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  1. My milk!
  2. Sears used to pull that crap as well.
  3. Spit
  4. Kill the saved post you never posted / Clear content thing ought to free up some k
  5. Don't forget helmets.
  6. No more swearing
  7. The C130 has many configurations and a variety of rolls. They are kinda like Harleys though needing wrenching due to the engine vibrations. Amazing that the platform went into service 60 years ago.
  8. He grew an inch so he wouldn't be obese.
  9. There were pics of Elvis and such but one news site said that some of the children did not know what a policeman was or what medicine is. I do not believe they had a TV.
  10. That is where we went as well.
  11. You OK bud?