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  1. one of my rod sections is stuck....can't turn it or move it what so ever. Tried some WD 40.....but no luck. I was using it in the surf last week and my guess is there is a couple grains of sand in there or sometihng Has anyone else had to deal with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  2. I'm in Maryland and will take the bucket or whats left. Thanks! PM sent
  3. Killer assortment of 13 jointed bombers new in their boxes...I think they each weigh around 1.5 ounces. $55.00 bucks shipped
  4. Freshwater reels....Stradic 2500 Mgf and 2 Stradic 2000's The 2500 is in excellent condition both mechanically and physically. The 2000's are both excellent mechanically and very good physically...they have some scratches on the rear. They all are spooled with 10lb test Momoi $95.00 for the 2500 and $50.00 each for the 2000's shipping included If you buy all 3 its $145.00 includes shipping No trades....Cash or Paypal. Can meet in Central NJ through Washington, DC
  5. Ok....we can do that. I will PM you paypal deatails
  6. Sounds good.....can meet in Central NJ? say Wednesday or Thursday?
  7. 2 unused Wet suits. One is a Henderson and is a 7mm size medium (I'm 5'9 and lean and they fit). The other is an NRS 2 or 3 mm in size medium. Neither of these have been used...only tried on. I bought them a while ago when I was getting into Kayaking....decided I liked the the dry suite better and never looked back. Held on to them thinking I was going to Skish one day...but that doesn't seem to be happening. I will include the socks for free to who ever buys first. $110 for the Henderson and $75 for the NRS shipped. You buy both and its $155 shipped. PayPal or Cash please. I can deliver between Wash, DC area up to central NJ. Thanks for looking!
  8. Any interest?
  9. What about fresh water stuff?.....or a fresh water reel?
  10. Thanks for posting . I would say yes....but I not making any guarantees....if your not sure you should go try one on somewhere if possible.
  11. This is 177. Caliber Air Rifle made by Beeman. Its a Webley Vulcan edition and it generates over 1000 ft per second. Mechanically, its in great shape. The scope is crap and I would get a new one if I bought this. Cosmetically there are some scratches and some rust spots and would classify it as good condition. Its all wood stock and weighs about 7.5lbs. Its one cock to charge...single fire. $75.00 ...no trades. Cash only....will deliver between the Wash DC area and central NJ. Thanks for looking!
  12. I'm going to guess about 20 years.
  13. ok....thanks for trying
  14. Thanks for the info guys
  15. No, I won't be there that weekend....i can swing up that following week though....as in Monday the 25th or after
  16. I can hand it off any where along Interstate 95 in Maryland or up to Central NJ
  17. Thanks for the offer man....I'm not sure how to go about shipping it....I bet it would cost at least $20-$30. Any chance your coming south anytime soon?
  18. This is great for varmint control....or just some fun target practice
  19. 2 Stradic 5000FH....These 2 reel have been serviced 3 times since I've owned them over the last 11-12 years....I have not used them in at least 5 years....Not sure if I used either one of them since they were serviced last....they are smooth and mechanically in great shape. They both have some scrapes and scratches...but are ready to catch fish. They have either 20lb or 30lb power pro on them. $70 each or $120 for both..included shipping....no trades.....Paypal...Or cash if we can meet between NJ and Wash, DC.
  20. SOLD! Thread closed
  21. Skinny...check your PM....i have not heard back from Ivan
  22. Brand New Avet SX 5.3:1 Single Speed Reel.....Never even put line on it. No box Crank is on the RIGHT side...(you crank with your right hand) Will sell for $145.00 includes shipping
  23. Thunnus 6000F reels....These are awesome reels for throwing clam or bunker heads.....the f%^ckers cast a mile! They have a great bait runner system...and they come with some darn good karma. These are in great condition....haven't used them in about 8 years. They either have 20lb or 30lb power pro on them....not sure if there is backing under there....If I remeber corretly...i spooled one without because i did not have any and wanted to fish...maybe both:confused: $170.00 each....Or $300.00 for both.