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  1. i'll take one of the BPS rods if we can figure a way to get it to CT
  2. still are..... some of the Stven chicks that come into the ER are crazy gross.......
  3. Winter meetings are this week- haven't heard much from down there. possible actions were something about changes to striper limits, and menhaden were facing some regulatory changes...... any news???
  4. 25% of the trump-bump is lost in one day.... and at a cost of trillions in future debt. Yep- some real genius there
  5. rivers seem to get them first- in mid-May usually. then harbors or other areas that warm up a little earlier.....
  6. its a one-sided, unverified document that was never vetted by anyone, and was released over the objections of the other members of the intelligence committee and the head of the FBI.... so- that's why??
  7. I just wonder where all the Repubs are going.....? Fox News jobs?
  8. keep making excuses..... you boys from Jersey have got it worse..... NJ is forecasted to be the hardest hit sate in the nation
  9. seems that most economic forecasters are saying that my home is now going to be worth about 5-8% less in the next 10 to 20 years due to the changes pushed through by tis administrations..... since theres now a limit on property tax deductions, it seems that places like CT, new York and ESPECIALLY New Jersey are going to see a decreased marketability in the real estate markets..... makinng those homes less desirable and an expected decrease in value between 5 and 15% so= thanks Trump
  10. still a crook though right???? (so much for the family values you clowns like to espouse)
  11. the RR bridge across the CT river is a popular spot in the Spring.... the guy tending the drawbridge yells at guys who try to anchor within 100 yards stating its against the law since 9/11. not sure if that's true or not..... the guy is kind of a d!ckhead
  12. his daddy's rich...... one of them-there "ee-leetes" the Trumpsters seem to hate so much.
  13. so... the fact that the PRESIDENT may have to answer (ie admit) that he had illicit/improper/illegal dealings prior to the election is less of a concern for you than........? what is more improtant then a crook in the White House?
  14. I worked in oncology for years- my experience with stuff like this is that the odds are GROSSLY in her favor. try not to sweat this- its very likely something benign will keep her (both of you) in mind....
  15. so when you say "his stagnant economy".... you mean the stock market collapse that happened before he became President? that one? the hone that he and Geitner started to fix before they actually took office? if you're assigning that "stagnant economy" to Obama then you couldn't be more wrong.... that occurred when W was in office.