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  1. effing PA guys and their spot lights
  2. decent meteor shower last night! added a few bass and blues to the tally. Solid night all around. moco outgoing.
  3. so they can have the rip to themselves
  4. thanks for saving me a long trip. i really appreciate it. Ill go with Plan A then haha
  5. Thank you!
  6. have they started yet? trying to put together a game plan
  7. thats nothing compared to sunday... there was two rows of guys just wearing jeans casting over my head. Its over, everyone go home
  8. ive been getting the albies by casting past the school, and pausing my retrieve on top of the schoool and theyve been hitting the tin on the drop
  9. what are the weights on your sandeels? they look great
  10. Hit the nail on the head. but whats wrong with these reports? its the same things as posting conditions. Nobodies posting to stripersonline live or sharing real time reports. The number of views may just be a page view count. If you visit this site 10 times a day then you add 10 views. Lots of lurkers but lets be honest, they are weekend warriors who only go when the suns shining and the wife lets them
  11. why are you guys complaining about the reports thread? theres bairly anything notable being reported here from the surface. If you know what you're doing you will take note of the little things like tides, wind reports, bait size and species, beach structure, water clarity, etc. Guys like nam, mc55, FB and so forth give great info without giving up a bite. When the bites hot, theres generally no reports to accurately represent whats actually happening cuz were all fishing. I use the reports to help track the progress of the migration. Go use effbook if you want real time spot burns. I believe this thread runs very smoothly.
  12. you guys see any dredging last night? im looking to take the hike tomorrow evening
  13. yea ill shoot you a PM
  14. If you decide to go with the warranty they are out near pottstown. It took 2 weeks to get a matching custom top half for my 1265 and the customer service was excellent! I took a ride out there and even did some smallmouth fishing on the upper schkuylkill