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  1. Couldn’t agree more.... like 10yr ago I go out on my buddy’s boat with him and his girl.. she never fish a day in her life.. bring them to one my spots , show her how to work a jig quick and few minutes later 40lber hits the deck caught by her .. been fishing that spot 20 yr + and have yet to break 40 there.. and then last fall this grandma on north fork fishing next to me sticks a rouge 30 on most ghetto beat up lil popper with half a treble on it amongst a million schoolys in full blitz mode .. crazy stuff ..
  2. I fish the avid surf 90% off rocky steal side of bridges and still like the long butt.. jigging 2-3oz without rod between the legs beat up your quickly.. even off pier still Fish same way .. but it’s jut what I used I guess ... been doing it same old way like 20 yr .. ain’t changing now
  3. Yea cold here in Gitland too .. these lil fukers are tricky in the cold.. you get tap tap gone . im.. if you don’t swing on them instantly you got no chance.. this relentless wind is not helping the cause
  4. Grabbed some sip of sunshine .. everybody raves about it but I say mehhhh .. it’s not terrible but really nothing great either
  5. Been messing with these lil guys last 5 days... only want the meat which I hate but I tried all my sneaky tricks over same spots and can’t get look on plug.. loads of fish 20-26” around.. and by buddy had two snalleat I ever seen like 10-12” crazy..
  6. Bunch of limp wristed fat bodies over there .. it is amazing to watch though
  7. I’m sucker for dark skin big butt mommy’s ..
  8. I second the shoe cobbler / repair shop ... they normally happy to get any business and have the machines to sew heavy material.. a friend had them do some custom work on his plug bag very cheap and was beautiful job.. Good luck in your search .. love when my wife buys me fishing stuff on holidays instead of some crap I never going to use .. good on you
  9. I just put a 25 Bailess on my 132-1m that has 4” off butt making it 10’8”ish and built light ... feels nice .. going to put it to the test here in couple hour.. let you know how she feels later ..
  10. Yea well these limp wristed unicorn chasers need to take up knitting or join a book club.. this is surf fishing .. it’s supposed to hurt .. man up sir and put on decent rubber cap .. you will be happy you did when you get washed off rock or take a slip and you don’t blow you rod butt to pieces
  11. I guess to each is own .. I love the long butt on the 8’ avid which is same as legend.. was part of what sold me on it.. for what it worth my buddy is wheel chair bound and I cut 6” of his 8’ legend. He needs a short butt to Fish but when I tried it I didn’t like it at all.. felt like half the power was cut out ..
  12. What ever happened to the days off adding 5-10 oz of lead to the butt... you all getting soft ..
  13. Your are correct sir .. didn’t even know that came apart lol .. I New zee owner.. always fished staals , mainly vsb 150 being my main reel .. got a deal on super lightly used tuxedo 25 I couldn’t say no too.. pumped to give a go.. thing feels nice
  14. Ahhh smaaaht .. that’s probably it .. thanks
  15. Yea I will later when I get home from work .. came in the bag with new o rings for the knob .. has me baffled seems to big for anywhere on reel what gear lube you like ?