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  1. It’s most likely an electronic petition instead of the usual hand signed petition. Perhaps wishful thinking because lake O discharges just can’t be “stopped” else the lake spills over the dikes and floods the surrounding communities. The lake fills up 6 times faster than the drainage canals can handle. A true dillema by any stretch.
  2. Well, it's not wise at all to use multiple treble hooks for Tarpon, dangerous to the fishermen and harmful to the fish. I use a single treble. And I don't use spoons for Tarpon. PM me and can go over some details to perhaps help you out.
  3. Yep, glass minnow run.....Tarpon Time. Just like the mullet run. Too bad he lost that last fish. Was a nice one.
  4. For plugs, I use a single 4x strong Gamakatsu treble plus sized (from the stock original) attached to the front of the lure with a strong inline swivel. Sharpen the heck out of the hook and don’t yank on the strike. That’s a common error and is why a lot of your fish are probably missed.
  5. For those of you who like to Tarpon fish from shore, we’ve had some nice steady west winds lately here on the south east coast, which flattens and cleans up the ocean nicely. With this nice clean water flowing heavily into the inlets, the Tarpon bite has been on FIRE! I’ve never seen it this good. Caught EIGHT the last two outings, averaging 50-70lbs. Suckers rip good on the smaller reels. I’m using at Stella 4000xg, 20lb test on a Saint Croix Avid inshore rod. I kept thinking, amazing that I can get in my truck, park and then causally walk out and catch so many Tarpon when other people spend $$ chasing them all over the place on boats. Very exciting fish to catch and a big challenge to subdue in an inlet....my kind of fishing Lol. Lure of choice is….well, think small…Tarpon hit the smaller stuff. Can get the biggest Tarpon on the smallest presentation. Kinda ironic, I know, but that's how they are. Happy hunting!
  6. Who's to say? I guess the more coverage, the better. We've been through this before on the west coast many times, some of which were pretty bad back then. All were covered, lot of complaining and sensational stories but, unfortunately, nothing came of it.
  7. I get where you’re coming from, sure do, but social media (videos, forums, and pictorials) are only going to get bigger and bigger, popular and even more popular, with a whole influx of inexperienced people jumping on the band wagon. Heck, if I was up and coming, I’d jump on that band wagon, too! There’s a seven year old tuber who made eleven million dollars last year reviewing toys! Who can beat that? It’s a hell of a way to make a dream living and has certainly paid off for many, many people. No wonder it’s attracting all types. As far as fishing is concerned, it has its place and many videos or presentations are exceptional in content. Few, though, are ragged and cause major problem as mentioned. Lot of these people who produce these things may or may not even recognize or anticipate outcomes. Perhaps they’re excited or purged with enthusiasm else totally focused and miss the forest for the trees. By then it’s too late and the damage is already done. That’s because these people aren’t skilled producers or skilled at what they do. They toss the dice and hope for the best. And in the case of the fishing world as experienced onlookers, we suffer the consequences and have to clean up the mess to set things straight. That’s about all we can really do as “active participants”… at this point.
  8. Obviously, there’s an inflamed history here amongst fishermen that’s still burning strong. Lot of these guys on social media deserve it, will do ANYTHING and ANY cost to get where they are at today. I have the same problem with some of them myself, especially nowadays with the FWC going strong with LBSF. Lot of them still posts protected sharks out of the water, totally dry-beached, one of the hot topics with FWC right now. And these guys KNOW what’s going on! They know what the FWC’s agenda is yet they still toss it over their shoulder like it means absolutely nothing. One of them (yes, you may know the popular video) posted a series about catching a bunch of hammerheads in a single day. The spot in question during the filming is a hammerhead spawning area. Of course the bite was on! The video showed the sharks being caught, pulled in and then a gap and later you see the sharks swimming off. There’s clearly editing done on every release. What the video doesn’t show is the still shots, the money shots on Instagram by various guys participating that day, bloody mouth’s pulled wide open, totally dry-beached, practically sitting on them…. A savvy reporter found these same photos and reported them to the FWC. Then, a few days later on the same beach, dead hammerheads were reported washed ashore. It’s crap like this that pisses me off. You’d think these so called “pros” would have enough common sense to cool it, especially when the heat is on for the very sharks that they are targeting. One may think a video is genuine, popular and so humble and so perfectly righteous but little do they know just how fake they really are…total BS full of lies for the sake of the glory or the ratings or the followers….. Things like this are precisely what have turned social media (places like YouTube) into total illusion….very destructible in the wrong hands. Just remember that true life is true life but with the swift hand of mankind “editing” brings about a sort of commanding force that is easier done than said.
