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  1. Yea my kid went through like almost a year of that .. now won't touch it
  2. Them mini splits be selling like hot cakes.. can't tell ya how many I've done the electric for in last 2-3 yrs .. they seem pretty dam easy to install.. I'd say hardest part for most the guys I come across is core drilling 2-3" hole.. manly cause they just don't have right tools for it and even less brains..
  3. This is what you need.. killer baked on outside of meatloaf :. Better then then ketchup and they make a spicy one too that's so good
  4. I'd don't remember seeing them that cheap when I looked .. more like 15$ .. still cheap.. but free is cheaper if you can find one curbside or happen to be tossing one
  5. Yup ^ sound very progressive
  6. Your crazy
  7. Man I just spent two days puking and chitin at the same time from food poisoning complements of Wendy's ( never eating fast food again in my life) but all this mac n cheese talk making me really want some. Been living off ritz crackers and Gatorade the last 2 days .. tonight I'm housing something good
  8. Almost all the led lights come with a transformer.. and yes they can be wired to a switch no problem.. once you find what you looking to buy post up a picture or link .. will help ya out
  9. Filipino banana ketchup > then regular ketchup ... just saying and the spicy one is killer..
  10. Yea the carp skin looked insane . Didn't look real but it was.. and me being a big time carp guy in my younger days only made that much cooler to me..
  11. This lady fishes around these parts has carp skin butt wrap .. looks efffin sick ..
  12. Mmm yes please
  13. Yea I've heard nightmare stories of trannys slipping and not working right after changing fluid..
  14. Wen my kid started eating regular food around 1 he would eat everything I gave him and beg for more.. then around 2 he jut started getting picky ? I blame his mother
  15. Don't even mess with discharging them just don't touch them or let anything metal touch across the connectors.. and yes if they don't have a resistor wired into them they can hold charge a long while depending on the cap