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  1. Would I be correct to assume the ZX2 series = second generation?
  2. I forget what year it was I started signing my plugs....... but for years prior to that the red glitter under the pikie chins indicated it was made by me. Then along came a very deceitful character from San Jose Ca. who added the red glitter to the chins of some knock off pikies & portrayed them to potential buyers as being Fixter pikies. So at that point I tried to make it a point to sign all my plugs. The pencil popper pictured above certainly looks like my work. BigNevadaBob...........I think your suspicions are accurate.
  3. Hey Brossi..... very nice!!!!!!! I see you've been fishing my hole again.....
  4. I'm curious how far up the slope the through wire loop can be & still maintain an erratic darting action. I am also wondering if there is any advantage to placing the through wire loop horizontal vs vertical? Thanks, Mike
  5. Do like Steel Pulse suggested...... make some test cuts as you reduce the amount of kerf....... being sure you don't remove to much kerf.. be careful on how you remove the kerf......I doubt if any method is OSHA approved Mike
  6. Test swim the plug with no weight & see how it behaves. Then (if necessary) do what MassMike recommended about various weights held in place with rubber bands. The buoyancy of the type of wood your using will also be a factor. Have fun.... Mike
  7. Holey Smokes GRS................... that is a gorgeous batch of plugs.
  8. Knowing BRossi every old Cottonwood stump around there has been scraped clean.....
  9. That sounds like very fun fishing... I love fishing around rocks..... If the fish are in close & you can reach them with a tiny crankbait you will experience a very different type of perch fishing.....the shallow running crankbaits can suspend above the snags...
  10. Uncle Stu, it looks like the size perch your getting is improving dramatically.....
  11. Hey, What are you guys doing in my slough? I hope you at least left a few carp for me....
  12. The nap picture of Moocks is actually when he fainted after realizing he'd lost the keys to the rental car. The ice cream pose is when he heard what a new key would cost....:)
  13. A mighty rare plug indeed..... I painted very few with that barred surf perch pattern.
  14. Hey Moocks, that was quit e a bonus to the red tails. I could not have landed it without your coaching . I think there might be some other pictures floating around that better depict the size of that fish. Hope to get back there someday. Mike
  15. Uncle Stu, thanks for the info. I have a hunch your perch fly's would be worth a try on the Carolina rig. It's worked okay up here for me using a Surf Micky fly pattern.