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  1. 12/0 VMC 7150...sorry
  2. The 12" sluggo...a.k.a. the wet sock Never bought a pre-rigged 12", i have 1 memory of a friend who brought one out and hooked into an estimated 20-25# class fish and it broke off the rear hook of the tandem rig... I messed around with hand pours of a tandem rig 12" size (tandem hooks pre-molded in the bait), but more of a pain than it was worth...i used 7/0 vmc live bait hooks...yes the hooks were rigged "upside down" in this proof of concept As someone who has gotten a couple tail hooks in my hands when a fish is thrashing on the lead hook, I usually go with a single 12/0 hogy barbarian hook (vmc 9175 i think?), when i throw them
  3. If I'm feeling some music to start the day, or start a night on the water: on my little boat pre-dawn running down the river to my grounds its "Ecstasy of Gold" Ennio Morricone or "Ghost of the Navigator" by Iron Maiden walking to my grounds from shore I'm partial to Pink Floyd "Echoes"
  4. Scituate footage from Saturday...crazy
  5. Whole lotta mess across the south shore MA...I'm optimistic on being able to get home to tonight (front end loaders clearing a path as of 7 AM today), but Eversource still saying power restoration is estimated to be midnight Tuesday. No idea what I'm heading home to, but I know a lot of people are in worse shape than I will be. Driving around on Saturday AM and you'd start to notice that there were just swaths of areas that got hit hard from very punchy winds. Crazy numbers of trees down everywhere in the Marshfield/Duxbury/Pembroke area- some trees were just chopped in half like toothpicks, others the entire root base was pulled up and toppled over... I did find some Brant Rock drone footage in a youtube video that was remarkable and sobering at a minimum...these were shot on Sunday when things had "laid down" considerably from what they were on Friday/Saturday
  6. Oof...gonna be a lotta water stuck inshore for that 11' saturday noon tide. Thanks for the update
  7. Bolded for emphasis. it will change your life.
  8. this is not an inaccurate statement
  9. I love the interwebs
  10. Cut & paste from Z's blog: We know you guys are waiting with baited breath for Super Strike to unveil their 2018 color line up. We do not know all the details but we do know that these three colors will be making a return appearance in 2018.
  11. I saw these over on Zeno's place
  12. I know I saw the silver ghost was coming back in the zig zag....which is nice
  13. More water than I have seen in my 5+ years of living out there...river was swole well over the banks & inundated the Bridgwaye & Marshfield Yacht Club with 2-3' of water at the top of the tide. saw some pictures of 3'+ of standing water on Ferry Street in front of Crawford Boat Building. I was not on Humarock for the duration of the storm, but around 8:00 PM on Thursday I was sent a video a friend pulled off facebook that showed a guy kayaking down Central Ave...the amount of water was just surreal. Entire swath of land from Brant Rock over to Green Harbor was basically underwater for a few hours on Thursday. Front St. in Scituate harbor had at least a foot or 2 of standing water as well. Was able to get home on Friday AM and was frankly surprised that there was relatively little rocks/sand/debris stacked up on the road that had to be cleared- one of the benefits of a quick hitter storm that only impacted a single tide. I have seen much worse in that respect. The basement had water in it at the top of the tide- looked to be about 8" at its peak, but the furnace never even hiccupped and power was on, so all good there. shop vac'd about 60 gallons of saltwater out of the basement and set up a couple floor fans and a dehumidifier to dry things out...as with most things storm related need to keep things in perspective and remind yourself that "it could've been worse"