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  1. Payment received. Thanks SOL.
  2. Sold to leech pending receipt of funds. Thanks
  3. New in box Spinfisher 4500. I bought this as a backup but never needed it. $90 shipped or $80 picked in Manhattan. Thanks
  4. Is this the same rod at the 10L that came out a few years ago? If so, I have one built by Lou Caruso. Great rod. Not quite as moderate as the 1201L but with more back bone and lighter too.
  5. It’s interesting feedback from other users. I have only every used the Talking Poppers as pencils. Prior to the XD versions coming out, I always loved mine with mineral oil - 10 cc for the 6” (as I also do with Cordell’s). Never had a problem working them.
  6. The single hook version are the XD for extra distance. As you discovered, they are more heavily weighted. I actually have had no problem pencil popping them but if you are using them as a little neck popper, that might be more challenging.
  7. Bump
  8. I think reelfire is affiliated with Black Hole
  9. Aaaaah, the culinary angle. Perhaps a whisk would work better than the spatula for mixing?
  10. Payment received. Thanks
  11. Ok, $20 for the lot. I will pm my PayPal info. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the offer. Sadly, I have to work. Another time.
  13. $10/jar + $7 shipping, so $27 in total. Thanks
  14. Wow, nice fish for so early in the season Scoob
  15. I really overdid it buying up Jars of Uncle Josh when they announced they were discontinuing them. Just trying to thin out the inventory a bit. The unopened jars are $10 each. The other are all new #50 rinds but the jars were leaking so I put them in new brine and transferred them to medical specimen jars. Those are $7. Shipping is $7. Take the whole lot for $60 and I will pay for shipping. Thanks