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  1. Got 1 cat on the small rod,,,1 bite on the big 1 but he wasn't big enough to take the bait
  2. Thanks man,,,put he on the creek bank so he can keep on getting it
  3. Not to much the last two days marlo got a largemouth and I got a ring neck
  4. I got 1 cat and marlo got 1 today
  5. Ya I swerve,,,but to late
  6. Marlo got 1 cat I got 2 and 1 rattle snake with the car
  7. I use 8lbmono same dia as 6lb,,,,good casting,,,light rod tips give you better casting,,,but not as good hook set
  8. Fishing been slow and last night the police stopped Twice to see what we were doingthat was nice of thembut we had better luck tonight and marlo got this golden red horse sucker
  9. I don't use any weight a #3 treble,bail open,White bread with very little corn juice or chicken lever when I'm cat fishing ,,,,what lake
  10. Thank's mark,,,,did you get to trout fishing yet
  11. Yes,,,,??? On how much this holds,,maybe more than a everol 20/0 ,,,200lb braid or 300lb mono,,,, i got put line on it
  12. Thanks mark
  13. Got 3 smallmouth and 1 small largemouth,,,somebody been putting the largemouth in here,,,,and there doing good