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  1. The older section of the peir survived just fine. As you can see in the picture the newer and lighter gangway failed.
  2. Not completely destroyed but badly damaged. Storms did a number on the section at the beginning of the pier. About a 10' section is tilted to one side. The rest of the pier appears to be in decent structural condition. Have not heard anything about planned repairs. Although I never go fishing there I hope it gets repaired.
  3. Numbers look good on all the major rivers this spring. Maybe the powers at be will allow recreational fisherman to use live herring for bait again. The impact on the fishery would be insignificant. Actually, recreational fisherman never were the problem to begin with.
  4. There's a few in Boston Harbor on the herring run.
  5. I can't talk to legality of dipping perch. But I can imagine the face of the EPO officer when you try explain, as you stand at the edge of a herring run with a dip net, that your only taking perch. I would think a minnow trap would be better advised.
  6. Really pisses me off too! See that kind of mess all to often. Seems like people are getting worse. My son and I had some success there this spring nothing to write home about though. I think the Res in in the low end of a bait cycle. Might take a few seasons to come back.
  7. Tons of fish at the mouth trying to get through the locks. There were so many trapped in one lock I thought they would die of oxygen deprivation. Luckily a boat came through and the lock emptied out. Looks like a banner return if it last through may.
  8. I never met a school of staging Herring without a Striper under it. Their always a good indicator.
  9. The numbers taken by recreational fishermen were always considered insignificant. When the time comes lets hope they open it back up.
  10. Who needs a fish ladder anyway? People can do it so much better. Back when it was a filthy just as urban river the population of smelt and herring were much more robust. Im just having a hard time accepting the new normal. You find support by informing anyone who will listen. I have spoken with the people involved and the pat response is protocols.
  11. Agreed, The thing that puzzles me is how come the runs were strong through the 80's when the ladder was in use for over a decade. What happened? If it was a design problem wouldn't the effect have been seen in just a few years? That being said, the flawed ladder seems to have been more effective than the alternate protocols. But hey, I guess we should happy that some herring still return.
  12. The rainbow smelt are in real trouble there too. I grew up right there and the herring would stage from the dam back to the Coast Guard station. I have not seen that happen in years. The poaching problem pales in comparison to the predation from birds and fish that can now trap the herring in the locks. In addition, on the other side the juvenile fish are suffering a higher mortality trying to make it out to sea. The state built a skate board park right there. It would have been nice if they incorporated some kind of ladder relacement in their plans. The population of river herring in the Charles maybe stable but its no where near its potential.
  13. They are in the lower Charles/Harbor trying to figure out how to get through the locks as there is no ladder or other way to pass. I guess they have to wait for the occasional boat to come through. Meanwhile, the birds are crushing them. Numbers look good at this point. The powers at be claim that there are protocols in place to facilitate the Herring run. In the last four years I have never witnessed the locks open for the sake of facilitating the fish run.
  14. Boston up to the Merrimack and west out to the chu
  15. The decline has been going on for a few years now. I haven't caught Lakers with bellies full of smelt for at least three years. I remember allot of construction going on for about that same period. Might be a natural cycle though. Do your duty, eat a Laker save a smelt☺