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  1. Fishing Finatics is closed till Jan 28th I think. Pete is down south for some RnR
  2. Makes sense but forage is still a major part of the equation for a healthy population. I really don't ground fish any longer because its not worth my time. Would be nice if it were to come back. My point is the Charles river supported a huge population of Smelt and Herring that is in big trouble. Nobody's doing anything about it.
  3. Pollock fair better during the drop in forage so they out compete the cod Cod for available forage. This happened in Northeast Alaska where the crash in herring caused the Cod to crash the Pollack filled the void and sea mammals declined because of the lower food/fat value of the Pollack. It was actually a PBS special on the decline of sea mammals in Northeast Alaska compared to a healthy Southeast population. I never caught Pollack as a kid until about 1973 when I would catch them while fishing smelt.
  4. As a kid I would throw fat sea worms as far as I could from a spot in the North End of Boston at night and catch a few Cod per trip around 10 - 20lbs. This was in the 70s and I learned of this spot by spying on a night watchman who snuck down and fished. Also the first time I ever witnessed how far a conventional reel could cast using the English method. My spinning setup could just barley make the channel and that thing would sing it right out there every time. In any case, the Cod bellies were usually filled with red crab I believe the crash of the smelt and herring have much to do with the slow rebound. Also, Pollack move in to fill the void left by the Cod which is what happened in Alaska. Its funny how as a kid I would watch thousands of smelt at the locks of the Charles and thought then that nobody knows or cares about this but I was fascinated. Well the Charles is obstructed for years now because the fish ladder doesn't work and Herring and Smelt are paying the price. I think we have to pay attention to the forage fish to bring back the game fish.
  5. They were recreating the Normandy landings in their shiny new aluminum Higgins boat with a heated cabin.
  6. DCR boat was doing fisherman surveys when I was there a few weeks ago. Zipping around from shore to shore. I seen a few dogs there too. Dog poop and rain will jack up the bacteria levels in the res. Don't think the DCR will let that go for long.
  7. The peir in Beverly is a pretty safe place. Yes its open to night fishing and the slobs still leave their crap all over the place. The Harbor Master is docked there also. Carrying a piece is more likely to get you shot by him.
  8. Exactly, some obstruction. Of course there is some finesse involved in turning a huge fish.
  9. Unless your trying to keep the fish out of some obstruction let the drag do its job. When you get a full bend in the rod the drag should pull smoothly. If your drag is binding then consider an upgrade. I been in situations where big fish head for some obstruction like a piling or mooring and had no choice but to torque the drag down until the rod handle bent in my hands. Those situations usually end with a popped line or bent hook.
  10. Nice!
  11. I had it happen to me in the early 80's. I was on a party boat jigging cod and it was a slow day. Biggest fish in the pool was just over 5lbs. Just before the bell rang ending the trip I hooked into somthing big and at last a nice cod! My rod had a huge bend in it and I could hear the guy's all talking " this kids got the pool". The fish was getting close to the surface and just beyond sight when bang he was gone. I kept hauling to find the head of what would have been a monster cod and the hands down winner of the pool $$$. Dont know what kind of shark it was because we never seen it. Probably a big blue.
  12. Ive witnessed many top water blitz's on the NS. Some in August but mostly in September just about every morning tide in some spots.
  13. While fishing for shad in the Merrimack this spring I seen tons of dead micros 10" fish(STRIPAH). Most of these fish died from being mishandled by people who didn't know/care. Funny thing is this same crowd usually leaves all their trash behind. Is it ignorance or disregard?
  14. Fish ladder at the Charlse River Dam has been out of commission for a couple years now thus removing a couple of hundred thousand baitfish from the food chain. Why don't we start there to ensure there are fish to catch in the future.