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  1. not one mention of bass using their lateral line at night... Bass are reacting to movements in the water at night. In my experience color can come into play when the moon is highger than 45 deg in the sky on a clear night with clear water. Other than that throw black or white.
  2. I could do 45 shipped PP for the lot
  3. I missed the no paypal part. Cartopper the opportunity is yours.
  4. Bob Ill do 40 shipped
  5. Its been pretty solid from the winter to early spring then tapered off in late spring. I had a ton of fun with that big push of bass. We chased them around the bay from night to night like a game of tag. Once you figured out the wind pattern then you were on fish. Late spring was tough for me. I spent 3 prime weeks venturing into new waters and I was unsuccessful except for a few small keepers. Some of my favorite spots were whacky after all of the NorEasters that ripped through in the winter. By the time I figured out my adjustments it was too late. Never the less, this sport forces us to adapt and thats part of why I fish as much as I do. I dont have my log but id say around 100 fish from high teens-25# 5 or 6 from 25-30 3 from 30-35 1 40# and one bass that has been swimming through my mind since I dropped her in mid april. A big fat healthy 50-60# bass that pulled the hook 5 yards from my feet. Im glad i got to see her but that moment is burned into my memory. Lesson learned...use bigger hooked bucktails I'm looking forward to learning out of state waters and warm weather summer bass fishing before we gear up for Albies and blitzes
  6. Less open beach and more of the locations youve described. One killer technique is getting onto a bar and casting into a ripping cut and working the darter out of the cut. U can work them around jetty tips as well but under the right conditions.
  7. I get that you're not sharing a report but do you realize this is the exact reason why it was shut down? Bringing spots to peoples attention is the same as spot burning. Especially spots with illegal/limited access. Delete the post and move on.
  8. Bombers are excellent because you can work them much slower then an SP. on a slow retrieve they will still swim and roll a bit. Theres nights where youll catch on a bomber and nothing else (maybe a mag darter)
  9. Must have something to do with the approval process. NJ says so to jetties or dunes because more sand pumping = more $. They dont give 2 ****s about us. exploit them
  10. every plug has its place in jersey. From needles-darters you can use them all. You can go about this two ways: FIll your bag with mojo plugs and one or two unfamiliar plugs like the darter or needlefish. Or you could go out with only unfamiliar plugs like darters or needlefish etc. FYI... Darters are my top producing plug for most fish and for some of the biggest fish. Theres plenty of topics on it. Dig it in on the first crank or two then its an extremely slow rolls. You want the plug to be hanging in the current like a struggling baitfish.
  11. nice weakfish!!!
  12. Lets not forget about that half of this spending is federal money as well. They have a matching program for ACOE and replenishment projects. Get the EPA involved
  13. that would be incredible if you could dig that up. Ill poke around to find something
  14. I would love to see a time lapse over the course of a year of sand movement around one group of exposed jetties VS a replenished beach and maybe VS a natural beach such as IBSP If someone has the resources and time (lives near the beach) than I think we would have a very strong case against replenishment.
  15. Its like building a sand castle at the waters edge. even a 5 year old will learn after the first time that this doesnt work