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  1. ill take it
  2. sure ill do that, thanks
  3. probably a dumb question, but are all 6 on the right the hellcats?
  4. ill take these
  5. ill take the fire river, thanks
  6. mines got the size on the label on pocket, L in corner may be in inside of pocket flap
  7. thanks for the offers guys, was hoping to keep the lots or at least ship multiples travelling tom. and not gonna be able to follow up so closing this - may relist in a couple weeks
  8. no problem, shuttin this down
  9. any further interest Nomad? taking these down tonight
  10. appreciate that, and the mini wadds from awhile ago best i can do is $38 shipped with you covering fees
  11. all are new - - if you want a split make a $$ offer Black yellow 2.5oz needle + new run 3oz darter $70 shipped PP Raccoon 2.5oz + Gibbs on Roids $65 shipped PP
  12. sure, 2 plug minimum or let me know what youre looking for and maybe i can swap one out
  13. last call, good fishin plugs
  14. 3 good pencils, below retail
  15. bump