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  1. I'm surprised that so many people use the Palomar knot with heavy (50lb or heavier) leaders. I found I couldn't tie this knot reliably with thicker leader material and use a type of nail knot in my premade leaders and improved clinch in the field.
  2. Depends on the brand. A Shimano 6000 is smaller than a Penn or Daiwa 6000. For what it's worth, I use a 6000 Saragosa on one of my 9' rods but use a Penn Slammer 4500. Not exactly the same specs not pretty close.
  3. Fishy, the 9'10" is a Kevlar? Is the 10' just the regular Nor Easter? Where exactly in Long Island are you are where could we meet if we agree to a deal? I'm in NYC but am often in eastern Suffolk
  4. Any interest?
  5. NYC. Manhattan
  6. I have a 1-3 oz Vapor Trail one piece. $375. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  7. The reel you choose depends to some degree on the size of rod you pick. For most people, a rod 9-11' is fine. Do not immediately gravitate to a longer rod. Used properly, a longer rod can result in a longer cast assuming you can swing it rapidly. But, it will tire you out more quickly than a shorter rod, can be awkward to use in some spots and is more cumbersome to store/transport. After much trial and error, I have found that rods that work best for me is 9' or 9 1/2'. For a rod that length, the BG 6500 is wat too big and heavy in my opinion. You might be able to get away with a 4000 which is what I use on a 8' rod. There is a big jump up is weight when you get to the 4500 size and if possible, I would avoid that. The BG is a great reel for the money but take care to make sure you do not get it splashed as there are absolutely no seals. With respect to the two rods you mention, i don't have any direct experience with those rods. I would suggest something rated for lures 3/4 to 3 or 4 oz. Do NOT get a rod rated for lures starting at 2 oz heavier. While such rods have their place, most such rods don't throw lures at the low end of the range very well. While the following rods are a bit more expensive than the two Penn rods you mention, I have personally used both these rods and can recommend them: Black Hole Suzuki 9'6", Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6". I've also used the 9' St Croix Mojo 3/4-4 oz but prefer the first two (the similarly rated Mojo 1-4 oz I would not recommend as I found it far too stiff). You might be able to find them on the BST for significantly lower than the retail price. Good luck.
  8. Good luck on the sale
  9. How about some plugs?
  10. HEre are the pics. The rod is in excellent condition. Two things: there is no reel seat and because it is a one piece rod, this would have to be a meet up if you are interested. The name ‘Hunter’ is on the rod near the foregrip. Obviously the reel is not included. Let me know if you are interested in proceeding
  11. Sending pm for meet up. Thanks
  12. $150 meet up. I’m in NYC but can also meet in eastern Long Island. Let me know. Thanks
  13. Any interest in. Shimano Tiralejo 10'6"? It's a great rod but I don't use such long rods much.
  14. You can also try bicycle handlebar tape. Cinelli cork tape is but there are several other types including synthetic materials. This is what I have on my FSC 1087
  15. There are so many nice rods in that size & pric range. Since you don't throw heavy plugs, something rated 3/4 - 3 or 4 oz should fit the bill. Rids I own with those specs and which I like include the Cousins 10L, Vapor Trail 1-3 oz, and GSB 1201L. Each of them feels a bit different so you really need to try some put to see what you like.