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  1. Salmonella?
  2. anatomically juxtaposition your two orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction and press them upon my glueteus maximus doc.
  3. Pog mo hoin
  4. I steal mojo. Tagged Pete once by having him tie on my Looney jig. Tagged Tim once topping off my reel and setting up my tog rig. I'm not proud. I will sleep in the parking lot and drive home with your money. Be glad I am not there with my Penn and Ugly Stick. Tight Lines
  5. *sly it was why I stayed
  6. I still have your frank Frank. The "sucks" was not meant for you. The older I get the more old sayings ring true. For example: three subjects not to be discussed in polite conversation. Sex, religion & politics
  7. I think the Isle of palms is rebuilt after every hurracaine.
  8. I liked the river walk. It was even clean.
  9. Halloween candle light tours