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  1. ^^^ yes- I found a few in the leaves last night and I keep a piece of plywood over the top still not sure how they can get out
  2. Maxel Hybrid would be a nice combo
  3. I have a fish tank filter and aerator stone. I could try a few little pieces of boloney or something.....
  4. do you ever have to feed them?? just wondering- I've had 8-10 in tank for over a week and they look a little hungry...... should I give 'em a little food?
  5. impressive numbers...... almost need to invent smaller and more powerful reels to match up to these rods so its not such a mismatch
  6. anyone have a V6 full-sized truck? (not talking about any ECo-boost thingys..... just plain ol V6) does it suck? I see they have 8speed transmissions to try and make 'em seem better, but do ya wish you bought the V8?O
  7. HAHAHAHAHA! now THATS some funny chit!
  8. I have certainly come to see the level of commitment/passion/fervor many of you have for guns extends beyond the firearms themselves......
  9. agreeed the '"outlaw steering wheel" comments (as are my own) are just baiting people to provoke a response
  10. 'splain your definition to me on that too (?) and thanks for keeping this impersonal- you know, since we are just having a discussion. I appreciate you taking the liberty to assign certain values and tendencies to me since we have gotten to know each other so well
  11. maybe that guy believes he has the God given right to drive where he wants? (as a point for discussion, since it seems we are still in that same frame of reference..... I'm not condoning vehicular homicide in any way)
  12. so why bother obeying any laws then? If God has given you the right to carry guns (and we are "suckers" for getting permits and complying with the regulation)....... whats stopping you from driving 100mph on your way to wrk every day (or whatever- since it seems you have given yourself the power to select what laws you can follow)? why stop when the cops pull you over? i'm playng devil's advocate here- your line of reasoning doesn't make any sense to me
  13. no- thats why I asked. I have a (shot) gun. I take it out a few times a year and shoot some clay birds. then I put it away and don't think about it. the "not one inch" and cold dead hands" stuff has me wondering why guys are so jacked up
  14. just for a little clarifications.... I own a gun too. remington 12ga. semi auto- use occasionally for skeet. its nice, and I enjoy the target shooting a few times a year. but i wouldn't willing to "start a war" (poor choice of words, perhaps?) if I could no longer use it......
  15. I know I've pissed most of you off recently, and I'm kinda sorry I did...... (and I mean this in all seriousness) I guess I'm still not clear exactly what is it about guns that you guys are so passionate about? I really like fishing- my friends and family would say I'm obsessed. but I don't love my gear. a few years ago they outlawed herring for live bait- and I was a little pissed, but have found alternatives. so what is all the gun -love about??