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  1. generally swim lip down, hooks and tail higher, if / when you hit bottom, pause and let plug float up and away, then continue retrieve - like a fresh water bass crankbait -
  2. ever travel to Mass. or RI?
  3. whats the rating? these are pretty fast action rods right?
  4. agree that felt is nice on the slime but overall in mixed terrain / weed the spikes become necessary imo - large carbide ones i screwed grip studz into felt soles and couldnt be happier but you lose the ability to swap soles - be prepared to lose some spikes with the standard Korker soles but theyve been good to my buddy about providing replacements and taking feedback to improve their product
  5. speedwell, the HSN looks great and ill take it. preferably shipped but not a necessity. syncro looks a little high tech for my current skill set will PM for details thanks to everybody that posted, closin it down
  6. i hear ya, didnt mean any offense and i appreciate the offer. just more than i was looking to spend
  7. appreciate it, glad you like the pikies, hope they catch for ya
  8. definitely into the HSN, im not familiar with the syncro - if you can throw up some pics and a description of the syncro at your convenience, ill likely take at least the HSN, possibly both thank you
  9. more than id like to spend on a single reel but thank you
  10. raider, thanks for your patience, im gonna hold off for now but thank you and the guys that posted
  11. sounds good, ill take it and can meet tonight, please shoot me a pm and ill provide cell # etc
  12. ill take it pending answers thanks
  13. maybe a dumb question but wrapped conventional or spinning? where would pick up be very interested, thanks
  14. gotcha, very interested but let me think about it for the day, see if any big games or hsn pop up - ill let ya know for sure either way by late(r) tonight shoulda mentioned in op but looking for reels on the heavier duty side of things
  15. thanks for the pics im not good on all the different models - besides the bearings / bushings, any major differences bw i and ic3? anti reverse, drag, etc?