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  1. this is the same old argument- your cultural and religious beliefs are telling you that abortion is murder. but you eat pork, despite others' beliefs that to be immoral...... see how that works in a pluralistic society??
  2. will these fit size 11 boot?
  3. I got mine back in 2008- the license is good for 5 years before you need to renew. I never really did much with my license as the fishing took a sharp downturn about the same time I tried to get started..... you should also be aware that your liability goes up in the event of an accident since you are then considered an "expert" and are held to a higher standard of culpability
  4. yes- very tough to place an order thru that site
  5. I think you're absolutely right- the majority of fishermen don't really care about the "state" of the fishery. they just wanna catch something (or even just catch a buzz) whenever they feel like going out fishing. size, quality, good size distribution all mean bupkus to vast majority of the fishing public. the tackle shops' attitudes reflect this- they juat wanna sell stuff to the masses and make a buck doing it. conservation would likely run counter to that idea.,,,,
  6. almost 30 pages deep and 1 lousy pic of the ex- (who looks angry, if you hadn't figured that out yet) post the pic- ANY DAMN PIC
  7. combined with the current administrations' piss poor attitude towards conservation/regulations and science, and "pro-business" rulings that have ALREADY undermined the management process........ this is not even a pipe-dream more like a fairy tale
  8. exactly- the fishing tackle industry- (meaning tackle manufacturers, marinas, etc ) would NEVER allow this....even though "we" buy they're products/services, there are wayy more fishing customers out there that aren't conservation-minded/educated about the fishery (whatever)..... this is all a pipe-dream......... will never happen
  9. theres some kinda limited-production amber Bud released for a short time- nobody in CT (supposedly) has it for sale if you can't find a way to like an ice-cold can of Bud when you're thirsty, theres something wrong with you......
  10. just bought another 7 weight for smallies..... smoking deals!!
  11. can't seem ti buy it anywhere in this god-forsaken state........... anybody tried it yet?
  12. I really did think this was gonna be a thread about someone's johnson winning a beauty contest.......
  13. theres no "gain" in it if the commercial quota just gets caught by the recreational sector... there has to be some real conservation
  14. would you go for the Eco_Boost or the V8?