chartreus.2 4 inch pink
  6. Ill take it
  7. Looking to trade for Arsenals Grs and voorchies ...Show me what you have ...got high end plugs
  8. Want to buy Grs lures
  9. Want to buy Voorhies lures
  10. Ill take it
  11. Looking to buy Trevala fishing Rod ....jigging bucktails
  12. Common post one please
  13. Looking to buy Shimano terez Medium heavy or lighter ...conventual or spinning waxwing or regular