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  1. Leave it to the liberals to get their knickers in a knot over something as petty as what the first lady is wearing. Whenever Big Mike Obama showed up looking like a freaking linebacker in drag they said looks don't matter, the buncha f ooking hypocrites.
  2. Really? Do tell, no need to get all bitchy
  3. leave the damn phone in the truck!! Why bring it out wetsuit fishing??
  4. what the hell is a FISHER? The only definition I've found describes a carnivorous critter.
  5. Touchy subject I see!
  6. C
  7. Waaay uphill
  8. Waaay uphill
  9. S HIT RUNS DOWN HILL, that is all
  10. BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA MMM MMM MMM Now that was some creepy , cultist sh it.
  11. so Stoney, you have been using the term 'White Privilege' and can't provide a definition? C'mon , take a stab at it at least,
  12. Can you define WHITE PRIVILEGE pls Stoney. I’ve heard the term lobbed at folks like a freaking grenade but haven’t heard a concise definition
  13. Gotta ask Frank about that one.
  14. Got 2 tickets for the US Open at Shinnecock for SUNDAY from a client, Members" Trophy tent access and a parking pass. Could be entertaining, the last 2 were a hoot.
  15. The radical Islam cancer needs to be removed in order for the world to function effectively. Austria is a sovereign nation and doesn't answer to some camel humping tool from Turkey, piss off!