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  1. The PIAPS is just out of touch with reality. My wife has called her a miserable , murdering old t wat on numerous occasions waaay before she was a candidate for POTUS, I am married to a truly awesome lady.
  2. I stand by my assertion that the only time I have heard the term , it was used by some liberal t wat.
  3. Haven't smoked in 5 years . Some edibles help with occasional back spasms. Right now I am topically using CBD oil for nagging pain after meniscus surgery, seems to be helping.
  4. The only people I have ever heard use the term "alt right" were liberal t wats, just saying.
  5. ok , let the left pay for her , as long as no taxpayer funds are used to haul her carcass around the globe, feed her and put her up in 5 star accommodations, can't imagine she flies coach either.
  6. who's paying for the Hill to travel the world?!
  7. He would have got like a glove Marty!
  8. Chas. Altenkirch and Son has been a class operation since the 30's. Charles was the father , followed by his son Mickey followed by Hank. Mickey pioneered big game fishing in Panama and the northeast, Hank was , perhaps still is, one of the best custom rod builders on the East Coast. It sucks that some schmo has stolen the name. FWIW Hank's #1 protégé Steve Petras is moving back from Kona sometime this Spring and will be building custom rods! A truly gifted rod builder and a desperately needed addition to the area. PM for more info
  9. 18" in North Sea, shoulda stayed in Kona for another week
  10. first prez election in 80 , voted for Regan without Party registration, registered as Republican for employment reasons shortly after, Having an R next to your name got you boosted up the list! That didn't pan out but remain a registered Republican today, gotta be able to vote in the primaries.
  11. So the district is claiming that they have authority to regulate a student's behavior outside of school? Talk about government over reach! F EM
  12. a LEFT as opposed to a RIGHT
  13. HMMMM Orca Winfrey is in a movie that flops and racism is to blame? She's a bigoted racist herself, Karma is a bitch
  14. Gonna be some nice lefts on an east swell as long as the sand stays.
  15. it will be interesting if there are any reporters who will ask any of the students to articulate why they are walking out , no talking points but actual reasons.