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  1. nice .. them great for newbies good times watching them get there asses kicked ... I remember first shark I let the wife set hook on and fight herself .... she swung so hard she was on her ass but got up and fought it till the end ... good stuff
  2. Yea sir .. I gladly will grind 6 hours for one .. but by this time of year we should be seeing few a session .. this week last I was going 8-12 Browns a day was talking with a buddy and he brought up that off shore when they sharking every bait goes out skirted ... got me thinking , might have to tie up some and experiment.. lil flash and bucktail wrapped on a tube and slid down leader ... ever mess with them ?
  3. Slow in my area .. sharks should be on the feed in my holes but nope .. Friday I dropped one , only bite on the beach all night ... yesterday again only bite on beach but at least I made this one count .. loads of big shovel nose rays in the mix .. efffin pain in the ass stupid things ..
  4. I got few of the pencils I brake out when the blues around .. they hold up well .. dare I say better then my gibbs which blues turn to wood chips
  5. Still slow as hell in my neck of the woods .. another night 5-6 rods out down the beach and again I get only hit of the night .. at least I made it count
  6. Very cool .. would love to hear more history on it as well since that be my home waters for last 30 yrs ...
  7. Try this one niffty .. was theme to my life for a while .. the whole album is epic
  8. dont believe it ... should of seen the water wed.. it was up to the dunes and angry ... carved the whole stretch out .. even less beach left if you can imagine that
  9. never .. we dont get sharks like that most the time ... the norm is 40-70lbs brown with some sand tigers from 40-150lbs ... we got it done though ... them sand tigers are kittens anyways, luckily ...
  10. this is what akotoun was doing well on .... after a lot of messing around with surf candies I finally have a pattern im very happy with ... the black being one my favorites low light to night time..
  11. while we giving glory shots here ... How about fishheads tail grab with me giving him some ego stroking to pump him up for the grab ... he was alil hesitantto say the least ... kept telling me get in alil close , alil closer but she was bellying out quiet a ways out and there was no going further ... But he made it happen and I owe him big time ... took 3 of us to drag her up .. she was heavy
  12. Thank you sir .. cheers
  13. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL thanks for that Mo .... Let me tell ya something son .... Dont body surf after the release with your head lamp , glasses and hat on .... At least I got my old stink hat back ... doh .... Should of cut the last few seconds out where I do a flip out the wave and then fall on my ass ... Good times though and fish of a lifetime ... efff them glasses and brand new nice head lamp... cant say I didnt do my best to get a clean release .. wasnt going to be able to swim out past that shore break ... Doctored up the pic alil today ... wife takes meh pics so had to jazz it up some to hide the blurry ness
  14. sick footage ... that was one hungry pike followed for like 3-4 ,mins and hit like 5-6 times and wanted a piece of that camera ... those close ups are awesome
  15. they look nice whats the price like