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  1. sure, take your time lot of nice plugs
  2. both new offer these 2 for both CB Jrs and Sr Danny
  3. thanks for the extra info i got a couple Eurojett pikies i love but im good on pencils etc. id trade the yellow for the AH darter - also open to SS darters but different color, trans amber or something along those lines
  4. interested in the Cowboy Jrs and maybe the big Danny what color darter(s) you looking for can get some pics up tom.
  5. probably just wanna trade 1 for now not sure what many of your plugs are though they look real nice mostly interested in the AH darter im also open to most eelskins and while rigging some plugs realized i could use another Cowboy Jr or 2 id be willing to trade the 2 Conrads for the right plug(s), or add a kicker if needed for something like a Jr eelskin
  6. pretty much same deal as i offered before, couple solid hook bucktails under 2oz would get it done if i was after the specials i think itd be a different story, just looking for a back up to my trans amber, productive plug this season no worries if not, we tried
  7. ive got a couple Conrad's ill throw up later
  8. bag looks good to me please send PM and ill get $$ to ya
  9. obviously feel free to let it ride for awhile im still debating which ones id be willing to let go too
  10. ill take it could you post couple pics of back, bottom, and inside
  11. the yellow tattoo is 2oz with a couple hairline belly cracks, just in the paint i think if that ones preferable and gets ya closer to the lighter pattern wonderbread i can offer that instead of the blurple but still just interested in the root beer really, dont wanna get rid of 2 of em no worries either way
  12. I really like the pink and older run BM but the Beasts run deep so a couple of the patterns im keepin to fish