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  1. Seeing if someone can run a carfax for me. I'd appreciate it. Vin below: 1c4rjfct5fc761725 thanks
  2. Would this work as a canal reel?
  3. Hey man so I was thinking. Would $245 work shipped to MA? Let me know. Thanks
  4. Think I'm gonna pass. Hoping you were closer. Thanks anyway man appreciate the info
  5. Thanks man looking forward to it. You think its more moderate action or fast? What's the actual model number?
  6. Also location?
  7. Hey man. Got a couple questions. What is length of rod seat to butt? 1 or 2 piece? If 2, 70/30 or 50/50? Moderate or fast action?
  8. His metal lips are nice too. His gliders have some insane action
  9. Dudeeeeeee
  10. Don't have a pic with it in its mouth but 2oz bucktail with curly grub trailer. 33#s couple weeks ago
  11. I use that rod in the 1/2-2oz for casting plugs and stuff from my kayak. The guides are way too small for that and I may put different guides on it further up from the reel. Caught some nice fish on it
  12. Ocean city looks good right now. Fenwick looked really good last year. Now it looks HORRIBLE! Delaware beaches are literally embarassing. How could they be ok with them like this. You got white, powdery almost sand near the dunes that slopes down, then brown, coarse dirty sand that has an upslope, that then quickly drops into the shore break. It's ridiculous. What they should do is pump it then create a sand bar out there somehow to help with the waves. When theres storms those waves are huge. North side Indian river used to look so good. It's a damn shame. Damn shame.
  13. Friday am I wasn't there actually. Fish dont change where they spawn. If they were spawned in the Chesapeake they will return there