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  1. I didn't express my self very well- the quota transfer system treats the fish like something that is going "spoil"- as if the fish will somehow "go bad" or rot if they don't get caught and taken out of the fishery as soon as possible. truth is, they have value to the majority of the population by being left in the water........
  2. Nice frog fish.... 5 1/2pounds on digital scale
  3. there are times when a spinning rod IS the way to go........
  4. great ride- exactly the right boat!!
  5. welcome to CT- where access can be "difficult" to say the least. If you haven't it yet- the CT Coastal access guide is a great place to start. also, I'd recommend going to a kayak shop and introducing yourself. theres some pretty hardcore 'yak fishing guys in the area, and the shops are well equipped for your style of fishing. they will also be able to give you some launch site suggestions. (best shop I know of is three belles which is in Niantic- its a hike from where you are but prolly worth the effort)
  6. sea bass fishing is a means to an end..... they are great eating, and fill in the void where stripers have gone missing
  7. As it stands, the recreational side can choose to keep OR release their portion of the TAC. if they give part of that to the commercial guys, the fish will be removed from the resource without question.....(ie- the only good fish is a dead fish). for recreational fishermen, fish have value swimming in the ocean.
  8. sea bass will eat (seemingly) anything that passes by..... bait, jigs, whatever. if ya like using Lucanus or flat-fall jigs, have at it. I keep it simple and catch 'em just fine (high/low rig with whatever bait ya like)
  9. therein lies the difference- as recreational fishermen, we value the fish for the sport they provide (both bass and bloofish) comm guys see dollar signs only- they would be just as happy killing chipmunks if they could make a buck doing it
  10. lets hope that trend keeps up, regardless of gas prices.... nothing pisses me off more than getting to a fishing spot that to find the last guys left all their **** lying around everywhere
  11. PM sent
  12. $100 bucks shipped to CT? (or can meet you if its convenient....?)
  13. "tresfishing"...... gonna use that myself. (one of my sepcialties, actually)
  14. looks like Aqua-Fresh toothpaste....(?)