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  1. I'm in Maryland and will take the bucket or whats left. Thanks! PM sent
  2. Ok....we can do that. I will PM you paypal deatails
  3. Sounds good.....can meet in Central NJ? say Wednesday or Thursday?
  4. Freshwater reels....Stradic 2500 Mgf and 2 Stradic 2000's The 2500 is in excellent condition both mechanically and physically. The 2000's are both excellent mechanically and very good physically...they have some scratches on the rear. They all are spooled with 10lb test Momoi $95.00 for the 2500 and $50.00 each for the 2000's shipping included If you buy all 3 its $145.00 includes shipping No trades....Cash or Paypal. Can meet in Central NJ through Washington, DC
  5. Any interest?
  6. What about fresh water stuff?.....or a fresh water reel?
  7. Thanks for posting . I would say yes....but I not making any guarantees....if your not sure you should go try one on somewhere if possible.
  8. From the album WTS: 2 new Wet suits

  9. From the album WTS: 2 new Wet suits

  10. From the album WTS: 2 new Wet suits