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  1. i wonder how the bass feel when some guy whips out a phone and blinds them with the flash.
  2. heard he was patrolling last night in plain clothes just seeing what people were catching. He busted the white bucket brigade for a cooler full of 16" fish. report: last night, haunted by blow out low. Saw some pops on the water here and there but with the stiff west wind my only options were to work jetty tips and I just couldnt raise more than a few taps.
  3. yep definitely a one hitter but its nice to have the bait option when youre out there.
  4. did you try sand fleas at all? so far this year I'll be crushing shorts on crabs and the second i put on a sand flea i get a keeper.
  5. yea i got the bug last year. The boats can be tough financially but ill get out 3-4 times. I get my fix in early from the jetties
  6. yup been there a few times, i wear my wetsuit out now if its anything more than 2ft. North Jetty is just another world of sketchy. People shouldnt fish it unless you have a death wish.
  7. just picked up the new tsunami acid wrapped slow pitch and a maxel 25 that I need to try out
  8. im jumping on the Osprey on tuesday if anyone wants to join
  9. ****. lets close this up. PM coming. THERE ARE NO TOG
  10. I know theres a bottom fishing thread but maybe we can get a thread started for all you NJ crab mutilating, cold weather loving, tog fishing freaks! Lets see some pics of those gaint moose tog, successful trips and post some reports on what theyre biting. Jig fish count. Show some love for the fish with a face that only a fisherman could love.
  11. did you pick up any giant live eels in china town?!
  12. They published on a report that it would in fact impact the natural ecosystem for 6 months, but would self replenish over time. Which is comical.
  13. Ive thought about this... and it probably wouldnt help in most cases. If you go in out there you better collect yourself within the first second of hitting the water and swim hard towards the rock. If not your gonna get ripped up
  14. lmao... double reverse spot burn
  15. For the readers that cant comprehend, its simple. A window installer goes around the neighborhood throwing bricks through peoples windows. The window repairman/installer is creating a constant source of cashflow. The NJ state government knows that we consitantly have weather that rips away our beaches and frighten the homeowners and business owners, so they "repair" the beaches. Its all about the money. Take a look at island beach state park, where the sand is left untouched and dunes fourish. The sand in the park moves around but continues to replenish itself time after time and even after the worst of storms.