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  1. One must remember that DD's idea of back packing into a place is parking in the lot at Manresa, donning his backpack full of chow, a 5 gallon bucket & sand crab rake then casually strolling down to the closest lifeguard tower where he'll set up camp.
  2. That cigar & pikie sure look like my work but I'm not so sure about that needlefish. The eye & tail wrap look peculiar. Also..... someone added the tail hook to that cigar........ as I built them with just the 2 belly treble hooks. Mike
  3. Yea, that looks like some of my work. Not sure how I missed patching the chin weight. I did use that style of eyes occasionally but not near as much as those seen on what I've built during the last several years. The little brass grommet on the tail wrap is also something I used several years ago. The lip also looks like the one I bend. The paint job is also indicative of my work. Mike
  4. What BrianBm & beret said X 100................ Gee whizzzzz
  5. Hey sweet heart, very nice to hear from you. I was digging through boxes of old plugs a few days ago & found a black & pink pikie made by you..... I hope you did not get hammered to bad by all those nasty hurricanes. Take care...... Mike
  6. Thanks everybody for the kind words about my plugs........ gellatly6 deserves a lot of credit for convincing me I should try & paint a brook trout version pikie. Mike
  7. Levari & Recoil.... Hopefully this picture will indicate what series this reel is. Thanks to those of you who helped me figure out how to post pictures..... Mike
  8. I guess what I need to do is get off my Neanderthal butt & learn how to send pictures....That would definitely ID this reel accurately. I will work on that this evening........ Mike
  9. Recoil, There is no serial number stamped on the outside. The only serial number I see is on the box...... Serial # S2-0161.
  10. Levari, I believe this reel is the newer version based on it being called the ZX2 Series...... The only holes on top of the spool are small holes about the size of a BB that go around the outside perimeter of the drag adjustment cap. Mike
  11. WTS BNIB Silver dual roller ZX27..... This is a ZX2 Series & comes with Box, bag, user manual & warranty card. Serial number S2-0161. $800 FIRM.
  12. The reel I offered in this thread will soon be posted in the WTS....................Angler seems to have done a disappearing act??????????????
  13. Sudsy I'll take that big fillet knife. Please send me PM me payment info etc. Mike
  14. Sudsy, I'll take it.......... I'm headed out of town in a few minutes to go duck hunting but will get the particulars from you on Weds evening when I return..... thanks, Mike
  15. Sudsy, is that other big fillet knife you had in a previous thread still available? Mike