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  1. wow congrats marty! thats quite a bass! were the herring visible when you were presenting your plug?
  2. Bellringer knows things.
  3. somehow I straightened the metal lip on a ccw during a blitz. I spent some time adjust the lip to get the swimmer to swim correctly again... my goal was to make it swim the same, but after experiments I got it to nose dive with a tail wiggle on the surface. I cought my PB on that same plug after my adjustments. I wont bend the lip unless the plug is a dud out of the box or if something damages the lip.
  4. - Organize Plugs so they arent tangled in a plastic bin. - Change out rusted hooks/swivels - tie leaders -seal waders -grease reels -get beach permits -make sure you have everything before that first push of fish.
  5. my 150 balances my Century 10'6 SS 1265 perfectly. I have no need for anything more than a 150 in jersey.
  6. As the season is getting underway, what is everyone's Final Four predictions and Champion? What conference is the biggest dogfight? And what other predictions do you have?
  7. Friday looks amazing
  8. Rest in Peace David, may his spirit and love for the ocean carry on with the currents. If I win please pass this along to someone under 18 who likes to fish for Striped Bass and Bluefish so David's spirit can help fulfill a young strong passion.
  9. have you been to a professional box lacrosse game yet? I highly reccomend it for all ages. I just started playing in a box league and I fell in love with the sport of lacrosse all over again
  10. Man i gotta get out to placid! The talent is so wide spread nowadays. Ive been saying that Salisbury, stevenson, RIT, Cortland could beat 90% of D1 schools if they played against one another. Theres so much talent that a lot of great players are not even seeing the field. I played 4 years at Drexel, and graduated last year. I'll be following them as they try to grind their way through a gauntlet of a division, the CAA.
  11. Eff Petro, the guy should win the championship every year with the resources that he has at Hopkins. I mean come on, the guy walks on the field and the refs practically hand him the game. His boy Bill Bellichek taught him well. He's had his and cant make it happen which is why ill always root for every other team against the BlueJays
  12. Favorites to win: 1. Duke 2. Syracuse 3. Hopkins. 4. OSU I love seeing the younger teams or others leagues make a run but the OG powerhouses look incredibly strong as the season is getting underway. My pull for underdog is a strong Loyola team led by Pat Spencer. I wouldnt count out Albany, but I need to see Tehoka at the helm before I make that prediction.
  13. Was able to catch the Towson Game yesterday. Man what a difference a year makes. They look very young and immature vs a hungry Hopkins.
  14. Ill take it