  9. Lot of anger and outrage and it seems on the get-go that nothing is happening, or that no one is doing anything but this is not the first and only episode of bad Red Tides. It’s all over the world. Chile just lost 20 million fish. Although a lot can be said for run-off and human contributions, research is still ongoing as to the root cause and/or the propagation. As far as Florida goes, it’s one of the few places where millions of dollars has been spent in researching these blooms. Mote Marine acknowledges that red-tide-producing algae may "exploit nutrients" that may contribute to longer and bigger blooms. Nothing definitive, so finger pointing is still an ongoing process. Just realize that politicians, organizations, scientific communities, ALL are greatly involved in these blooms and are working very hard and spending a lot of money to come up with practical solutions, solutions, at the least, to limit or tame the blooms here in Florida.
  10. Last thing in the world I expected, this topic turning into a Josh bashing thread. I know Josh as well. For anyone who doesn't, he's done quite well for himself with his YouTube channel, 'Blacktiph Fishing'. He started out as a little kid. He pioneered catch and release surf fishing for blacktip sharks here on Florida's east coast. In most of his related surf fishing videos, he focuses on proper catch and release, explaining and educating in detail proper fishing techniques and/or tackle design. Now, with the advent of all this negative LBSF media coverage, he's one of the FEW Tubers who put the brakes on most of his popular LBSF video activity. He even terminated his ever popular Blacktiph Challenge fishing tournament, which was getting huge and gaining him a LOT of sucess and fame at the expense of a lot of negative press. Yet he still threw in the towel in favor of calming things down by keeping his videos out of the LBSF spotlight and moving them over to more an offshore content. Regardless of past "rubs" with some here on SOL forum, lot of guys (like a million followers) look up to Josh and respect him highly. So let's try to keep things in prospective about the general topic here instead of bringing up old personal conflicts about people who are not even here to defend themselves and give their side of the story. My 2 Pennies.
  11. Going barbless is not on many people’s agenda when fishing for sharks. Lot of fishermen claim that the hook pulls or falls out easier, which is true during the release process (duh). As long as proper tension is placed on the hook, they never pull or fall out, in my experience. They also claim that the bait won’t stay on the hook if the barb is removed. I’ve never encountered this problem, either, with properly secured bait. It can also be attributed to pure laziness to work on a hook to get it barbless….easier to just grab one and tie it up. Heck, they’re made that way, so why bother LoL. Regardless, I can attribute ALL my timely releases of sharks to a barbless hook. And so can a lot of other guys. As I’ve always said: the little things DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. One doesn’t realize just how much time passes during the release process and anything in the tackle design that can expedite the process almost effortlessly, the better chance the sharks have at surviving.
  12. I don’t recommend or use tandem hooks when fishing for sharks. Not necessary, in my opinion. Makes a complete and utter mess in the mouth area when you have them up close for release and may also prolong the release process. If for whatever reason the shark has to be cut off, then the shark swims off with all that mess tangled up in their mouth. Not good.
  13. The watering pole (if that’s what it is) doesn’t give him the right to slander the shark fishing community....in my opinion. Mr. Shiffman spent a lot of time rummaging through forums for his research paper. He gathered photos of fishermen with their captured sharks and then used them as props to suggest cruelty and indecency toward these animals. He speaks of levels of cruelty: sitting on sharks, laughing and playing around, having them completely out of the water where their internal organs might get crushed…..he articulates a commanding authority veiled with a complete innocence yet, there in that photo I posted, he is doing much the same thing himself….which was my point. If that isn’t hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.
  14. Yes, a hard decision, between JDM and USA models, especially when faced with saving hundreds of dollars and having fast turnaround service without hold-ups, parts availability and so fourth. I don't know if all reels purchased from Japan are considered JDM reels by Shimano USA. I sent one reel out and they told me it was a JDM reel but they still serviced it, replaced all the bearings, new rotor, side plates (they give you a service card of all things replaced). I guess if anything major needs replacing like main gears or pinions, then there might be a problem with JDM but seems they stock the common wear parts like body parts, bearings and seals, etc.
  15. Go as far south as you can. Maybe Flamingo LoL. Might want to take that flyrod and hit the Everglades National Park near Everglades City. Lot of species are hauling tail out of the infected areas, either going way north, way south, or into the backwater...hint, hint.