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  1. X3 very nice catch,,,,and thanks for making this a good fishing report
  2. Not everyday do you catch one like that,,,,but when you do
  3. Nice bass good job
  4. Good job,,,,,
  5. 4.7oz that's great,,,I use a tfo 9ft salmon rod mh 7.2oz and a black hole Suzuki 10ft 7.2oz,,,,if you can handle a 30lb salmon then you just got better gear than most and you might need it when you hook the big one,,,that's some nice gear you got
  6. Yes it holds my gear down and I can hide it and fish from the bank,,, flounder dinner
  7. It's was Dewaynes turn to catch a carp,,,,,3lb line,,,#20 pheasant tail,,,5wt rod and a blast to watch him get this one in
  8. I knew the river would look like d-day except everybody had fishing poles,,,so I went to the cove,,,didn't know about the 17mph winds it got to rough,,,,but did get 1
  9. Thanks man,,,,Marlo is a good friend to fish with and I see the guys on this tread have been slay em too
  10. Great job,,,thay look nice
  11. Me and Marlo got more trout than could count and Marlo got the big one
  12. Got4,,,,,Dewayne got12,,,,,,2 nice ones
  13. Very nice,,,now you just got to get the first fish on it
  14. Got6,,,Dewayne 6,,,,boozer 4,,,it was cold and raining but the fish was biting
  15. Got 3 today Dewayne 5 then this little man told me he hasn't got a fish all day long so reel this one In and he told me the pole is alot of fun to catch fish on,,,,,ya it is ain't it,,,,and Dewayne laughed black hole