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  1. Dear Striped Bass: I have a suspicion that you don't have much of a brain, and certainly are incapable of actually reading or comprehending this letter I have composed, but I wanted to raise awareness with you at a minimum. It seems that there is a congregation of anglers who are hoping to intercept your migration plans in the vicinity of a 7 mile long manmade navigational waterway this week. For your own well being, I would recommend you take the long way around the cape to your eventual summer destinations. If you choose to ignore my warning, I will be forced to engage in joining the fracas and attempt to deceive you with offerings of wood, plastic, and possibly even lead. Don't worry, I will be swift in your release in the chance we meet, but cannot assure you my brethren will do the same. Remember, you brought this on yourself... I hope this letter finds you well. Putty
  2. thanks Brian- Dave is good people and can work with anglers of all skill levels- not certain of his availability at this point in the season though- might be booked solid?
  3. I'm not a fly guy, but I know Capt. Dave Bitters out of Duxbury run a light tackle/fly fishing charter that fishes the Duxbury/Kingston/Plymouth bays. He runs a 20' Carolina skiff style boat and can cover a lot of water and gets clients on fish for sure. Can be found on FB as Baymen Charters (hope I'm not committing an SOL foul here)
  4. #porkfroggingbastids
  5. #breakingtides #sharpies #fishfunnel #dragsetforperch
  6. you seem awfully triggered by this thread which was intended to announce that fish were here and to HAVE FUN this season and to take care of the fish as best you can so we can continue to enjoy this pastime...but evidently you felt a need to harp and dwell on a throw-away line that has been used on this board for AGES...that boat fish don't count.... Did I do something to personally offend you at some point? (not that it seems difficult to get under your skin evidently...) If its a matter of trolling, I can engage in that act to if that is the intent and pollute your sea bass postings...I'll make time if that's the case Nice pickerel...I'm sure it loved being squeezed around the gills with your thumb in its rakers, and the blood streaming off the anal fin is a nice touch too, but hey you got a pic to show off to strangers online...here's your "atta boy" Lighten up...and move on...I hope we both have better things to do.
  7. Canal blitz fish are barely a hair above boat caught fish...besides, as I noted earlier no one cares about what you caught have fun on the fish conveyor belt....
  8. all good suggestions, but I will remind everyone that there are no fish on the south shore...season is over.
  9. ^ gets it
  10. Thanks brutha- she treats me well
  11. Jeez...i thought the tone of my original post was intended to tell people to have fun and be safe...glad the obligatory running jab on this site that "boat fish dont count" was your focal takeaway...its a goof man...lighten up. Enjoy your season.
  12. I do own one...i use it often and catch regularly on it...occasionally large too... but they still don't count
  13. I assumed this was known already...
  14. Fish are in. If they are not in your immediate area by now, it is literally a matter of a single tide cycle or 2. 1) Have fun. 2) Be safe and be smart. No fish out there is worth dying over. 3) Clean up after yourself...and clean up after others if necessary. 4) Take care of the fish as much as you can and try for a quick revival and release...or keep your legal limit if so inclined. 5) Nobody cares about what you caught. Keep it to yourself, or at a minimum keep it amongst your trusted confidants. 6) Boat fish are fun, but they still don't count.