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  1. Man that’s a monsta sea bass!! Nice job island surf!
  2. I’m running 50 pp and I fill her up with 300 plus some backing. Never any problems with line.
  3. I run 706s for all my chunk setups I love running manual pickup on everything including a dead stick. I run 50# pp and never have any line issues it stacks decent enough on the spool.
  4. You need the permit for the upper dock at captree during the day
  5. I think you have the current and tide mixed up lol but I do agree with your points.
  6. I don’t have experience with it but I think that tha plastic bag isn’t a bad idea
  7. Get out there and fish the winter is over..
  8. It was a few weeks ago when I was there they close it for the plovers in the summer usually.
  9. I used to love that place when I lived near it. Town beaches come with their own government and rules. County beaches will let you on with a leash dog. But not the state unless of course you go all the way to Montauk for some reason it’s allowed...
  10. Wish I could but the state of new York won’t allow leashed dogs on their beaches.
  11. That’s all good if the prior owner ran it and it’s not leaking yet then I would stick to the synthetic. Sounds like a great buggy. Wait till you get the itch to start modifying her..
  12. I run regular 10 30. Jeeps are notorious for leaving there mark where they park and synthetic will just piss out everywere if you start using it now. General rule of thumb with any car is to only use synthetic oil if it has been in the motor for its whole life. I like the mopar filters over the frams lots of horrible stories on the jeep forums using frams.
  13. I just want to add that Captain Planet is correct in his suggestion and I completely agree with your lodgic. I just wanted to add a easier suggestion so Phil doesn’t need to run a bunch of wires to the back of the car. It’s alot easier to tap off the tail gate light and add a extra light.
  14. I completely understand how relays work and but they are more complicated then the standard toggle switch to wire and not really necessary for the low current of the small led, and shouldn’t put much of a load on the switch, now if this was a big light bar I would say use a relay.
  15. It’s pretty simple really. If someone asks me you get any fish today? Or something like how’s the fishing been? I’m not giving up anything to anyone for free. I politely say no, the fishing has been crap lately... It may seem brash or rude but I can tell you that if you do tell them the that you caught a fish in that spot they will be back tomorrow morning in your spot and with a friend.